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TV Seasons


1985/86 – The Cosby Show was #1 on NBC Thursday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1985 season; Knight Rider was cancelled in the fourth season.


The Joker's Wild celebrated ten years in syndication; it was their last.

The David Susskind Show celebrated twenty–five years in syndication.

Biggest New Hit: The Golden Girls was #7 on NBC Saturday. Four girls lived their golden years to the hilt in Miami with plenty of cheesecakes to eat. In other words, thank you for being a friend.

British Ties:

Check It Out was based on Tripper's Day.

You Again was based on Home To Roast; Elizabeth Bennett played Edna in the same role simultaneously in both countries. This was John Stamos’ second failed series; he was previous on Dreams for a month.

Contract Dispute: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert left At The Movies in a dispute. The producers replaced them with other movie critics, Rex Reed and Bill Harris. Siskel & Ebert started their own movie reviews the following fall.

Death: Florence Halop died on July 15, 1986 from lung cancer. Marsha Warfield replaced her on Night Court the next season.

First Run: What’s Happening returned to Syndication after a six-year absence with most original cast members. It was previously on ABC in the late 1970’s.

Movies to TV:

Bridges To Cross was based on the 1985 TV movie

Stir Crazy was based on the hit 1980 movie, starring Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder. The series was very dreadful.

Name Change: What’s Happening to What’s Happening Now.

The Return:

Marla Gibbs returned in 227. Marla was best known from The Jeffersons; Florence always gives George some lip. Marla was on TV nonstop for sixteen years, a first for a black lady. Numerous actors of the cast were on the 227 play at one point. Sandra Clark made the show, just like The Fonz & Steve Urkel before her. Without Sandra, the show wouldn’t last a season. Yes, she was that popular! It’s a joy to watch Sandra. 227 was Regina King & Jackee Harry’s first series. Regina became a movie star; her famous role to date was Margie Hendricks on Ray, the bio movie of Ray Charles. Jackee was the first black actress to won a Emmy in a supporting actress in a comedy in 1987. Aliana Reed was on the PBS children’s program, Sesame Street, from 1976-1988.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents returned after a twenty-year absence. Alfred Hitchcock was the first DEAD person in history to ever host a series; he died in 1980. Alfred was colorized to introduce that night’s episode.

The Twilight Zone returned after a twenty-year absence. Rod Serling was the creator; he died in 1975. The original series was cancelled two times.

Valerie Harper returned in Valerie after a seven-year absence. She was previously on Rhoda, the spin off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Jack Klugman returned in You Again after a two year absence. He was previously on Quincy M.D.

The $50,000 Pyramid returned to syndication as The New $100,000 Pyramid after a three year absence.

Switch Networks: Diff'rent Strokes went from NBC to ABC.

TV History: The Golden Girls made history during it’s seven year run. All four leading ladies won best and supporting actress awards at the Emmys at one time or another. All In The Family was the first series to do so, then The Golden Girls and the wonderful gay comedy, Will & Grace.


Do you wonder what happened to the Beaver? He’s Still The Beaver! LOL.

After a lousy dead last in the ratings in 1982/83, Cheers jumped in the top ten at #5 for the first time, thanks to the huge success of The Cosby Show.

From 1985 - 1990, The Cosby Show tied with All In the Family for the five years running streak at #1. 

Buck Owens hung up his cowboy hat and drove into the sunset on his white horse. So long, Hee Haw! The next season, a weekly guest co-host joined Roy Clark.

Amazing Stories was Steven Spielberg’s first series. It was named after the sci-fi magazine, Amazing Stories. The show wasn’t a big hit; NBC cancelled it after two seasons. Steven had much greater TV success in the 1990’s with animated series – Tiny Toon Adventures, The Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain.

Growing Pains made Kirk Cameron in a big TV star of the 1980’s. He was getting 10,000 letters a month. He was unnoticed in his first series, Two Marriages, the year before.

Charlie & Company was Jaleel White’s first series. It was more realistic than The Cosby Show and less successful than The Cosby Show. Some people thought Charlie & Company was a complete rip off from The Cosby Show. Jaleel’s costar, Kristoff St. John, begin a very successful run on The Young & The Restless, starting in 1991 to this day. Jaleel became well known on Family Matters as the ever-popular nerd, Steve Urkel, for nine years.

Martin Lawrence got his start on What’s Happening Now after some agents discovered him on Start Search; they like what they saw in Martin. Martin starred in his series, Martin, on FOX. From there, he struck it big in the movies with Bad Boys.

Melba premiered on the day of the Challenger disaster. Christa McAuiffe supposed to be the first teacher in space; the seven astronauts died.

Misfits Of Science was Courtney Cox’s first series. Her costar was Dean Paul Martin, the son of Dean Martin. Then, Courtney was Alex Keaton’s girlfriend on Family Ties. Her great success was the ultra popular series, Friends.

All Is Forgiven ended its short run in June 1986 on NBC. Sadly, the premiere aired as a special presentation on August 23, 1986. NBC, I got four words for you. All is NOT forgiven!


1985/86 Fall Season

One Season (1985/86)

Amazing Stories – 1985–1987, NBC, fantasy anthology

The Equalizer – 1985–1989, CBS, detective drama, Edward Woodward, Robert Lansing

The Golden Girls – 1985–1992, NBC, comedy, Bea Arthur, Betty White

Growing Pains – 1985–1992, ABC, comedy, Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns

MacGyver – 1985–1992, ABC, adventure, Richard Dean Anderson

Spenser: For Hire – 1985–1988, ABC, detective drama, Robert Urich, Avery Brooks

The Twilight Zone – 1985–1987, CBS, sci-fi anthology, Charles Aidman

227 – 1985–1990, NBC, comedy, Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams


Cancelled TV Shows

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – NBC, suspense anthology, Alfred Hitchcock

Charlie & Company – CBS, comedy, Flip Wilson, Gladys Knight

George Burns Comedy Week – CBS, comedy, George Burns

Hell Town – NBC, drama, Robert Blake

Hollywood Beat – ABC, crime drama, Jack Scalia

Hometown – CBS, comedy/drama, Jane Kaczmarek, Daniel Stern

The Insiders – ABC, drama, Nicholas Campbell

Lady Blue – ABC, crime drama, Jamie Rose

Lime Street – ABC, adventure/detective, Robert Wagner, John Standing

Misfits Of Science – NBC, adventure, Courtney Cox, Max Wright

Our Family Honor – ABC, drama, Ray Liotta, Sheree J. Wilson

Stir Crazy – CBS, comedy/adventure, Larry Wilder, Joseph Guzaldo


8 out of 20 new series SURVIVED for 1986/87

ABC – 3/8, Growing Pains, MacGyver & Spenser: For Hire

CBS – 2/6, The Equalizer & The Twilight Zone

NBC – 3/6, Amazing Stories, The Golden Girls & 227


Mid Season Shows

Me & Mrs. C. – June 1986–1987, NBC, comedy, Peg Murray, Misha McK

Perfect Strangers – March 1986–1993, ABC, comedy, Mark Linn-Baker, Bronson Pinchot

Stingray – March 1986–1987, NBC, drama, Nick Mancuso

Valerie – March 1986–1987, NBC, comedy, Valerie Harper, Josh Taylor

You Again? – Feb 1986–1987, NBC, comedy, Jack Klugman, John Stamos


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

ABC Comedy Special – ABC, comedy anthology

All Is Forgiven – NBC, comedy, Bess Armstrong, David Alan Grier

Blacke's Magic – NBC, detective drama, Hal Linden, Harry Morgan

Bridges To Cross – CBS, drama, 6 episodes, Suzanne Pleshette, Eva Gabor

Dalton's Code Of Vengeance – NBC, adventure, 4 episodes, Charles Taylor

Fast Times – CBS, comedy, Patrick Dempsey, Courtney Thorne–Smith

Fathers And Sons – NBC, comedy, Merlin Olsen

Foley Square – CBS, comedy, Cathy Silvers, Jon Lovitz

Fortune Dane – ABC, crime drama, Carl Weathers

He's The Mayor – ABC, comedy, Kevin Hooks

Joe Bash – ABC, comedy, Peter Boyle

The Last Precinct – NBC, comedy, 8 episodes, Adam West, James Cromwell

Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills – CBS, comedy, Harvey Koman

Mary – CBS, comedy, Mary Tyler Moore, Katey Segal, John Astin

Melba – CBS, comedy, Melba Moore

Mr. Sunshine – ABC, comedy, Jeffrey Tambor, Barbara Babcock

Morningstar/Eveningstar – CBS, drama, Fred Savage

The Redd Foxx Show – ABC, comedy, Redd Foxx

Scene Of The Crime – NBC, detective anthology, 6 episodes, Orson Welles

Shadow Chasers – ABC, comedy/fantasy, 10 episodes, Trevor Eve

Tough Cookies – CBS, comedy, 6 episodes, Robby Benson, Adam Arkin



Crook And Chase – April 1986–1993, TNN, magazine, Lorianne Crook, Charlie Chase

An Evening At The Improv – 1985–1995, A&E, comedy

Still The Beaver – 1985/86, Disney; 1986–1989, WTBS, comedy, Barbara Billingsley



Check It Out – 1985–1988, syndicated, comedy, Don Adams

Comedy Break – syndication, comedy/variety, Mack Dryden

Comedy Tonight – syndication, comedy/variety, Bill Boggs

Dempsey & Makepeace – syndicated, crime drama, Michael Brandon

Dick Clark's Nighttime – syndication, musical variety, Dick Clark

Puttin' On The Hits – 1985–1988, syndication, music/competition, Allen Fawcett

Small Wonder – 1985–1989, Syndication, comedy, Dickie Christie

The Star Games – syndication, sports, Bruce Jenner

The New $100,000 Pyramid – 1985–1988, syndication, quiz, Dick Clark

What’s Happening Now!! – 1985–1988, syndication, comedy, Ernest Thomas


Two Seasons (1984/85)

Cosby Show – 1984–1992, NBC, comedy

Crazy Like A Fox – Dec 1984–1986, CBS, detective drama

Dr. Ruth – 1984–1991, Lifetime, discussion/advice

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1984–1991, NBC, sports highlights

Highway To Heaven – 1984–1989, NBC, drama

Hollywood Insider – May 1985–1995, USA Network, news/gossip

Hunter – 1984–1991, NBC, crime drama

Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion

Miami Vice – 1984–1989, NBC, crime drama

Mr. Belvedere – March 1985–1990, ABC, comedy

Moonlighting – March 1985–1989, ABC, detective comedy/drama

Murder, She Wrote – 1984–1996, CBS, detective drama

Tales From The Darkside – 1984–1988, syndication, horror/supernatural

Punky Brewster – 1984–1986, NBC, comedy

Showbiz Today – 1984–2001, CNN, newsmagazine

The Start Of Something Big – April 1985–1986, syndication, information/interview

Tales From The Darkside – 1984–1988, syndication, horror/supernatural

Who’s The Boss? – 1984–1992, ABC, comedy


Three Seasons (1983/84)

Airwolf – Jan 1984–1986, CBS; 1987 on USA, adventure

Church Street Station – March 1984–1987, TNN, music

Cover Story – March 1984–1989, USA, interview

Eye On Hollywood – February 1984–1986, ABC, magazine

Fame – 1983–1987, syndication, drama

Friday Night Videos – 1983–2000, NBC, music

Hardcastle & McCormick 1984–1986, ABC, detective/adventure

Hotel – 1983–1988, ABC, drama

Kate & Allie – March 1984–1989, CBS, comedy

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous – January 1984–1996, syndication, magazine

Love Connection – 1983–1995, Syndication – weekdays, game

Mike Hammer – Jan 1984–1987, CBS, detective drama

Night Court – Jan 1984–1992, NBC, comedy

Riptide – Jan 1984–1986, NBC, detective drama

Scarecrow & Mrs. King – 1983–1987, CBS, adventure

Star Search – 1983–1995, Syndication, talent

TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes – Jan 1984–1986, NBC, comedy

This Week In Country Music – 1983–1987, syndication, magazine

Webster – 1983–1987, ABC; 1987/88 in Syndication, comedy

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game

You Can Be A Star – 1983–1989, TNN, talent


Four Seasons (1982/83)

The A Team – Jan 1983–1987, NBC, adventure

At The Movies – 1982–1990, syndication, commentary

Cheers – 1982–1993, NBC, comedy

Family Ties – 1982–1989, NBC, comedy

Fraggle Rock – January 1983–1987, HBO, puppets

Knight Rider – 1982–1986, NBC, adventure

Lorne Greene's New Wilderness – 1982–1986, syndication, wildlife/nature

Nashville Now – March 1983–1993, TNN, talk/variety, LIVE

Newhart – 1982–1990, CBS, comedy

The Paper Chase – February 1983–1986, Showtime, drama

Remington Steele – 1982–1987, NBC, detective drama

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – 1982–1986, CBS, variety

St. Elsewhere – 1982/83–1988, NBC, drama

Silver Spoons – 1982–1986, NBC, comedy

TJ Hooker – March 1982–1987, ABC, crime drama


Five Seasons (1981/82)

Cagney & Lacey – March 1982–1988, CBS, crime drama

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, syndication, news/gossip

Fall Guy – 1981–1986, ABC, adventure

Falcon Crest – 1981–1990, CBS, soap

Gimme A Break – 1981–1987, NBC, comedy

Late Night With David Letterman – February 1982–1993, NBC, talk

The People's Court – 1981–1993, syndication, courtroom

Simon & Simon – Nov 1981–1989, CBS, detective drama


Six Seasons (1980/81)

Dynasty – Jan 1981–1989, ABC, soap

Hill Street Blues – Jan 1981–1987, NBC, crime drama

Magnum P.I. – Dec 1980–1988, CBS, detective drama

Solid Gold – 1980–1988, syndication, music


Seven Seasons (1979/80)

Benson – 1979–1986, ABC, comedy

The Facts Of Life – August 1979–1988, NBC, comedy

Knots Landing – December 1979–1993, CBS, soap

Trapper John MD – 1979–1986, CBS, drama


Eight Seasons (1978/79)

Dance Fever – January 1979–1987, syndication, dance

Diff’rent Stokes – November 1978–1985, NBC; 1985/86, ABC, comedy

PM Magazine – 1978–1990, syndication, magazine


Nine Seasons (1977/78)

Dallas – April 1978–1991, CBS, soap

The Love Boat – 1977–1986, ABC, comedy

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Ten Seasons (1976/77)

The Joker's Wild – 1976–1986, syndication, quiz


Eleven Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC; variety


Sixteen Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football, 1970–2006, ABC, sports


Eighteen Seasons (1968/69)

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Nineteen Seasons (1967/68)

Wild Kingdom – 1971–1988, syndication, wildlife


Twenty five Seasons (1961/62)

The David Susskind Show – 1961–1987, syndication, talk


Thirty two Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety


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