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TV Seasons


2000/01 – Survivor: The Australian Outback was #1 on CBS Thursday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 2000 season; Beverly Hills 90210 was cancelled in the tenth season.


Baywatch celebrated ten years in syndication; their eleventh season was their last.

Dateline NBC celebrated ten years on NBC.

Talk Soup celebrated ten years on E!

Entertainment Tonight celebrated twenty years in syndication.

Late Night celebrated twenty years on NBC.

Biggest New Hit: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was #13 on Thursdays. Really, CSI really premiered on a deadly Friday night. CBS made a wise move and put it on Thursdays in February 2001. With Survivor & CSI, it was the beginning of the end of NBC’s stranglehold on Thursday nights.

British Ties:

Dot Comedy was based on a British series.

First Years was based on the BBC series, This Life.

Trading Spaces was based on the BBC series, Changing Rooms. Ty Pennington was one of the carpenters on Trading Spaces. Ty got his own show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, in 2004 on ABC.

"The Queen Of Mean" Anne Robinson hosted the British version and the USA version, The Weakest Link. This was one of the most brutal game shows ever. Don't me wrong. It was only play for laughs.

Death: Michael Cuccione died from complications stemming from Hodgkin's disease on January 13, 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He turned sixteen on January 5, 1985. He was one of the stars of the parody band, 2Gether.

Movies 2 TV: Some Of My Best Friends was based on the 1997 Nick Scotti movie, Kiss Me Guido.

Name Change: Cursed to The Weber Show in December 2000.

Netherlands Ties:

Big Brother was based on Big Brother; it all begun in September 1999 and became a worldwide sensation. MTV’s The Real World influenced Big Brother.

Chains Of Love was based Chains Of Love. The same people of Big Brother and Blind Date produced it.

Reruns: UPN showed Celebrity Death Match reruns for two months in 2001.

The Return:

The Fugitive returned to TV after a thirty–three years absence in this updated version.

Primetime Live returned as Primetime Thursday after 20/20 went back to one night on Fridays. Thou, 20/20 Downtown continued as a separated series.

Lorenzo Lamas returned to TV in a failed weekly series, The Immortal, after a one-year absence. He was previously on another failed series, Air America.

America's Funniest Home Video returned to ABC with a new host, Tom Bergeron, after a year absence. The last hosts were Daisy Fuentes and John Fugelsang from 1998–1999.


Jerry Orbach was in Law & Order and Encounters With The Unexplained.

Joely Fisher starred in two failed sitcoms, Grosse Pointe and Norman, Ohio.

Spin Off: The Lone Gunmen from The X Files.

Switch Network:

Candid Camera went from CBS to PAX.

The Hughleys went from ABC to UPN.

The PJs went from FOX to WB.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch went from ABC to WB.


Survivor: The Australia Outback is the first reality series to be #1; it was the second edition of Survivor. It took America by storm last summer – the #1 show to watch; no one could switch the channel. The gay naked guy, Richard Hatch’s prediction was right on the money; in the first episode, he told the TV audience that he "already had the million dollar check written in his name." In the last episode of the summer, Susan Hawk’s unforgettable powerful speech to Kelly Wiglesworth and Richard set the tone for the series. Let the backstabbing and the fighting begin! Survivor brought the reality craze to a nationwide audience in primetime. We haven’t seen anything like Survivor on TV before.

Mark Singer, the original Beastmaster, joined The Beastmaster in the last season.

Tony Danza joined CBS' Family Law.

Steve Martin was one of the eight executive producers on Downer Channel.

James Cameron, best known for Titanic and The Terminator, was the creator of Dark Angel, his first series.

Live Through This was MTV's first drama series.

Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of the famous singer, Diana Ross. Tracee is on UPN's Girlfriends

Kevin Dillon is the brother of the famous actor, Matt Dillion. Kevin is on CBS' That's Life. This was his first series.

Steven Weber and Timothy Daly starred in separated failed series, Cursed and The Fugitive, this season. They both starred in the hit NBC series, Wings, in the 1990's. They need a one-way ticket back to Nantucket. They had a very successful flight there.

NBC's Monday night lineup failed badly. The returning show, Daddio, and the two newcomers, Tucker and Deadline, premiered on October 2, 2000. Daddio and Tucker were cancelled four weeks later. Deadline was cancelled the following week.

Whoopie Goldberg created Strong Medicine for Lifetime.

Go Fish was Kieran Culkin's first series. You guessed it! He is Macaulay's brother. He got his start in Mac's big hit movie, Home Alone. He played Kevin's cousin in the movie.

Friday Night was cancelled on December 29, 2000. Late Friday replaced Friday Night a week later.

Darren Star, the creator of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, was the creator of Grosse Pointe and The $treet. Both failed shows premiered this season.

Dick Wolf was the producer of the syndicated Arrest & Trial. He was the creator of the long–running police drama, Law & Order.

Roger Roeper joined Ebert & Roeper as Roger Ebert's new co-host. He worked at the same newspaper, Chicago Sun–Times, as Roger Ebert since 1987. Roger started in 1967.

Mysterious Ways premiered on NBC in the summer of 2000, then it went to PAX in the fall.

The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne originally aired on CBC in Canada in 2000. Sci Fi picked it up in January 2001 and it went straight to syndication the following October. The series only lasted a season.


2000/01 Fall Season

One Season (2000/2001)

Boston Public – 2000–2004, FOX, school drama, Fyvush Finkel

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 2000–present, CBS, crime drama, William Petersen

Dark Angel – 2000–2002, FOX, sci fi, Jessica Alba

The District – 2000–2004, CBS, police drama, Craig T. Nelson, Lynne Thigpen

Ed – 2000–2003, NBC, comedy/drama, Thomas Cavanagh, Julie Bowen

Girlfriends – 2000–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW, Tracee Ellis Ross

Nikki – 2000–2002, WB, comedy, Nikki Cox

Primetime Thursday – 2000–2004, ABC, newsmagazine, Diane Sawyer

That’s Life – 2000–2002, CBS, comedy, Ellen Burstyn, Kevin Dillon

Yes, Dear – 2000–2006, CBS, comedy, Anthony Clark, Mike O'Malley


Cancelled TV Series

Bette – CBS, comedy, Bette Midler, Joanna Gleason

Cursed – NBC, comedy, Steven Weber, Chris Elliot

Dag – NBC, comedy, Delta Burke, Lauren Tom

Deadline – NBC, newspaper drama, Oliver Platt, Bebe Neuwirth

Freakylinks – FOX, supernatural, Ethan Embry

Freedom – UPN, military drama, Darius McCrary

The Fugitive – CBS, drama, Timothy Daly

The Geena Davis Show – ABC, comedy, Geena Davis, Peter Horton

Gideon’s Crossing – ABC, medical drama, Andre Braugher

Grosse Pointe – WB, comedy, William Ragsdale. Joely Fisher

Hype – WB, comedy, Michael Roof

Level 9 – UPN, police drama, Fab Flippo

Madigan Men – ABC, comedy, Grant Shaud

The Michael Richards Show – NBC, comedy, Michael Richards, William Devane

Normal, Ohio – FOX, comedy, 7 episodes, John Goodman, Joely Fisher

The $treet – FOX, drama, 7 episodes, Jennie Garth, Tom Everett Scott

Titans – NBC, soap, Victoria Principal, Jack Wagner, Perry King

The Trouble With Normal – ABC, comedy, 5 episodes, Jon Cryer

Tucker – NBC, comedy, 4 episodes, Katey Sagal

Welcome To New York – CBS, comedy, Sara Gilbert, Christine Baranski


10 out of 30 new series SURVIVED for 2001/02

ABC – 1/5, Primetime Thursday

CBS – 4/7, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The District, That’s Life & Yes, Dear

FOX – 2/5, Boston Public & Dark Angel

NBC – 1/7, Ed

UPN – 1/3, Girlfriends

WB – 1/3, Nikki


Mid season shows

America’s Funniest Home Videos – July 2001–present, ABC, comedy, Tom Bergeron

Fear Factor – June 2001–present, NBC, reality, Joe Rogan

Grounded For Life – January 2001–2002, FOX; February 2003–2005, WB, comedy, Donl Logue

The Job – March 2001–2002, ABC, comedy, Denis Leary

My Wife And Kids – March 2001–2005, ABC, comedy, Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell

Special Unit 2 – April 2001–2002, UPN, sci-fi/police drama, Michael Landes

Spy TV – June 2001–2002, NBC, comedy, Michael Ian Black

Three Sisters – January 2001–2002, NBC, comedy, Vicki Lewis, Dyan Cannon

The Wayne Brady Show – August 2001–2002, ABC, comedy, Wayne Brady

The Weakest Link – April 2001–2002, NBC, game, Anne Robinson

What About Joan? – March 2001–October 2001, ABC, comedy, Joan Cusack


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

All Souls – UPN, supernatural medical drama, Grayson McCouch

The Beast – ABC, drama, – Harriet Samson Harris

The Best Commercials You've Never Seen – ABC, informational

Big Apple – CBS, crime drama, 6 episodes, Ed O'Neill, Donnie Wahlberg

Chains Of Love – UPN, romance/reality, Madison Michele

Dead Last – WB, supernatural comedy/drama, 6 episodes, Kett Turton

Dot Comedy – December 8, 2000, ABC, comedy, 1 episode, Jason Sklar

The Downer Channel – NBC, comedy variety, Wanda Skyes, Mary Lynn Rajskub

The Fighting Fitzgeralds – NBC, comedy, Brian Dennehy

First Wave – NBC, legal drama, 4 episodes, Mackenzine Astin, Kevin Connolly

Gary & Mike – UPN, cartoon, Harland Williams

Go Fish – NBC, comedy, 5 episodes, Kieran Culkin, Andy Dick

Kate Brasher – CBS, drama, Mary Stuart Masterson, Rhea Perlman

Kristin – NBC, comedy, 6 episodes, Kristin Chenoweth

The Lone Gunmen – FOX, comedy/detective, Bruce Harwood

Million Dollar Mysteries – FOX, public service, 5 episodes, Donald Kobiela

The Oblongs – WB, cartoon, 8 episodes, Will Ferrell, Jean Smart

Sammy – NBC, cartoon, 2 episodes, David Spade, Andy Dick

Some Of My Best Friends – CBS, comedy, 5 episodes, Jason Bateman

You Don't Know Jack – ABC, quiz, 6 episodes, Paul Rubens



Bands On The Run – VH1, competition, Brendon Carter

Black Scorpion – Sci Fi, adventure, Michelle Lintel, Scott Valentine

Bull – TNT, drama, Donald Moffat

Courage – FOX Family, documentary, Danny Glover

Cover Wars – VH1, talent, Paul Shaffer

The Division – January 2001–2004, Lifetime, crime drama, Nancy McKeon

Doc – March 2001–2004, PAX, medical drama, Billy Ray Cyrus

Encounters With The Unexplained – 2000–2002, PAX, documentary, Jerry Orbach

Even Stevens – 2000–2003, Disney, comedy, Shia LaBeouf

Fear – February 2001–2002, MTV, game

The Fearing Mind – FOX Family, drama, 6 episodes, Harry Van Gorkum

The Huntress – USA, adventure, Annette O'Toole

In A Heartbeat – Disney, drama, Shawn Ashmore

The Invisible Man – 2000–2002, Sci Fi, sci fi, Vincent Ventresca

Live Through This – MTV, music/drama, Jennifer Dale

The Lot – AMC, comedy, Jeffrey Tambor, Holland Taylor

Masters Of Illusion – PAX, magic, Franz Harary

Mysterious Ways – 2000–2002, PAX, supernatural, Adrian Pasdar

Name That Video – VH1, quiz, Karyn Bryant

Nero Wolfe – April 2001–2002, A&E, detective drama, Bill Smitrovich

Noah Knows Best – Nickelodeon, comedy, Richard Kline

100 Centre Street – January 2001–2002, A&E, legal drama, Bobby Cannavale

Pelswick – 2000–2002, Nickelodeon, cartoon, David Arquette

Primetime Glick – June 2000–2003, Comedy Central, comedy, Martin Short

Queer As Folk – 2000–2005, Showtime, drama, Gale Harold. Sharon Gless

The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne – Sci Fi, sci fi, Chris Demetral

Sheep In The Big City – 2000–2002, Cartoon, cartoon, Kevin Seal

Six Feet Under – June 2001–2005, HBO, comedy/drama, Peter Krause

State Of Grace – June 2001–2002, Fox Family, drama, Dinah Manoff

Strong Medicine – 2000–2006, Lifetime, medical drama, Janine Turner

TV Playhouse – Comedy Central, comedy, 8 episodes, Doug Dale

Taina – January 2001–2002, Nickelodeon, comedy, Christina Vidal

That's My Bush – Comedy Central, comedy, 8 episodes, Timothy Bottoms

Trading Spaces – 2000–present, TLC, instructional, Alex McLeod

2Gether – MTV, comedy, Michael Cuccione

Undergrads – MTV, cartoon, 13 episodes, Pete Williams



Andromeda – 2000–2005, syndication, sci fi, Kevin Sorbo

Arrest & Trial – syndication, police documentary, Brian Dennehy

The Cindy Morgolis Show – syndicated, variety, Cindy Morgolis

The Immortal – syndication, sci fi, Lorenzo Lamas

Maximum Exposure – 2000–2002, syndication, adventure/reality, Cam Brainard

Queen Of Swords – syndication, adventure, Tessie Santiago

Sex Wars – syndication, quiz, J.D. Roth

Sheena – 2000–2001, syndication, adventure, Gene Lee Nolin

The Source: All Access – 2000–2002, syndication, music magazine, LisaRaye

Starhunter – syndication, sci fi, Michael Pare

Street Smarts – 2000–2005, syndication, quiz, Frank Nicotero


Late Night

Late Friday – January 2001–2002, NBC, comedy variety


Reality TV

Starting with the 2000 season, I won’t put some reality shows in the seasons, such as The Mole, Survivor, The Apprentice, The Bachelor & Temptation Island. Most reality shows goes by editions. Some of them show two editions a season.

For example: Survivor shown one edition this season – Survivor: The Australian Outback in February 2001. The 2002 season, there was two editions – Survivor: Africa in October 2002 and Survivor: Marquesas in February 2003.The editions will have their dates of the season.

Yes, I will put American Idol in the seasons; FOX only shows it once a year. Reality shows like Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Nanny 911, Queer Eye, Trading Spouses will be added to the seasons. Those shows have individual episodes.

Big Brother 2 – July–September 2001, CBS, reality/competition

Boot Camp – March–May 2001, FOX, reality/adventure, Dave Francisco

Making The Band – April–July 2001, ABC, ABC, rock documentary

Manhunt – UPN, adventure/reality, 6 episodes, John Cena

The Mole – January–February 2001; ABC, adventure/game, Anderson Cooper

Murder In Small Town X – FOX, detective/reality, Gary Fredo

Popstars – January–July 2001, WB, talent/music, Tony Michaels

Survivor: The Australia Outback – January–May 2001, CBS, adventure/competition

Temptation Island – January–February 2001, FOX, dating/reality, Mark L. Walberg


Two Seasons (1999/2000)

The Amanda Show – 1999–2002, Nickelodeon, comedy/variety

Angel – 1999–2004, WB, supernatural drama

Battle Dome – 1999–2001, syndication, sports competition

The Beastmaster – 1999–2002, syndication, adventure

Beyond Chance – 1999–2002, Lifetime, documentary

Blind Date – 1999–2006, syndication, dating

City Of Angels – January 2000–2001, CBS, medical drama

Cleopatra 2525 – January 2000–2001, syndication, sci fi

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 1999–2002, Cartoon, cartoon

Daddio – March–October 2000, NBC, comedy

18 Wheels Of Justice – January 2000–2001, TNN, adventure

Family Feud – 1999–present, syndication, quiz

Family Law – 1999–2003, CBS, legal drama

Farscape – March 1999–2003, Sci Fi, sci fi

Grounded For Life – January 2001–2002, FOX; February 2003–2005, WB, comedy

Jack & Jill – 1999–2001, WB, drama

Judging Amy – 1999–2005, CBS, legal drama

Ladies Man – 1999/2000, June 2001, CBS, comedy

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – 1999–present, NBC, police drama

The List – 1999–2001, VH1, discussion

The Lost World – 1999–2002, syndication, adventure

Malcolm In The Middle – January 2000–2006, FOX, comedy

The Man Show – 1999–2005, Comedy Central, discussion/comedy

Once And Again – 1999–2002, ABC, drama

The Parkers – 1999–2004, UPN, comedy

Popular – 1999–2002, WB, school drama

Relic Hunter – 1999–2002, syndication, adventure

Roswell – 1999–2001, WB; 2001/02, UPN, sci-fi

S.O.S. In America – 1999–2002, syndication, informational

Son Of The Beach – March 2000–2002, FX, comedy

Strip Mall – June 2000–2001, Comedy Central, comedy

Third Watch – 1999–2005, NBC, drama

Titus – March 2000–2002, FOX, comedy

Twice In A Lifetime – 1999–2001, PAX, fantasy

WWF Smackdown – 1999–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW, wrestling

The West Wing – 1999–2006, NBC, political drama

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – January 2000–2002, ABC, quiz

The X Show – 1999–2001, FX, talk/magazine

Your Big Break – 1999–2001, syndication, talent


Three Seasons (1998/99)

Any Day Now – 1998–2002, Lifetime, drama

Becker – November 1998–2004, CBS, comedy

Change Of Heart – 1998–2003, syndicated, dating

Charmed – 1998–2006, WB, fantasy

Family Guy – April 1999–2002, FOX, cartoon

The Famous Jet Jackson – 1998–2001, Disney, comedy

Felicity – 1998–2002, WB, drama

First Wave – March 1999–2001, Sci Fi, sci fi

Futurama – March 1999–2003, FOX, cartoon

The King Of Queen – 1998–present, CBS, comedy

The Howard Stern Radio Show – 1998–2001, syndication, talk

The Hughleys – 1998–2000, ABC; 2000–2002, UPN, comedy

Norm – March 1999–2001, ABC, comedy

The PJs – January 1999–2000, FOX; 2000–2002, WB, cartoon

Providence – January 1999–December 2002, NBC, serial drama

Seven Days – 1998–2001, UPN, sci-fi

Sex And The City – 1998–2004, HBO, comedy

60 Minutes II – January 1999–2005, CBS, newsmagazine

So Weird – January 1999–2001, Disney, fantasy drama

That 70’s Show – 1998–2006, FOX, comedy

V.I.P. – 1998–2002, syndication, adventure

The Wild Thornberrys – 1998–2003, Nickelodeon, cartoon

Will & Grace – 1998–2006, NBC, comedy

World's Most Amazing Videos – March 1999–2001, NBC, reality


Four Seasons (1997/98)

Alley McBeal – 1997–2002, FOX, legal comedy/drama.

Behind The Music – 1997–2003, VH1, documentary

Candid Camera – February 1998–2000, CBS; Jan 2001–2004, PAX, humor

Celebrity Deathmatch – May 1998–2002, MTV, puppets

Dawson’s Creek – January 1998–2003, WB, drama

Dharma & Greg – 1997–2002, ABC, comedy

Earth: Final Conflict – 1997–2002, syndication, sci-fi

For Your Love – March/My 1998, NBC; 1998–2002, WB, comedy

Guinness World Records: Primetime – July 1998–2001, FOX, audience participation

The People's Court – 1997–present, syndication, courtroom

Police Videos – April 1998–2001, FOX, police documentary

South Park – 1997–present, Comedy Central, cartoon

Stargate SG–1 – 1997–2002, Showtime; 2002–2007, Sci Fi, sci fi

Two Guys And A Girl – March 1998–2001, comedy

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Summer of 1998–2004, ABC, comedy/quiz

Win Ben Stein's Money – 1997–2003, Comedy Central, quiz


Five Seasons (1996/97)

Access Hollywood – 1996–present, syndication, magazine

Angry Beavers – April 1997–2001, Nickelodeon, cartoon

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – March 1997–2001, WB; 2001–2003, UPN, supernatural

Daria – March 1997–2001, MTV, cartoon

Everybody Loves Raymond – 1996–2005, CBS, comedy

The Jamie Foxx Show – 1996–2001, WB, comedy

Just Shoot Me – March 1997–2003, NBC, comedy

La Femme Nikita – January 1997–2001, USA, adventure/espionage

The Practice – March 1997–2004, ABC, legal drama

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – 1996–2000, ABC; 2000–2003, WB, comedy

7th Heaven – 1996–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, drama

Spin City – 1996–2002, ABC, comedy

The Steve Harvey Show – 1996–2002, WB, comedy


Six Seasons (1995/96)

The Daily Show – July 1996–present, Comedy Central, comedy

The Drew Carey Show – 1995–2004, ABC, comedy

JAG – 1995/96, NBC; 1996–2005, CBS, legal drama

King Of The Hill – January 1996–present, FOX, cartoon

Life And Times Of... – January 1996–2001, Nashville, biography

Mad TV – 1995–present, FOX, comedy

Moesha – January 1996–2001, UPN, comedy

Nash Bridges – March 1996–2001, CBS, police drama

The Outer Limits – 1995–2001, Showtime; 2001/02, Sci-Fi Channel, sci-fi

3rd Rock from the Sun – January 1996–2001, NBC, comedy


Seven Seasons (1994/95)

ER – 1994–present, NBC, medical drama

Entertainers With Byron Allen – 1994–present, syndication, celebrity talk

Extra – 1994–present, syndication, news/gossip

Friends – 1994–2004, NBC, comedy

The Late Late Show With Craig Killborn – March 1999–2004, CBS, talk

Star Trek: Voyager – January 1995–2001, UPN, sci-fi

Touched by an Angel – 1994–2003, CBS, fantasy


Eight Seasons (1993/94)

Diagnosis: Murder – October 1993–2001, CBS, detective drama

Frasier – 1993–2004, NBC, comedy

Late Show With David Letterman – 1993–present, CBS, talk

NYPD Blue – 1993–2005, ABC, crime drama

Politically Incorrect – January 1997–2002, ABC, comedy/talk

Rivera Live – February 1994–2001, CNBC, talk

The X Files – 1993–2002, FOX, fantasy drama


Nine Seasons (1992/93)

The Real World: New Orleans – 1992–present, MTV, reality

Walker, Texas Ranger – April 1993–2001, CBS, crime drama


Ten Seasons (1991/92)

Baywatch – 1991–2001, Syndication, adventure

Dateline NBC – March 1992–present, NBC, newsmagazine

Talk Soap – December 1991–2002, E!, comedy


Eleven Seasons (1990/91)

Law & Order – 1990–present, NBC, crime drama


Twelve Seasons (1989/90)

The Simpsons – Dec 1989–present, FOX, cartoon

Supermarket Sweep – April 1999–2003, PAX, quiz


Thirteen Seasons (1988/89)

COPS – March 1989–present, FOX, police reality

Inside Edition – January 1989–present, syndication, newsmagazine

Later With Cynthia Garrett – January 2000–2001, NBC, talk


Fourteen Seasons (1987/88)

America’s Most Wanted – April 1988–present, FOX, public service

48 Hours – Jan 1988–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Fifteen Seasons (1986/87)

Ebert & Roeper – 2000–present, syndication, commentary


Seventeen Seasons (1984/85)

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1991–present, syndication, sports highlights

Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion

Showbiz Today – 1984–2001, CNN, newsmagazine


Eighteen Seasons (1983/84)

Friday Night – 1983–2000, NBC, music

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game


Twenty Seasons (1981/82)

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, Syndication, news/gossip

Late Night With Conan O'Brien – 1993–2009, NBC, talk


Twenty-four Seasons (1977/78)

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Twenty-six Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC, variety


Thirty-one Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports


Thirty-three Seasons (1968/69)

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Forty seven Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – May 1992–2009, NBC, talk/variety


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