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TV Seasons


1948/49 – No ratings till the 1950/51 season.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1948 season; Face The Music was cancelled in the second season.

Local TV:

Captain Billy's Mississippi Music Hall was on local TV in Mississippi in August 1948, then on CBS in September 1948.

Champagne & Orchids was on local TV in New York in December 1947, then on DuMont in September 1948.

Cross Question was seen locally on WGN in Chicago in April 1948, then on CBS in January 1949.

Eddie Condor's Floor Show was on local TV in New York, then it became a NBC series.

Fashions On Parade was on local TV in New York in 1947 and 1948 at various times, then on DuMont in August 1948.

Judy Splinters was on local TV in Los Angeles in 1947, then on NBC in 1949.

Leave It To The Girls was on local TV in New York in 1947, then on NBC in 1949.

Movieland Quiz was on local TV in Philadelphia, then on ABC in August 15, 1948.

Paris Cavalcade Of Fashions was on local TV in New York, then on NBC.

Pauline Frederick's Guestbook was on local TV in New York in August 1948, then on ABC in January 1949.

People's Platform was on local TV in New York in May 1948, then three months later it became a CBS show.

Photographic Horizons was on local TV in New York in December 1947, then on DuMont in January 1949.

R.F.D America was on local TV in Chicago in January 1949, then on NBC in May 1949.

School House was on local TV in New York in 1948 as School Days, then on NBC.

Sunday At Home started on KNBH in Hollywood, then on NBC in July 1949. KNBH is the local NBC station in LA. KNBH changed into KRCA in 1954, then KNBC in 1960. Tom Brokaw begun his long association with NBC in 1966 as a anchor and a reporter.

Three About Town was on local TV in New York in 1948, then on ABC.

The Three Flames Show was on local TV in New York.

Winner Take All was on local TV in New York from January 1949 till it went back to CBS in April 1950 for the final six months.

Name Change:

The Arrow Show was also known as The Phil Silvers Arrow Show and Arrow Comedy Theatre.

Bon Voyage to Treasure Quest after two weeks.

Candid Microphone to Candid Camera in May 1949.

Captain Billy's Showboat to Captain Billy's Mississippi Music Hall in September 1948.

The Earl Wrightson Show had several name changes throughout it's four year run. From The Earl Wrightson Show to Earl Wrightson At Home (September 1949), At Home (October 1949), At Home Show (September 1950), and the last name, Masland At Home Party (August 1951).

Girl About Town became Around The Town for the final three months.

Riddle Me This to Goodrich Celebrity Time in March 1949.

Show Business, Inc to Danton Walker's Broadway Scrapbook in April 1949 to Broadway Spotlight in June 1949.

Sing–Co–Pation to Serenade in the final month.

Original Run:

Magic Cottage was on DUM Weeknights at 6:30 PM from 1949–1951.

Philco TV Playhouse was on NBC Sunday at 9 PM from 1948–1955.


America's Town Meeting was on ABC and NBC from 1935–1956.

Blind Date was on the radio from 1943–1946.

The Clock was on CBS from 1946–1948.

Hopalong Cassidy was on the radio from 1950–1952.

Ladies Be Seated was on ABC from 1943–1950.

Leave It To The Girls was on MBS from 1945–1949.

National Barn Dance was on the radio from 1933–1950. It became ABC Barn Dance on TV.

People's Platform was on CBS from 1938–1952.

Studio One was on CBS from 1947–1948.

This Is Broadway (This Is Show Business) was simulcast on both CBS radio and CBS TV from 1949–1954.

Return: CBS revived Tex And Jinx. It was last seen on NBC in 1947.

Similar Program: CBS' The Roar Of The Rails was much popular than ABC's Tales Of The Red Caboose; it lasted two seasons. The Roar Of The Rails premiered on October 26, 1948, followed three days later by Tales Of The Red Caboose. Both shows were about model trains.

Summer Replacement: Judy Splinters replaced Kukla, Fran & Ollie for the summer.

Switch Networks:

Candid Microphone (ABC) to Candid Camera (NBC)

The Ted Steele Show's first and only season was on three networks. Sept–Oct 1948 on NBC, Feb–July 1959 on DUM, and July–August 1959 on CBS.


Gertrude Berg made her debut on Chevrolet Tele–Theatre in the comedy "Whistle, Daughter, Whistle."

The Southernaires was one of the earliest network show, The Southernaires, with black performers. They were a black gospel quartet. They were previously heard on the radio in the 1940's.

Mary Margaret McBride was a popular radio personality.

Joe Howard was 80 when he hosted The Gay Nineties Revue. The show lasted a season. He died in New York in 1961 at age 91.

Bob Smith of the Gulf Road Show was the co creator and the host of the popular daytime children's show, The Howdy Doody Show, from 1947–1960. The Howdy Doody Show was one of my mom's favorite childhood shows.

I'd Like To See was the prototype for the longest running series, You Asked For It.

Girl About Town was the continuation of For Your Pleasure in similar format.

Without a sponsor, you still can get cancelled, just like The Black Robe.

Stand By For Crime was Myron Wallace's first series. He wasn't known for his acting. He gave up acting for his true love – journalism. His name was Mike Wallace.

Blues By Bargy was on CBS for one full year, April 23, 1949–April 22, 1950, in three different time slots.

Martha Roundtree was the creator of Leave It To The Girls. She also created the longest running show in USA TV history, Meet The Press (1947–present).

Admiral Broadway Revue was Sid Caesar’s first series. On this series, Sid teamed up with Imogene Coca for the first time. The series lasted for a few months. Next year, they appeared on the series' successor, Your Show Of Shows, only on NBC. They were a big hit on Saturday from 1950–1954. The featured ABR baritone singer, Judson Laire, was on the new CBS show a month later after the series went off the air. Judson played Lars Hansen on Mama for eight years.

A Woman To Remember was seen in daytime starting in February 1949, then it moved to prime time in May 1949.

The Three Flames was a very popular black vocal and instrumental trio – Tiger Haynes, Roy Testamark and Bill Pollard.

Bowling Headliners was the first ever regularly bowling series.

Practice Tee was the first series from Cleveland, Ohio.

Wren's Nest starred the real married couple, Sam Wren and Virginia Sale, in the thrice–weekly series.

The Arrow Show premiered on November 24, 1948. Hey! That's my birthday! Oops, I lied! I'm not that old!

Two Networks: Admiral Broadway Revue aired simultaneously on NBC and DUM Friday at 8 PM.


1948/49 Fall Season


One Season (1948/49)

Actors Studio – 1948–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology, Marc Connelly

Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts – 1948–1958, CBS, talent, Arthur Godfrey

The Bigelow Show – 1948/49, NBC, 1949/50, CBS, variety, Paul Winchell, Jerry Mahoney

Break The Bank – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; summer of 1953, NBC; Jan 1954–1956, ABC; 1956/57, NBC, quiz, Bert Parks

Cartoon Teletales – November 1948–1950, ABC, children's, Chuck Luchsinger

Chevrolet Tele-Theater – 1948–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Greatest Fights Of The Century – 1948–1954, NBC, boxing, Jim Stevenson

On Trial – 1948–1952, ABC, debate, David Levitan

People's Platform – 1948–1950, CBS, discussion, Quincy Howe

Philco TV Playhouse – 1948–1955, NBC, dramatic anthology, Bert Lytell

The Road Of The Rails – 1948–1950, ABC, adventure/documentary, LIVE

The Singing Lady – 1948–1950, ABC, children's, Ireene Wicker

Studio One – 1948–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology

Your Sports Special – 1948–1950, ABC, sports news, Carwell Adams


Cancelled Shows

The Adventures Of Oky Doky – DUM, children's, Wendy Barrie, Burt Hilber

America Speaks – CBS, opinion poll, Dr. George Gallup

America's Town Meeting Of The Air – ABC, George V. Denny, Jr.

Captain Billy's Mississippi Music Hall – CBS, variety, LIVE, Ralph Dumke

Champagne & Orchids – DUM, music, Adrienne Meyerberg

Club Seven – ABC, musical variety, Johnny Thompson

Critic At Large – ABC, discussion, John Mason Brown

The Fashion Story – ABC, fashion/comedy, Marilyn Day, Carl Reiner

The Gay Nineties Revue – ABC, musical variety, Joe Howard

Girl About Time – NBC, music, LIVE, Kyle MacDonnell

The Growing Paynes – DUM, comedy, LIVE, John Harvey

The Gulf Road Show Starring Bob Smith – NBC, variety/talent, Bob Smith

I'd Like To See – NBC, demonstration, Ray Morgan

Key To The Missing – DUM, interview, Archdale J. Jones

Kierman’s Corner – ABC, interview, Walter Kierman

Kobb's Korner – CBS, musical variety, LIVE, Stan Fritts

Mary Margaret McBride – NBC, interview, Mary Margaret McBride

Movieland Quiz – ABC, quiz, Ralph Dumke

Pauline Frederick’s Guestbook – NBC, interview, Pauline Frederick

Photographic Horizons – DUM, instruction, Joe Costa, Peggy Corday

Places Please – CBS, talent/variety, Barry Wood

Picture This – NBC, cartoons, LIVE, Wendy Barrie

Saturday Night Jamboree – NBC, country music, Elton Britt

Southernaires Quartet – NBC, music, The Southernaires

Sports With Joe Hasel – ABC, sports news, Joe Hasel

Sportswoman Of The Week – NBC, interview, Sarah Palfrey Cooke

Stained Glass Windows – ABC, religion

Tales Of The Red Caboose – ABC, adventure

The Ted Steele Show – NBC, music, Ted Steele

Teenage Book Club – ABC, discussion

Three About Time – ABC, music, Betsi Allison

Welcome Aboard – NBC, variety, Russ Morgan & His Orchestra


14 out of 47 new series SURVIVED for 1949/50

ABC – 6/19, Break The Bank, Cartoon Teletales, On Trial, The Road Of The Rails, The Singing Lady & Your Sports Special

CBS – 3/7, Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, People's Platform & Studio One

DUM – 0/5,

NBC – 5/16, Actors Studio, The Bigelow Show, Chevrolet Tele–Theater, Greatest Fights Of The Century & Philco TV Playhouse


Mid Season shows

ABC Barn Dance – February–November 1949, ABC, music, Hal O'Halloran

Action Autographs – April 1949–January 1950, ABC, documentary, Jack Brand

And Everything Nice – March 1949–1950, DUM, fashions, Maxine Barrat

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety, Arthur Godfrey

The Black Robe – May 1949–1950, NBC, courtroom reenactments, Frank Thomas

Blind Date – May 1949–1951, ABC, audience participation, Arlene Francis

Blues By Bargy – April 1949–1950, CBS, music, Jean Bargy

Captain Video And His Video Rangers – June 1949–1955, DUM, children's, Richard Coogan

Cavalcade Of Stars – June 1949–1952, DUM, comedy/variety, Jack Carter

Celebrity Time – January–March 1949, CBS; March 1949/50, ABC; April 1950-1952 quiz, Conrad Nagel

Chesterfield Supper Club – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS, 1955–1963, NBC; variety, Perry Como

The Clock – May 1949–1951, NBC; 1951/52, ABC, suspense anthology, LIVE, Larry Semon

Colgate Theatre – January 1949–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Cross Question – Jan–May 1949, CBS; 1949–1952, DUM, courtroom drama

Crusade In Europe – May–October 1949, ABC, documentary, Maurice Joyce

Dr. Fix–Um – May 1949–1950, ABC, information, Arthur Youngquist

The Earl Wrightson Show – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC, music, Earl Wrightson

Eddie Condor's Floor Show – 1949, NBC; 1950, CBS, music, Eddie Condor

The Fifty–Fourth Street Revue – May 1949 –1950, CBS, variety, LIVE, Jack Sterling

Fireside Theatre – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Fireball Fun-For-All – June–October 1949, NBC, comedy/variety, Bill Hayes

Fun For The Money – June–December 1949, ABC, quiz, Johnny Olsen

The Fred Waring Show – April 1949–1954, CBS, musical variety, Fred Waring

Front Row Center – March 1949–1950, DUM, musical variety, Phil Leeds

Garroway At Large – April 1949–1951, NBC, variety, LIVE, Dave Garroway

The Goldbergs – January 1949–1951, CBS; 1952–1953, NBC; 1954, DUM, comedy, LIVE, Gertrude Berg

Hopalong Cassidy – June 1949–1951, NBC, western, William Boyd

Inside Photoplay – March–July 1949, DUM; 1949/50, NBC; 1950, ABC, interview, Wendy Barrie

Kukla, Fran & Ollie – November 1948–1952, NBC, children's, LIVE, Fran Allison

Leave It To The Girls – April 1949–1951, NBC, discussion, Maggi McNellis

Lights Out – July 1949–1952, NBC, suspense anthology, LIVE, Jack LaRue

Magic Cottage – July 1949–1951, DUM, children's, Pat Meikle

Mama – July 1949–1956, CBS, comedy/drama, LIVE, Peggy Wood, Dick Van Patten

Manhattan Spotlight – January 1949–1950, DUM, interview, Chuck Tranum

Mohawk Showroom –May 1949–1951, NBC, music, LIVE, Morton Downey

The Morey Amsterdam Show – December 1948–March 1949, CBS; April 1949-1950, DUM, comedy/variety, Morey Amsterdam

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club – April 1949–1954, ABC, talent, LIVE, Paul Whiteman

Quiz Kids – March 1949–1952, NBC; Jan–Nov 1953, CBS, quiz, Joe Kelly

Red Barber's Playhouse – July 1949–1950, CBS, sports commentary, Red Barber

Riddle Me This – January 1949, CBS; March 1949–1950, ABC; April 1950–1952, CBS; quiz, Conrad Nagel

Ruthie On The Phone – June–November 1949, CBS, comedy, Ruth Gilbert

The Sonny Kendis Show – April 1949–1950, CBS, music, Sonny Kendis

Stop The Music – May 1949–1952, ABC, quiz, Bert Parks

Spin The Picture – June 1949–1950, CBS, quiz, Eddie Dunn

Suspense – March 1949–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology

Think Fast – March 1949–1950, ABC, quiz, Dr. Mason Gross

This Is Broadway – July 1949–1954, CBS, variety, Clifton Fadiman

Vincent Lopez – March 1949–1950, DUM, musical variety, Vincent Lopez

Who Said That? – December 1948–1954, NBC, 1955, ABC, quiz, Robert Trout


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Academy Theatre– NBC, drama, LIVE

Admiral Broadway Revue – NBC/DUM, variety, LIVE, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coco

Adventures In Jazz – CBS, music, Fred Robbins

Alice Pearce – ABC, musical variety, Alice Pearce

The Amazing Polgar – CBS, hypnosis, LIVE, 5 episodes, Dr. Frank Polgar

American Minstrels of 1949 – ABC, variety, Jack Carter

Armchair Detective – CBS, detective drama, John Milton Kennedy

The Arrow Show – ABC, comedy/variety, Phil Silvers

Backstage With Barry Wood – NBC, music, LIVE, Barry Wood

The Benny Rubin Show – NBC, comedy/variety, Benny Rubin

Bon Voyage – ABC, quiz, John Weigel

Bowling Headliners – ABC, sports, Al Cirillo

Broadway Tonight – NBC, variety, LIVE, Danton Walker

Buzzy Wuzzy – ABC, comedy/variety, 4 episodes, Jerry Bergen, Imogene Coco

Campus Corner – CBS, music, Beverly Fite

Capitol Capers – NBC, music, LIVE, Cliff Quartet

Child's World – ABC, children's discussion, Helen Parkhurst

The Cliff Edwards Show – CBS, music, LIVE, Cliff Edwards

Delora Bueno – DUM, music, Delora Bueno

Draw Me A Laugh – ABC, cartoon quiz/panel, 4 episodes, Walter Hurley

Elder Michaux – DUM, religion, Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux

The Eyes Have It – NBC, quiz, Ralph McNair

Flight To Rhythm – DUM, music, Delora Bueno

The Hartmans – NBC, comedy, LIVE, Grace Hartman, Paul Hartman

Hold It Please – CBS, comedy, 3 episodes, Gil Fates

Hotel Broadway – DUM, variety, The Striders

Identify – ABC, quiz, Bob Elson

It Pays To Be Ignorant – CBS, quiz, Tom Howard

Jack Leonard – DUM, music, Jack Leonard

The Jacques Fray Music Room – ABC, music/talent, Jacques Fray

The Johns Hopkins Science Review – CBS, information, Lynn Poole

Judy Splinters – NBC, children's, LIVE, Shirley Dinsdale

Ladies Be Seated – ABC, quiz, Tom Moore

The Lamb's Gambol – NBC, musical variety

Maggi's Private Wire – NBC, interview, Maggi McNellis

Manhattan Showcase – CBS, musical variety, LIVE, Johnny Downs

Masters Of Magic – CBS, magic, LIVE, Andre Baruch

Meet Your Congress – NBC, debate, Sen. Blair Moody

The Meredith Willson Show – NBC, music, Meredith Willson

Mixed Doubles – NBC, soap, Rhoda Williams

Music In Velvet – ABC, music, Johnny Hill

NBC Repertory Theatre – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Paris Cavalcade Of Fashions – NBC, fashion show, Faye Emerson

Pauline Frederick's Guestbook – ABC, interviews, Pauline Frederick

Practice Tee – NBC, golf lesson, William P. Barbour

Press Correspondents Panel – NBC, discussion, LIVE

Program Playhouse – DUM, various

R.F.D. America – NBC, instruction, Bob Murphy

Rehearsal Call – ABC, variety, Dee Parker

Report On... – CBS, documentary, 4 episodes, Charles Hodges

School House – DUM, comedy variety, Kenny Delmar, Wally Cox

Science Circus – ABC, instruction, Bob Brown

Sing–Co–Pation – ABC, music, Jack Brand

The Skip Farrell Show – ABC, music, Skip Farrell

Song And Dance – NBC, music, LIVE, Roberta Quinlan

Sparring Partners With Walter Kiernan– ABC, quiz, 5 episodes, Walter Kiernan

Stand By For The Crime – ABC, crime drama, Boris Aplon

Stump The Authors – ABC, stories, Syd Breeze

Sugar Hill Times – CBS, musical variety, Willie Bryant

Sunday At Home – NBC, music, 5 episodes, Obey Pickard

Sunday Date – NBC, music, LIVE

Talent Jackpot – DUM, talent, Vinton Freedley

Teen Time Tunes – DUM, music, Sue Benjamin

Tex And Jinx – CBS, talk, Tex McCrary, Jinx Falkenburg

Theater Of My Mind – NBC, discussion, Dr. Houston Peterson

They're Off – DUM, quiz, Tom Shirley

The Three Flames Show – NBC, music, LIVE, Tiger Haynes

Through The Crystal Ball – CBS, dance, LIVE, Jimmy Savo

U.S. Marine Band – NBC, music

Vaudeo Varieties – ABC, variety, Eddie Hubbard

Volume One – ABC, dramatic anthology, Wyllis Cooper

Wesley – CBS, comedy, LIVE, Donald Devlin

What Do You Think? – ABC, discussion, 4 episodes

Window On The World – DUM, variety, Merle Kendrick

A Woman To Remember – DUM, soap, Patricia Wheel

Words And Music – NBC, music, LIVE, Barbara Marshall

Wren's Nest – ABC, comedy, Sam Wren, Virginia Sale

Young Broadway – NBC, music, LIVE



Kieran's Kaleidoscope – Early 1949–1952, syndication, documentary, John Kieran


Two Seasons (1947/48)

Americana – December 1947–1949, NBC, quiz

America Song – April 1948–1949, NBC, music

Author Meets The Critics – April 1948–1949, NBC; 1949/50, ABC; 1951/52, NBC, 1952–1954, DUM, book discussion

Birthday Party – May 1947–1949, DUM, children’s

Candid Microphone – August–December 1948, ABC; 1949, NBC; 1949/50, CBS, humor

Charade Quiz – December 1947–1949, DUM, charades

Court Of Current Issues – February 1948–1951, DUM, debate

Doorway To Fame – May 1947–1949, DUM, talent

Face The Music – May 1948–1949, CBS, music

Fashions On Parade – August 1948–1949, DUM, fashion/variety

For Your Pleasure – April 1948–1949, NBC, music, LIVE

Hollywood Screen Test – April 1948–1953, ABC; talent

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Mary Kay & Johnny – November 1947–1948, DUM; 1948/49, NBC; 1949, CBS; 1949/50, comedy

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

Musical Merry-Go-Round – June 1947–1949, NBC, music

Musical Almanac – May 1948–1949, NBC; music

The Nature Of Things – February 1948–1952, instruction, LIVE

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent

People's Platform – August 1948–1950, CBS, discussion

Quizzing The News – August 1948 – 1949, ABC; quiz/panel

Scrapbook Junior Edition – June–November 1948, CBS, children's

Stop Me If You're Heard This One – March 1948–1949, NBC, LIVE

Sportsman's Quiz – April 1948–1949, CBS, sports information,

Story Of The Week – January 1948–1949, NBC, interview

The Swift Show – April 1948–1949, NBC, musical variety

Texaco Star Theater – June 1948–1956, NBC, comedy/variety

Toast Of The Town – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

To The Queen's Taste – May 1948 –1950, CBS, cooking

We, The People – June 1948–1949, CBS; 1949–1951, NBC, interview

What's It Worth – May 1948–1949, CBS, art appraisal

Winner Take All – June 1948–1949, CBS, game

Village Barn – May 1948–1950, NBC, musical variety


Three Seasons (1946/47)

Birthday Party – May 1947–1949, DUM, children’s

Doorway To Fame – May 1947–1949, DUM, talent

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Musical Merry–Go–Around – June 1947–1949, NBC, music

Small Fry Club – March 1947–1951, DUM, children’s

Television Screen Magazine – 1946–1949, NBC, various

You Are An Artist – 1946–1949, NBC, art instruction


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