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TV Seasons


1982/83 – 60 Minutes was #1 on CBS Sunday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1982 season; Little House: A New Beginning was cancelled in the ninth season.


Happy Days celebrated ten years on ABC.

Hee Haw celebrated fifteen years on TV.

60 Minutes celebrated fifteen years on CBS.

Biggest New Hit: The A-Team was #10 on NBC Tuesday. The men and the kids love this action packed show. Mr. T became a huge star from this show. “You better watch out, sucker!”

British Ties:

Foot In The Door was based on Tom, Dick & Harriet.

Reggie was based on the BBC series, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

Daytime: The Facts Of Life was on NBC weekdays from December 1982–June 1985.

Death: Hill Street Blues’ third season, Michael Conrad died on November 22, my brother’s birthday, from urethral cancer. The fans sorely missed him. He was best known for his weekly line, "Hey, let's be careful out there". Sgt. Philip Freemason (Phil) Esterhaus really cares for the well being of his officers.

Movies to TV:

Gun Shy was based on the 1975 Walt Disney movie, The Apple Dumpling Gang, starring Bill Bixby, Don Knotts and Tim Conway.

Richard Dean Anderson & Drake Hogestyn starred in their first prime time series, the updated failed version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the 1954 movie. Richard found success in two longest running series, MacGyver and Stargate SG-1. His co star, Drake starred on Days Of Our Lives over twenty years, there’s no wonder – his character is married to the popular doctor, Marlena Evans, the former serial killer.

Remake: The Odd Couple was back with a new name, The New Odd Couple, and a new cast. Besides the name, the only difference between the two shows that The New Odd Couple cast is all black. It wasn’t the same without the original Odd Couple. The remake lasted a season.

The Return:

Sonny Shroyer returned to The Dukes Of Hazzard as Deputy Enos Strate. It was so great to have him back! Enos was one of my favorites. I always like him with Daisy Duke! He was still the sweet loving Enos we all know.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not returned after a thirty-two absence with a new host, Jack Palance. The next season, his real life daughter, Holly Palance, became his new co host.

Reruns: NBC aired repeats of the failed series, Eischied, during the summer of 1983.

Spin Off: Gloria from All In The Family – Mike & Gloria Stivic’s marriage was kaput, she moved back to NY with her son to be closer to her dad, Archie, who never ever appear in the spin off. Then again, Archie was in the original Gloria pilot, which CBS rejected. It ranked #18 for the season, but CBS ended the series for once and for all.

Switch Networks: Taxi went from ABC to NBC.

TV History:

Walt Disney ended a successful twenty-nine years run. It was the longest running show.

Little House tied with The Waltons as the longest running family drama.


Cheers premiered on NBC. It was DEAD last in the ratings. Brandon Tartikoff had strong faith in Cheers and stuck with it. Brandon sure knows his TV!

Mama’s Family was based on The Family skit on The Carol Burnett Show. Vicki Lawrence was brilliant as Mama.

Betty White and Rue McClanahan co-starred on Mama’s Family; they went on greater fame playing two of The Golden Girls in the 1980’s.

David Hasselhoff was a popular soap star on The Young & The Restless for six years, playing Dr. Snapper Foster. He made a successful leap to prime time in Knight Rider, his first major role, in 1982.

Something funny – David Hasselhoff’s ex wife, Catherine Hickland, appeared on Knight Rider three times. David’s character’s name is Michael Knight. Get this: Catherine was married to Michael E Knight, another famous soap star from All My Children. How weird is that?

Silver Spoons was Ricky Schroder’s first TV show. Jason Bateman was previously on The Little House On The Prairie, his first show. Both child actors went on successful Hollywood careers. Ricky joined the police force on NYPB Blue. Jason was on an Emmy winning comedy, Arrested Development, for three years.

The Powers Of Matthew Star supposed to debut in the fall of 1981, but Peter Barton was badly burned during the shooting. He spent some months in the hospital; the show resumed filming.

Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks appeared on the same night with different failed series on different networks at different times. Stephen was on ABC’s Tales Of The Gold Monkey; Catherine was on CBS’ Tucker’s Witch. Fourteen years later, they both played husband and wife on WB’s 7th Heaven.

Meredith Baxter-Birney & David Birney, a real married couple, both started new shows at the same time. Meredith was on Family Ties; David was on St. Elsewhere.

The New Odd Couple failed miserably against the new Dukes on CBS. Worst yet, the new Dukes failed miserable with the viewers. No one took a liking to Coy and Vance. The Dukes Of Hazzard lost lots of viewers; it went from #6 to #29 this season. The real Dukes came back the following February and the new Dukes was gone that fall. The Dukes Of Hazzard never recapture the former glory; the damage already been done. To this day, the new Dukes weren’t popular. Only Daisy Duke was on the cover of the fifth season DVD set. For sure, the sexy Daisy will help sell the DVD! The New Odd Couple didn't make it for a second season. Hey, networks! Something new is always not better; sometimes, it made things much worse. Just stick with the original!

Genie Francis met her future husband, Jonathan Frakes, on the set of Bare Essence. Genie and Jonathan was the only actors from the movie to be in the series. The TV movie was a big hit on CBS in October 1982. Bare Essence was in the makings of a great soap. CBS didn't have room for another soap; they already had Dallas, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest. ABC had Dynasty. NBC was very interest in the new soap; they didn't have a successful soap in prime time yet. It wasn't meant to be for NBC. It lasted for three months. Better luck next time, NBC!

Hal Linden turned down the lead role on St. Elsewhere.

The Quest ended on my sister's birthday.

Jan Hooks and Victoria Jackson were regulars on The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour on ABC. The series lasted a month. They both later joined Saturday Night Live the same year in 1986. They both had great success on SNL.


1982/83 Fall Season

One Season (1982/83)

Cheers – 1982–1993, NBC, comedy, Ted Danson, Shelley Long

Family Ties – 1982–1989, NBC, comedy, Michael J. Fox, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Michael Gross

Knight Rider – 1982–1986, NBC, adventure, David Hasselhoff

Matt Houston – 1982–1985, ABC, detective drama, Lee Horsley

Newhart – 1982–1990, CBS, comedy, Bob Newhart, Mary Frann

Remington Steele – 1982–1987, NBC, detective drama, Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Zimbalist, Doris Roberts

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – 1982–1986, CBS, variety, Jack Palance

St. Elsewhere – 1982–1988, NBC, drama, William Daniels, Howie Mandel, David Birney

Silver Spoons – 1982–1986, NBC, comedy, Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins, Erin Gray


Cancelled Shows

Bring ‘Em Back Alive – CBS, adventure, Bruce Boxleitner

The Devlin Connection – NBC, detective drama, Rock Hudson, Jack Scalia

Gavilan – NBC, adventure, Robert Urich

Gloria – CBS, comedy, Sally Struthers

It Takes Two – ABC, comedy, Richard Crenna, Patty Duke Astin

The New Odd Couple – ABC, comedy, Ron Glass, Demond Wilson

The Powers Of Matthew Star – NBC, sci-fi, Peter Barton, Louis Gossett, Jr.

The Quest – ABC, adventure, 6 episodes, Perry King

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers – CBS, adventure, Richard Dean Anderson

Square Pegs – CBS, comedy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Linker

Star Of The Family – ABC, comedy, Brian Dennehy, Kathy Maisnik

Tales Of The Gold Monkey – ABC, adventure, Stephen Collins, Jeff MacKay

Tucker’s Witch – CBS, detective drama, Tim Matheson, Catherine Hicks

Voyagers – NBC, sci-fi, Jon-Erik Hexum; Meeno Peluce


9 out 0f 23 new series SURVIVED for 1983/84

ABC – 1/6, Matt Houston

CBS – 2/7, Newhart & Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

NBC – 6/10, Cheers, Family Ties, Knight Rider, Remington Steele, St. Elsewhere & Silver Spoons


Mid Season Shows

The A Team – January 1983–1987, NBC, adventure, George Peppard, Mr. T

Buffalo Bill – May 1983–1984, NBC, comedy, Dabney Coleman, Geena Davis

Goodnight, Beantown – April 1983–1984, CBS, comedy, Bill Bixby, Mariette Hartley

Mama’s Family – January 1983–1984, NBC, comedy, Vicki Lawrence, Rue McClanahan

The Mississippi – March 1983–1984, CBS, drama, Ralph White

Monitor – March 1983–1984, NBC, newsmagazine, Steve Delaney

Two Marriages – August 1983–1984, ABC, drama, Kirk Cameron


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Ace Crawford, Private Eye – CBS, comedy, Tim Conway, Joe Regalbuto

Amanda's – ABC, comedy, Bea Arthur

At Ease – ABC, comedy, Jimmie Walker

Baby Makes Five – ABC, comedy, Peter Scolari

Bare Essense – NBC, soap, Genie Francis, Jessica Walter

Condo – CBS, comedy, McLean Stevenson, Marc Price

Eye On Hollywood – ABC, magazine, Chuck Henry

The Family Tree – NBC, drama, Frank Converse

Foot In The Door – CBS, comedy, Harold Gould, Diana Canova

Gun Shy – CBS, comedy, 6 episodes, Barry Van Dyke, Adam Rich

The Hamptons – ABC, soap, Michael Goodwin, Bibi Besch

The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour – ABC, comedy/variety, Arsenio Hall

High Performance – ABC, adventure, 4 episodes, Lisa Hartman, Jack Scalia

The News Is The News – NBC, comedy/variety, 5 episodes, Michael Davis

On The Road With Charles Kuralt – CBS, magazine, Charles Kuralt

Our Times With Bill Moyers – CBS, documentary, Bill Moyers

Reggie – NBC, comedy, 6 episodes, Richard Mulligan

Renegades – ABC, crime drama, 6 episodes, Patrick Swayze, Kurtwood Smith

Ryan's Four – ABC, medical drama, 5 episodes, Tom Skerritt

Small & Frye – CBS, comedy, 6 episodes, Darren McGavin

Wizards And Warriors – CBS, adventure, 8 episodes, Jeff Conaway

Zorro And Son – CBS, comedy, Henry Darrow, Paul Regina



Fraggle Rock – January 1983–1987, HBO, puppets, Gerard Parkes

Nashville Now – March 1983–1993, TNN, talk/variety, LIVE, Ralph Emery

The Paper Chase – February 1983–1986, Showtime, drama, John Houseman



At The Movies – 1982–1990, syndication, commentary, Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel

The Glen Campbell Music Show – syndication, music, Glen Campbell

Lie Detector – syndication, discussion, F. Lee Bailey

Lorne Greene's New Wilderness – 1982–1986, syndication, wildlife/nature, Lorne Greene

Madam's Place – syndication, comedy, Wayland Flowers


Late Night

The Last Word – ABC, news, LIVE, Greg Jackson, Phil Donahue

One On One – ABC, interview, Greg Jackson


Two Seasons (1981/82)

Cagney & Lacey – March 1982–1988, CBS, crime drama

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, syndication, news/gossip

Fall Guy – 1981–1986, ABC, adventure

Falcon Crest – 1981–1990, CBS, soap

Fame – January 1982–1983, NBC, drama

Father Murphy – 1981–1983, NBC, drama

Filthy Rich – August 1982–1983, CBS, comedy

Gimme A Break – 1981–1987, NBC, comedy

Joanie Loves Chachi – March 1982–1983, ABC, comedy

Late Night With David Letterman – February 1982–1993, NBC, talk

Love, Sidney – 1981–1983, NBC, comedy

9 To 5 – March 1982–1984, ABC, comedy

The People's Court – 1981–1993, syndication, courtroom

Simon & Simon – November 1981–1989, CBS, detective drama

TJ Hooker – March 1982–1987, ABC, crime drama

Teachers Only – April 1982–1983, NBC, comedy


Three Seasons (1980/81)

Dynasty – January 1981–1989, ABC, soap

The Greatest American Hero – March 1981–1983, ABC, adventure

Hill Street Blues – January 1981–1987, NBC, crime drama

Magnum P.I. – December 1980–1988, CBS, detective drama

Private Benjamin – April 1981–1983, CBS, comedy

Solid Gold – 1980–1988, syndication, music

Too Close For Comfort – 1980–1983, ABC, comedy


Four Seasons (1979/80)

Archie Bunker’s Place – 1979–1983, CBS, comedy

Benson – 1979–1986, ABC, comedy

The Facts Of Life – August 1979–1988, NBC, comedy

Knots Landing – December 1979–1993, CBS, soap

That’s Incredible – March 1980–1984, ABC, documentary

Trapper John MD – 1979–1986, CBS, drama


Five Seasons (1978/79)

Dance Fever – January 1979–1987, syndication, dance

Diff’rent Stokes – November 1978–1985, NBC; 1985/86, ABC, comedy

The Dukes Of Hazzard – January 1979–1985, CBS, comedy/adventure

PM Magazine – 1978–1990, syndication, magazine

Real People – April 1979–1984, NBC, human interest

Taxi – 1978–1982, ABC; 1982/83, NBC, comedy


Six Seasons (1977/78)

Chips – 1977–1983, NBC, crime drama

Dallas – April 1978–1991, CBS, soap

Family Feud – 1977–1985, syndication, quiz

Fantasy Island – January 1978–1984, ABC, romantic drama

The Love Boat – 1977–1986, ABC, comedy

SCTV Network – May 1981–1983, NBC, comedy

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC; newsmagazine


Seven Seasons (1976/77)

Alice – 1976–1985, CBS, comedy

The Joker's Wild – 1976–1986, syndication, quiz

Quincy, M.E. – 1976–1983, NBC, crime drama

Three’s Company – March 1977–1984, ABC, comedy


Eighth Seasons (1975/76)

Laverne & Shirley – January 1976–1983, ABC, comedy

Nashville On The Road – 1975–1983, syndication, music

One Day At A Time – December 1975–1984, ABC, comedy

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC, variety


Nine Seasons (1974/75)

The Jeffersons – January 1975–1985, CBS, comedy

Little House: A New Beginning – 1974–1983, NBC, drama


Ten Years (1973/74)

Happy Days – January 1974–1984, ABC, comedy


Eleven Seasons (1972/73)

M*A*S*H – 1972–1983, CBS, comedy


Thirteen Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football, 1970–2006, ABC, sports

That Good Ole Nashville Music – 1970–1985, syndication, music


Fifteen Seasons (1968/69)

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Sixteen Seasons (1967/68)

Wild Kingdom – 1971–1988, syndication, wildlife


Twenty two Seasons (1961/62)

The David Susskind Show – 1961–1987, syndication, talk


Twenty nine Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Walt Disney – 1954–1983, anthology


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