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TV Seasons


2004/05 – American Idol was #1 on FOX Tuesday, second year running.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 2004 season; NYPD Blue was cancelled in the twelfth season.


JAG celebrated ten years on TV; it was their last year.

King Of The Hill celebrated ten years on FOX.

Mad TV celebrated ten years on FOX.

Law & Order celebrated ten years on NBC.

The Daily Show celebrated ten years on Comedy Central.

Saturday Night Live celebrated thirty years on NBC.

Monday Night Football celebrated thirty-five years on ABC.

Biggest New Hit: Desperate Housewives was #4 on ABC Sunday. ABC found it footing with those nutty housewives and the Lost castaways. HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, Showtime and Lifetime turned down Desperate Housewives. ABC stuck it gold with Desperate Housewives and Lost; both shows revived ABC’s fortunes. Their last major hit was Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Ironically, Lifetime started to rerun the show in August 2006; ABC owns Lifetime 50%.

British Ties:

Dancing With The Stars was based on BBC’s Strictly Comes Dancing. It’s a worldwide sensation. Most countries use the name, Dancing With The Stars.

Hell’s Kitchen was based on ITV’s Hell’s Kitchen, both starring Gordon Ramsay.

Hit Me Baby One More Time was based on ITV’s Hit Me Baby One More Time, both hosted by Vernon Kay. Former singers sang their hit songs and one of Today’s hit songs; the fans voted on the winner. Tiffany, Haddaway & Howard Jones performed on both versions.

The Sketch Show was based on ITV’s The Sketch Show. Lee Mack starred in both versions.

Supernanny was based on Channel 4’s Supernanny, both starring Jo Frost.

Wife Swap was based on Channel 4’s Wife Swap. Husbands swipe wives for two weeks. ABC accused FOX of ripping of the format with Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy. In FOX’s defense, FOX didn’t because Trading Spouses was on the air first, just like Nanny 911.

Name Change:

1–800–Missing to Missing.

48 Hours Investigates to 48 Hours Mystery.

Primetime Thursday to Primetime Live, the show’s original title. Then, it became Primetime in July 2005.

The Return:

Family Guy returned to FOX after a three-year absence. The reruns were extremely popular on The Cartoon Network and the DVDs made millions of dollars. FOX bowed down to the fans’ pleads. It made a triumph returned to FOX! Also, Family Guy brought some company with him – American Dad! Seth McFarlane created both cartoons.

Darius McCrary returned in a failed NBC series, Committed. He was best known for Family Matters as Laura Winslow’s older brother, Eddie.

Tom Poston was Darius’ costar on Committed. Tom guest starred three times on Darius’ big hit, Family Matters, as Mr. Looney. Tom was best known for Newhart in the 1980’s.

Simultaneous: John Goodman was on two series – Center of the Universe & Father Of The Pride.

Spin Off:

Boston Legal from The Practice – After Alan Shore won his last case against his legal firm; he went to work in Boston for the lawyer, Denny Crane, who represented him in the case.

Joey from Friends – Joey moved to Hollywood to further his acting career. It was the biggest flop of the season; it was even worst in the second and final season.

Stargate: Atlantis from Stargate SG–1.

Switch Networks: The Surreal Life went from WB to VH1.


The Mountain’s Oliver Hudson is the brother of Kate Hudson and the son of Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson.

Keith Carradine is related to his half brother David Carradine, the star of Kung Fu TV series.

North Shore’s Kristoffer Polaha’s wife, Julianne Moore, was Jay Kenneth Johnson’s costar on Days Of Our Lives. She was on Days from 1998 – 2002; Jay was on from 2000 – 2002. North Shore was Jay’s first primetime series.

Craig Killborn departed The Late Late Show in August 2004. The next few months, CBS tried out guest hosts to compete for the host seat. It came down to four finalists – Craig Ferguson, Adam Carolla, Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley. CBS announced that Craig Ferguson was the new host on December 2004. His series premiered on January 5, 2005. Craig was best known for his role on The Drew Carey Show as Drew's boss, Mr. Wick.

Second Time Around’s Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker is married in real life. They became parents to a baby girl in March 2005.

The Benefactor’s Mark Cuban is a billionaire and the owner of Dallas Mavericks.

Renovate My Family’s Jay McGraw is the son of Dr. Phil McGraw, the host of the popular daytime hit, Dr. Phil.

Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe created So You Think You Could Dance and American Idol. Nigel is one of three judges on the show.

All That finally ended on Nickelodeon after ten seasons. That's...all that!

FOX cancelled My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss after five episodes in December 2004. FOX released the five remaining episodes online in March 2005.

The Law Firm lasted two episodes on NBC. Bravo aired the remaining episodes.


2004/05 Fall Season

One Season (2004/05)

Blue Collar TV – 2004–2006, WB, comedy, Jeff Foxworthy

Boston Legal – 2004–present, ABC, legal drama, James Spader, William Shatner

CSI: NY – 2004–present, CBS, police drama, Gary Sinise & Melina Kanakaredes

Desperate Housewives – 2004–present, ABC, soap, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria & Terri Hatcher

House – 2004–present, FOX, medical drama, Hugh Laurie& Lisa Edelstein

Joey – 2004–2006, NBC, comedy, Matt LeBlanc & Drea de Matteo

Lost – 2004–present, ABC, adventure, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly & Dominic Monaghan

One Tree Hill – 2004–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, soap, Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty

Rodney – 2004–2006, ABC, comedy, Rodney Carrington

Veronica Mars–2004–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW, mystery, Kristen Bell & Enrico Colantoni

Wife Swap – 2004–present, ABC, reality


Cancelled TV Series

The Benefactor – ABC, reality, 6 episodes, Mark Cuban

Center of the Universe – CBS, comedy, John Goodman, Jean Smart, & Diedrich Bader

Complete Savages – ABC, comedy, Keith Carradine

Father of the Pride – NBC, cartoon, John Goodman, Danielle Harris & Carl Reiner

Hawaii – NBC, police drama, 7 episodes, Sharif Atkins & Ivan Sergei

Jack & Bobby – WB, political drama, Christine Lahti & Matt Long

Kevin Hill – UPN, legal drama, Taye Diggs & Jon Seda

LAX – NBC, drama, Heather Locklear, Blair Underwood & Paul Leyden

Life of Luxury – ABC, reality, George Hamilton

Listen Up – CBS, comedy, Jason Alexander & Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Life As We Know It – ABC, drama, Sean Faris, Jon Foster & Kelly Osbourne

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss – FOX, reality, 5 episodes

Medical Investigation – NBC, medical drama, Neal McDonough & Kelli Williams

North Shore – FOX, soap, Brooke Burns, Kristoffer Polaha & Jay Kenneth Johnson

Quintuplets – FOX, comedy, Andy Richter, Rebecca Creskoff

The Rebel Billionaire – FOX, adventure, reality, Richard Branson

Renovate My Family – FOX, reality, Jay McGraw

Second Time Around – UPN, comedy, Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker

The Mountain – WB, drama, Oliver Hudson

Totally Outrageous Behavior – FOX, reality

World's Craziest Videos – FOX, reality


11 out of 32 new series SURVIVED for 2005/06

ABC – 5/9, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Rodney & Wife Swap

CBS – 1/3, CSI: NY

FOX – 1/8, House

NBC – 1/5, Joey

UPN – 1/3, Veronica Mars

WB – 2/4, Blue Collar TV & One Tree Hill


Mid season shows

American Dad! – May 2005–present, FOX, cartoon, Seth McFarlane, Scott Grimes

Cuts – February 2004–2006, UPN, comedy, Shondrella Avery, Marques Houston

Dancing With the Stars – June 2005–present, ABC, dancing, LIVE, Tom Bergeron

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: How'd They Do That? – January/May 2005, ABC, reality, Ty Pennington

Family Guy – May 2005–present, FOX, cartoon, Seth McFarlane, Seth Green, Milo Kunis

Hell’s Kitchen – May 2005–present, FOX, reality, Gordon Ramsay

Grey's Anatomy – March 2005–present, ABC, medical drama, Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl

Living with Fran – April 2005–2006, WB, comedy, Fran Drescher, Ryan McPartlin

Jake in Progress – March 2005–2006, ABC, comedy, John Stamos, Ian Gomez, Wendi Malick

Medium – January 2005–present, NBC, drama, Patricia Arquette, Jack Weber

Nanny 911 – November 2004–present, FOX, reality, Deborah Carroll

Numbers – January 2005–present, CBS, police drama, Rob Morrow, Judd Hirsch

The Office – March 2005–present, NBC, comedy, Steve Carrell, Jennifer Fischer

The Sketch Show – March/April 2005, FOX, variety, 4 episodes, Kelsey Grammer, Mary Lynn Rajskub

So You Think You Could Dance – July 2005–present, FOX, dancing, Lauren Sanchez

Stacked – April 2005–2006, FOX, comedy, Pamela Anderson, Christopher Lloyd

Supernanny – January 2005–present, ABC, reality, Jo Frost


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Blind Justice – ABC, police drama, Ron Eldard, Rena Sofer

Brat Camp – ABC, reality, 7 episodes

Committed – NBC, comedy, 13 episodes, Jennifer Finnigan, Tom Poston

The Cut – CBS, reality, 13 episodes, Tommy Hilfiger

Empire – ABC, drama, 6 episodes, Jonathan Clark

Hit Me Baby One More Time – June 2005, NBC, music, Vernon Kay

The Inside – FOX, crime drama, 7 episodes, Rachel Nichols

The Law Firm – NBC, reality, 2 episodes, Roy Black

Life On A Stick – FOX, comedy, 5 episodes, Amy Yasbeck

The Princes Of Malibu – FOX, reality, 6 episodes, David Foster

Tommy Lee Goes To College – NBC, reality, 6 episodes, Tommy Lee



Battlestar Galactica – 2004–present, Sci Fi, sci fi, Edward James Olmos

Being Bobby Brown – Bravo, reality, 10 episodes, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston

The Closer – June 2005–present, TNT, crime drama, Kyra Sedgwick

The Comeback – HBO, comedy, 13 episodes, Lisa Kudrow

Fight For Fame – E!, reality

Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive – E!, reality, Noah Blake

The Girls Next Door – August 2004–present, E!, reality, Hugh Hefner

Growing Up Gotti – August 2004–December 2004, A&E, reality

Growing Up Gotti – January–April 2005, A&E, reality

Hogan Knows Best – July 2005–present, VH1, reality, Hulk Hogan

Hopeless Pictures – IFC, cartoon, Michael McKean, Lisa Kudrow

Kathy Griffin: My Life On D–List – August 2005–present, Bravo, reality, Kathy Griffin

Laguna Beach – September 2004–present, MTV, reality

Making The Bank 3 – March–May 2005, MTV, rock documentary

Minding The Store – TBS, reality, 10 episodes, Paula Shore

Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica – January–March 2005, MTV, reality

The Osbournes – January–March 2005, MTV, reality

Over There – FX, drama, 13 episodes, Erik Palladino

Queer Eye For The Straight Girl – January–May 2005, Bravo, reality

The Real Gilligan’s Island – November–December 2004, WTBS, reality

The Real Gilligan’s Island – June–July 2005, WTBS, reality

Situation Comedy – Bravo, reality, 7 episodes, Sean Hayes

Stargate: Atlantis – 2004–present, Sci Fi, sci fi, Joe Flanigan

Starved – FX, comedy, 6 episodes, Eric Schaeffer

Stella – Comedy Central, comedy, Michael Ian Black

Strange Love – VH1, reality, Flavor Flav, Brigett Nielson

Super Agent – Spike, reality, Shaun Cody

The Surreal Life – October–December 2004, VH1, reality

The Surreal Life – January–April 2005, VH1, reality

The Surreal Life – July–October 2005, VH1, reality

30 Days – June 2005–2006 FX, reality, Morgan Spurlock

Venus & Serena: For Real – ABC Family, reality, Venus Williams

Wanted – TNT, crime drama, 13 episodes, Gary Cole

Wildfire – June 2005–present, ABC Family, drama, Genevieve Cortese

Wild 'N Out – July 2005–present, MTV, reality, Nick Cannon

Zoey 101 – January 2005–present, Nickelodeon, comedy, Jamie Lynn Spears


Reality TV

The Amazing Race 6 – November 2004–February 2005, CBS, reality/adventure

The Amazing Race 7 – March–May 2005, CBS, reality/adventure

America’s Next Top Model – September–December 2004, UPN, reality

America’s Next Top Model – March–May 2005, UPN, reality

The Apprentice – September–December 2004, NBC, reality

The Apprentice – January–May 2005, NBC, reality

Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back – June–July 2005, NBC, reality

The Bachelor – September–November 2004, ABC, romance reality

The Bachelorette – January–February 2005, ABC, romance reality

The Bachelor – March–May 2005, ABC, romance reality

Big Brother 6 – July–September 2005, CBS, reality/competition

The Biggest Loser – October 2004–January 2005, NBC, reality

The Contender – March–May 2005, NBC, reality, Sylvester Stallone, Sugar Ray Leonard

I Want To Be A Hilton – June–August 2005, NBC, reality, Kathy Hilton

Last Comic Standing 3 “The Battle Of The Best” – August–October 2004, NBC, talent

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss – FOX, reality, 5 episodes, August Caimi

On The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott – January–March 2005, UPN, talent

R U The Girl With T–Boz & Chilli – UPN, reality, 9 episodes, Tionne Watkins

The Real World: Philadelphia – 1992–present, MTV, reality

Rock Star: INXS – July–September 2005, CBS, talent

The Simple Life 3: Interns – January–May 2005, FOX, reality

Survivor: Vanuatu – September–December 2004, CBS, adventure/competition

Survivor: Palau – February–May 2005, CBS, adventure/competition


Two Seasons (2003/04)

All of Us – 2003–2006, UPN, 2006–present, CW, comedy

Arrested Development – 2003–2006, FOX, comedy

The Ashlee Simpson Show – June 2004–2005, MTV, reality

Blow Out – June 2004–present, Bravo, reality

Bridezillas – June 2004–present, WE, reality

Cold Case – 2003–present, CBS, police drama

Deadwood – March 2004–2006, HBO, western

Dr. 90210 – June 2004–present, E!, reality

Entourage – July 2004–present, HBO, comedy

Eve – 2003–2006, UPN, comedy

Extreme Dodgeball – June 2004–2005, GSN, game

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – February 2004–present, ABC, reality

The 4400 – July 2004–present, USA, sci fi

Hope & Faith – 2003–2006, ABC, comedy

Joan of Arcadia – 2003–2005, ABC, drama

Las Vegas – 2003–present, NBC, drama

Missing – 2003–2006, Lifetime, crime drama

NCIS – 2003–present, CBS, drama

Nip/Tuck – 2003–present, FX, drama

The O.C. – 2003–present, FOX, soap

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy – July 2003–present, Bravo, reality

Reno 911! – July 2004–present, Comedy Central, comedy

Rescue Me – July 2004–present, FX, drama

Star Search – January 2003–2004, CBS, talent

Steve Harvey's Big Time – 2003–2005, WB, talent

Summerland – June 2004–2005, WB, drama

The Swan – April 2004–2005, FOX, reality

Trading Spouses – July 2004–present, FOX, reality

Tru Calling – 2003–2005, FOX, sci-fi/drama

Two and a Half Men – 2004–present, CBS, comedy

Wild Card – 2003–2005, Lifetime, drama/comedy


Three Seasons (2002/03)

The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – 2002–2006, Nick, cartoon

American Dreams – 2002–2005, NBC, comedy/drama

CSI: Miami – 2002–present, CBS, police drama

Celebrity Justice – 2002–2005, syndication, legal

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter – 2002–2005, ABC, comedy

Everwood – 2002–2006, WB, drama

Extreme Makeover – April 2003–present, ABC, reality

George Lopez – March 2002–present, ABC, comedy

Girls Behaving Badly – 2002–2005, Oxygen, reality comedy

Half & Half – 2002–2006 – UPN, comedy

Jimmy Kimmel Live – January 2003–present, ABC, talk

Kim Possible – 2002–2005, Disney, cartoon

Less Than Perfect – 2002–2006, ABC, comedy

Monk – July 2002–present, USA Network, detective drama

Monster Garage – 2002–2006, Discovery, reality

Nashville Star – March 2003–present, USA Network, talent

Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica – August 2003–2005, MTV, reality

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! – January 2003–present, Showtime, comedy

Real Time With Bill Maher – February 2003–present, HBO, talk, LIVE

Still Standing – 2002–2006, CBS, comedy

Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye – 2002–2005, PAX, crime drama

That's So Raven – 2002–2006, Disney, comedy

What I Like About You – 2002–2006, WB, comedy

The Wire – June 2002–2005, HBO, drama

Without A Trace – 2002–present, CBS, police drama


Four Seasons (2001/02)

According To Jim – 2001–present, ABC, comedy

Alias – 2001–2006, ABC, espionage

All That – December 2001–2005, Nickelodeon, comedy/variety

American Idol – June 2002–present, FOX, talent, LIVE

Bernie Mac – November 2001–2006, FOX, comedy

Crossing Jordan – 2001–present, NBC, police drama

The Dead Zone – June 2002–present, USA, drama

ElimaDATE – 2001–2006, syndication, dating

George Lopez – March 2002–present, ABC, comedy

Gilmore Girls – 2000–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, drama

Last Call With Carson Daly – January 2002–present, NBC, talk

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 2001–present, NBC, police drama

One On One – 2001–2006, UPN, comedy

Reba – 2001–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW comedy

Scrubs – 2001–present, NBC, comedy

The Shield – March 2002–present, FX, crime drama

Smallville – 2001–2005/06, WB; 2007–present, CW, adventure

Star Trek: Enterprise – 2001–2005, UPN, sci-fi

24 – November 2001–present, FOX, espionage


Five Seasons (2000/01)

America’s Funniest Home Videos – July 2001–present, ABC, comedy

Andromeda – 2000–2005, syndication, sci-fi

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 2000–present, CBS, crime drama

Fear Factor – June 2001–present, NBC, reality

Grounded For Life – January 2001–2002, FOX; February 2003–2005, WB, comedy

Girlfriends – 2000–2006, UPN; 2007–present, CW

My Wife And Kids – March 2001–2005, ABC, comedy

Primetime Live – 2000–2004, ABC, newsmagazine

Queer As Folk – 2000–2005, Showtime, drama

Six Feet Under – June 2001–2005, HBO, comedy/drama

Street Smarts – 2000–2005, syndication, quiz

Strong Medicine – 2000–2006, Lifetime, medical drama

Trading Spaces – 2000–present, TLC, instructional

Yes, Dear – 2000–2006, CBS, comedy


Six Seasons (1999/2000)

Blind Date – 1999–2006, syndication, dating

Family Feud – 1999–present, syndication, quiz

Judging Amy – 1999–2005, CBS, legal drama

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – 2000–present, NBC, police drama

Malcolm In The Middle – January 2000–2006, FOX, comedy

The Man Show – 1999–2005, Comedy Central, discussion/comedy

Third Watch – 1999–2005, NBC, drama

WWE Smackdown – 1999–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW, wrestling

The West Wing – 1999–2006, NBC, political drama


Seven Seasons (1998/99)

Charmed – 1998–2006, WB, fantasy

The King Of Queen – 1998–present, CBS, comedy

60 Minutes II – January 1999–2005, CBS, newsmagazine

That 70’s Show – 1998–2006, FOX, comedy

Will & Grace – 1998–2006, NBC, comedy


Eight Seasons (1997/98)

The People's Court – 1997–present, syndication, courtroom

South Park – 1997–present, Comedy Central, cartoon

Stargate SG–1 – 1997–2002, Showtime; 2002–2007, Sci Fi, sci fi


Nine Seasons (1996/97)

Access Hollywood – 1996–present, syndication, magazine

Everybody Loves Raymond – 1996–2005, CBS, comedy

7th Heaven – 1996–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, drama


Ten Seasons (1995/96)

The Daily Show – July 1996–present, Comedy Central, comedy

JAG – 1995/96, NBC; 1996–2005, CBS, legal drama

King Of The Hill – January 1996–present, FOX, cartoon

Mad TV – 1995–present, FOX, comedy


Eleven Seasons (1994/95)

ER – 1994–present, NBC, medical drama

Entertainers With Byron Allen – 1994–present, syndication, celebrity talk

Extra – 1994–present, syndication, news/gossip

The Late Late Show – CBS, talk


Twelve Seasons (1993/94)

Late Show With David Letterman – 1993–present, CBS, talk

NYPD Blue – 1993–2005, ABC, crime drama


Fourteen Seasons (1991/92)

Dateline NBC – March 1992–present, NBC, newsmagazine


Fifteen Seasons (1990/91)

Law & Order – 1990–present, NBC, crime drama


Sixteen Seasons (1989/90)

The Simpsons – Dec 1989–present, FOX, cartoon


Seventeen Seasons (1988/89)

COPS – March 1989–present, FOX, police reality

Inside Edition – January 1989–present, syndication, newsmagazine


Eighteen Seasons (1987/88)

America’s Most Wanted – April 1988–present, FOX, public service

48 Hours Mystery – Jan 1988–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Nineteen Seasons (1986/87)

Ebert & Roeper – 2000–present, syndication, commentary


Twenty-one Seasons (1984/85)

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1991–present, syndication, sports highlights

Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion


Twenty-two Seasons (1983/84)

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game


Twenty-four Seasons (1981/82)

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, Syndication, news/gossip

Late Night With Conan O'Brien – 1993–2009, NBC, talk


Twenty-eight Seasons (1977/78)

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Thirty Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC, variety


Thirty-five Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports


Thirty-seven Seasons (1968/69)

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Fifty one Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – May 1992–2009, NBC, talk/variety



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