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TV Seasons


1949/50 – No ratings till the 1950/51 season.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1949 season; Mary Kay & Johnny was cancelled in the third season.

Alternate Series:

Inside U.S.A With Chevrolet and Romance were on CBS Thursday at 8:30 PM.

Ford Theatre and The Fifty–Fourth Street Revue were on CBS Friday at 9 PM.

Toni Twin Time and What's My Line were on CBS Wednesday at 9 PM.

Local TV:

The Alan Dale Show was on local TV in New York in May 1948 till DUM picked it up three months later.

Chicagoland Mystery Players was on local TV in Chicago for two years till DUM picked it up in 1949.

People's Platform was on local TV in New York in May 1948 till CBS picked it up three months later.

Name Change:

ABC Television Players to ABC Tele–Players in April 1949 to ABC Penthouse Players in August 1949.

Art Ford On Broadway to Art Ford On The Broadway Of The World for the final month.

Cross Question to They Stand Accused in January 1950.

Fishing And Hunting Club to Sports For All in January 1950.

Goodrich Celebrity Time to Celebrity Time in April 1950.

Hands Of Murder to Hands Of Destiny (April 1950) to Hands Of Mystery (August 1950). The show has so many hands that they don't know what hands they have!

Inside Photoplay to Photoplay Time (September 1949) to The Wendy Barrie Show (December 1949) to Through Wendy's Window (August 1950).

Starring Boris Karloff to Mystery Playhouse Starring Boris Karloff in October 1949.

Strictly For Laughs to The Kirby Stones Quinlet in April 1950.

This Is Broadway to This Is Show Business in October 1949.

To The Queen's Taste to The Dione Lucas Show.

Van Camp's Little Show was also known as John Corte's Little Show and The Little Show.

Young And Gay to The Girls after two weeks on the air.

Original Run:

Cactus Jim was on NBC weeknights at 6 PM from 1949–1951.

Mama was on CBS Friday at 8 PM from 1949–1956.

Martin Kane, Private Eye was on NBC Thursday from 1949–1954.

Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue was on ABC Sunday at 7 PM from 1949–1952.

Robert Montgomery Presents was on NBC Monday at 9:30 PM from 1950–1957.

Wayne King was on NBC Thursday at 10:30 PM from 1949–1952.

Your Show Of Shows was on NBC Saturday from 1950–1954.


Easy Aces was on the radio from 1931–1945 and 1948–1949.

Escape was on CBS from 1948–1954.

The Garry Moore Show was on CBS from 1949/50.

The Life Of Riley was on NBC from 1943–1951. John Brown played the same role, Digby "Digger" O'Dell, in the TV series.

Martin Kane, Private Eye was on MBS from 1949–1952.

One Man's Family was on NBC from 1932–1959.

The O'Neills was on the radio from 1934–1943.

People's Platform was on CBS from 1938–1952.

Your Hit Parade was on NBC from 1935–1959.

The Return:

Tonight On Broadway returned to CBS for a three month run. It was previously on CBS in 1948.

Winner Take All returned to CBS for the final six months in April 1950.

CBS revived The Alan Dale Show. It was previously on DUM in 1948.

Simultaneous: Paul Whiteman was on two series - Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club (1949–1954) and Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue (1949–1952).

Summer Replacements:

Billy Boone And Cousin Kib replaced Mr. I Magination for the summer.

Detective's Wife replaced Man Against Crime for the summer.

Ford Star Revue replaced Kay Kyser's Kollege Of Musical Knowledge for the summer.

The Ransom Sherman Show replaced Kukla, Fran, & Ollie for the summer.

Switch Networks:

Candid Camera went from NBC to CBS.

Cross Question went from CBS to DUM.

Eddie Condor's Floor Show went from NBC to CBS.

Inside Photoplay (DUM) to Photoplay Time (NBC).

Twenty Questions went from NBC to ABC.


Stud! Stud! Stud! What a place you didn't have for a short period of time. Chicago Jazz and Studs' Place premiered on November 26, 1949 on NBC. Studs' Place, right along with Chicago Jazz, was incorporated into a new variety show, Saturday Square, on January 5, 1950. Saturday Square lasted for a month and Studs' Place became a separated series in April 1950. Studs Terkel had better luck on his own; he lasted till 1952.

NBC grabbed Cavalcade Of Stars' first host, Jack Carter, from DuMont in February 1950. Jack fronted the first hour of Saturday Night Revue with his LIVE variety show, The Jack Carter Show, premiered on February 15. The second hour belongs to Your Show Of Shows with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. Jerry Lester replaced Jack on Cavalcade Of Stars for four months till Jackie Gleason arrived in July 1950. Cavalcade Of Stars moved away from Your Show Of Shows to a much better time slot on Friday. Jackie Gleason became a huge star for DuMont.

Tomorrow's Boxing Champions was ABC's first boxing show; it only lasted a season.

Some future stars appeared on The Web. Grace Kelly, Jack Palance, Eva Marie Saint, and Paul Newman were among those stars. Paul's future wife, Joanne Woodward, was in the final CBS telecast. Paul and Joanne were married in 1958.

John Daly of The Front Page was a real life news correspondent; he worked for CBS and ABC.

The Life Of Riley was Jackie Gleason's first series. It only last a season.

Jack Haley was best known for his role, Tin Woodsman, in the 1939 classic movie, The Wizard Of Oz. He was the host of Ford Star Revue. Norman Lear was one of the writers of the 1951 edition.

Don Hastings begun as very successful career. He was first on DuMont's Captain Videos And His Video Rangers for the full seven years, then he moved to daytime soaps, The Edge Of Night (1956–1960) and his ever-popular role on As The World Turns. He played Dr. Bob Hughes since October 1960. He is second only to play the same role for the longest period of time, next to Helen Wagner.

Arthur Godfrey discovered Al Robinson, the ventriloquist. For a short period, Al had his own CBS series. The series was named after his dummy, Alkali Ike.

Cynthia Stone played Jack Lemmon's girlfriend on That Wonderful Guy as well in real life. They were married in 1950.


1949/50 Fall Season

One Season (1949/50)

Al Morgan – 1949–1951, DUM, music, Al Morgan

The Aldrich Family – 1949–1953, NBC, comedy, Robert Casey

The Big Story – 1949–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, Bob Sloane

Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties – 1949–1951, NBC, 1951, ABC, variety/children's, LIVE, George Givot

Cactus Jim – 1949–1951, NBC, children's, Clarence Hartzell

Famous Jury Trials – 1949–1952, DUM, courtroom drama

Ford Theatre – 1949–1951, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Hands Of Murder – 1949–1951, DUM, suspense anthology, LIVE

International Boxing Club Bouts – 1949–1955, CBS, boxing, Russ Hodges

The Lone Ranger – 1949–1957, ABC, western, Clayton Moore

Man Against Crime – 1949–1953, CBS; 1953/54, NBC/DUM, detective drama, LIVE, Ralph Bellamy

Martin Kane, Private Eye – 1949–1954, NBC, detective drama, LIVE, William Gargan

One Man's Family – 1949–1952, NBC, soap, Bert Lytell

Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue – 1949–1952, ABC, musical variety, Paul Whiteman

The Plainclothesman – 1949–1954, DUM, police drama, Ken Lynch

Stud's Place – 1949/50, NBC; 1950–1952, ABC, variety, Studs Terkel

Twenty Questions – 1949, NBC; March 1950–1951, ABC; 1951–1954, DUM; 1954/55, ABC, quiz, Bill Slater

Wayne King – 1949–1952, NBC, music, LIVE, Wayne King

The Voice of Firestone – 1949–1954, NBC; 1954 – 1959, ABC, music

Youth On The March – 1949–1952, ABC; 1952/53, DUM, religion, Rev. Percy Crawford


Cancelled Shows

ABC Penthouse Players – ABC, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Don Gallagher

Auction-Aire – ABC, auction, Jack Gregson

Capitol Cloak Room – CBS, public affairs/discussion, LIVE, Bill Shadel

Chicagoland Mystery Players – DUM, police drama, Gordon Urquhart

Cities Service Band Of American – NBC, music, Paul Lavalle

The Crisis – NBC, drama, LIVE, Adrian Spies

Fishing and Hunting Club – DUM, sports, Bill Slater

Front Page – CBS, newspaper drama, LIVE, John Daly

The Herb Shriner Show – CBS, comedy/variety, Herb Shriner

Hollywood Premiere – NBC, variety

Inside U.S.A. With Chevrolet – CBS, musical variety, Mary Wicks

Let There Be Stars – ABC, musical variety

The Life Of Riley – NBC, comedy, Jackie Gleason

The Little Revue – ABC, music, Nancy Evans

Majority Rules – ABC, quiz, Ed Prentiss

Mr. Black – ABC, mystery anthology, Andy Christopher

Oboler Comedy Theatre – ABC, comedy anthology, LIVE

The O'Neils – DUM, drama, Vera Allen

Photocrime – ABC, crime drama, Chuck Webster

Romance – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Sessions – NBC, Art Van Damme Quintette

The Silver Theater – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Conrad Nagel

Sleepy Joe – ABC, children's, Jimmy Scribner

Starring Boris Karloff – ABC, suspense anthology, Boris Karloff

Strictly For Laughs – CBS, music, The Kirby Stones Quinlet

This Week In Sports – CBS, sports news

Tomorrow's Boxing Champions – ABC, Bob Elson

Tonight On Broadway – CBS, play excerpts, John Mason Brown

Your Witness – ABC, courtroom drama, Edmund Lowe


20 out of 52 new series SURVIVED for 1950/51

ABC – 2/14, The Lone Ranger & Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue

CBS – 3/14, Ford Theatre, Man Against Crime & International Boxing Club Bouts

DUM – 5/9, Al Morgan, Famous Jury Trials, Hands Of Murder, The Plainclothesman & Youth On The March

NBC – 10/15, The Aldrich Family, The Big Story, Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties, Cactus Jim, Martin Kane, Private Eye, One Man's Family, Stud's Place, Twenty Questions, Wayne King & The Voice of Firestone


Mid Season shows

The Alan Dale Show – June 1950–1951, CBS, music, Alan Dale

The Alan Young Show – April 1950–1953, CBS, comedy/variety, Alan Young

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Arthur Murray Party – 1950, ABC; 1950/51, DUM, 1951/52, ABC; 1952, CBS; 1952/53, DUM; 1953, CBS; 1953/54 – 1954/55, NBC; 1956, CBS; 1956/57, NBC, musical variety, Arthur Murray

Battle Report – 1950, 1951, NBC, documentary/public affairs, Robert McCormick

Beat The Clock – March 1950–1958, CBS, quiz, Bud Collyer

Big Top – July 1950–1951, CBS, circus, Ed McMahon

Buck Rogers – April 1950–1951, ABC, sci-fi, LIVE, Kem Dibbs

Cameo Theatre – May 1950–1952, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Cavalcade Of Bands – January 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety, Fred Robbins

Cavalcade Of Sports – 1950–1955, NBC, sports/sports commentary, Don Dunphy

Country Style – July 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety, Peggy Ann Ellis

The Faye Emerson Show – March–July 1950, CBS; April–August 1950, NBC; fall of 1950, CBS, interview, Faye Emerson

Fireside Theatre – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Ford Star Revue – July 1949–1950, NBC, comedy/variety, Jack Haley

The Gene Autry Show – July 1950–1956, CBS, western, Gene Autry

Hawkins Falls, Population 6,200 – January–October 1950, NBC, comedy/drama, Frank Dane

Headline Clues – July 1949–1954, DUM, magazine, George F. Putnam

Holiday Hotel – March 1950–1952, ABC, musical variety, Edward Everett Horton

Inside Detective – January 1950–1954, DUM, crime drama, LIVE, Roscoe Karns

The Jack Carter Show – February 1950–1951, NBC, variety, Jack Carter

The Joan Edwards Show – July–October 1950, DUM, music, Joan Edwards

Kay Kyser's Kollage Of Musical Knowledge – December 1949–1950, NBC, quiz, Kay Kyser

The Ken Murray Show – January 1950–1953, CBS, variety, Ken Murray, Darla Hood

Life Begins At Eighty – January–August 1950, NBC; 1950 – 1952, ABC; 1952–1955, DUM; 1955/56, ABC, discussion, Jack Berry

Magic Cottage – July 1949–1951, DUM, children's

Marshall Plan In Action – June 1950–1953, ABC, documentary

Pantomime Quiz – July 1950–1951, CBS; Jan–March 1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, CBS; Jan–March 1955, ABC; 1955–1957, CBS; 1958/59, ABC, quiz, Mike Stokey

Robert Montgomery Presents – January 1950–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, Robert Montgomery

Rocky King, Inside Detective – January 1950–1954, DUM, crime drama, LIVE

Show Goes On – January 1950–1952, CBS, variety, Robert Q. Lewis

Soap Box Theatre – June 1950–1951, ABC, drama, dramatic anthology

Songs For Sale – July 1950–1952, CBS, music, Jan Murray

Starlight Theatre – April 1950–1951, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Starlit Time – April 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety, Bill Williams

Stork Club – July 1950–1953, CBS, talk, LIVE, Sherman Billingsley

Sure As Fate – July 1950, 1950/51, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Toni Twin Time – April–September 1951, CBS, variety, Jack Lemmon

Van Camp's Little Show – June 1950–1951, NBC, music, John Corte

Visit With The Armed Forces – July 1950–1951, DUM, documentary

We Take Our World – April 1950–1951, CBS, quiz, John K.M. McCaffrey

The Web – July 1950–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Jonathan Blake

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game, John Daly

Winner Take All – April–October 1950, CBS, game, Bud Collyer

Your Hit Parade – summer of 1950–1958, NBC; 1958/59, CBS, music, Eileen Wilson

Your Show Of Shows – February 1950–1954, NBC, comedy/variety, Sid Caesar


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

ABC Showcase – ABC, drama/variety

Abe Burrow's Almanac – CBS, comedy/variety, LIVE, Abe Burrows

Alkali Ike – CBS, comedy, LIVE, Al Robinson

Answer Yes Or No – NBC, quiz, Moss Hart

Around The Town – NBC, documentary, Bob Stanton

Art Ford On Broadway – ABC, interview, Art Ford

Arthur Godfrey And His Ukulele – CBS, instruction, Arthur Godfrey

The Ben Grauer Show – NBC, talk, Ben Grauer

Billy Boone And Cousin Kib – CBS, children's, Carroll Colby

By Popular Demand – CBS, variety, Robert Alda

The Carolyn Gilbert Show – ABC, music, Carolyn Gilbert

Children's Sketch Book – NBC, children's, LIVE, 5 episodes, Edith Skinner

Command Post – CBS, instruction

Crash Corrigan's Ranch – ABC, children's, Ray Corrigan

Detective's Wife – CBS, comedy, LIVE, Lynn Bari

The Diane Doxee Show – ABC, music, Diane Doxee

Easy Aces – DUM, humor, Goodman Ace

Escape – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

The Garry Moore Evening Show – CBS, variety, LIVE, Garry Moore

The Girls – CBS, comedy, LIVE, Bethel Leslie

Glamour–Go–Round – CBS, interview, Ilka Chase

The Golden Game – ABC, religion, 5 episodes

Hazel Scott – DUM, music, Hazel Scott

Hollywood House – ABC, variety, Jim Backus

In The Morgan Manner – ABC, musical variety, Russ Morgan

The Joan Edwards Show – DUM, music, Joan Edwards

Joey Faye's Frolics – CBS, comedy/variety, 2 episodes, Joey Faye

Kuda Bux, Hindu Mystic – CBS, magic, Kuda Bux

Lewisohn Stadium Concert – NBC, music, LIVE

Life With Snarky Parker – CBS, children's, LIVE, Bill Baird

Lights, Camera, Action – NBC, talent, Walter Woolf King

The Magic Slate – NBC, children's

Mama Rosa – ABC, comedy, LIVE, Beverly Garland

The Marshal Of Gunsight Pass – ABC, western, LIVE, Russell Hayden

Masterpiece Playhouse – NBC, dramatic anthology, 7 episodes, LIVE

Melody, Harmony & Rhythm – NBC, music, Lynne Barrett

Menasha The Magnificent – NBC, comedy, Menasha Skulnik

My True Story – ABC, dramatic anthology

Mysteries Of Chinatown – ABC, crime drama, Marvin Miller

The Popsicle Parade Of Stars – CBS, variety

Portrait Of America – NBC, interview, 4 episodes, Norman Barry

Prize Performance – CBS, talent/variety, Cedric Adams

The Ransom Sherman Show – NBC, comedy/variety, Ransom Sherman

Rendezvous With Music – NBC, music, 5 episodes, Carol Reed

Romance – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Saturday Square – NBC, variety

So You Want To Lead A Band – NBC, musical variety, Sammy Kaye

Spotlight On Sports – NBC, sports, Bill Stern

The Stage Door – CBS, drama, LIVE, Scott McKay

Stage 13 – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Stage Two Revue – ABC, musical variety, Bob Carroll

That Wonderful Guy – ABC, comedy, Jack Lemmon

Three's Company – CBS, music, LIVE, Martha Wright

Time For Reflection – DUM, poetry, David Ross

Tin Pan Alley TV – ABC, musical variety, LIVE, Johnny Desmond

Toni Twin Time – CBS, variety, LIVE, Jack Lemmon

The Trap – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Joseph DeSantis

Waiting For The Break – NBC, variety, 4 episodes, Hank Ladd

Watch The World – NBC, documentary, Don Goddard

Windy City Jamboree – DUM, country music, Danny O'Neil


Two Seasons (1948/49)

ABC Barn Dance – February–November 1949, ABC, music

Action Autographs – April 1949–January 1950, ABC, documentary

Actors Studio – 1948–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology

And Everything Nice – March 1949–1950, DUM, fashions

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety

Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts – 1948–1958, CBS, talent

At Home – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC, music

The Bigelow Show – 1948/49, NBC, 1949/50, CBS, variety

The Black Robe – May 1949–1950, NBC, courtroom reenactments

Blind Date – May 1949–1951, ABC, audience participation

Blues By Bargy – April 1949–1950, CBS, music

Break The Bank – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; summer of 1953, NBC; Jan 1954–1956, ABC; 1956/57, NBC, quiz

Captain Video And His Video Rangers – June 1949–1955, DUM, children's

Cartoon Teletales – November 1948–1950, ABC, children's

Cavalcade Of Stars – June 1949–1952, DUM, comedy/variety

Celebrity Time – January–March 1949, CBS; March 1949/50, ABC; April 1950-1952 quiz

Chesterfield Supper Club – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS, 1955–1963, NBC; variety

Chevrolet Tele-Theater – 1948–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Colgate Theatre – January 1949–1950, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Crusade In Europe – May–October 1949, ABC, documentary

Dr. Fix–Um – May 1949–1950, ABC, information

Eddie Condor's Floor Show – 1949, NBC; 1950, CBS, music

The Fifty–Fourth Street Revue – May 1949 –1950, CBS, variety, LIVE

Fireball Fun-For-All – June–October 1949, NBC, comedy/variety

Fireside Theatre – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Fred Waring Show – April 1949–1954, CBS, musical variety

Front Row Center – March 1949–1950, DUM, musical variety

Fun For The Money – June–December 1949, ABC, quiz

Garroway At Large – April 1949–1951, NBC, variety, LIVE

The Goldbergs – January 1949–1951, CBS; 1952–1953, NBC; 1954, DUM, comedy, LIVE

Greatest Fights Of The Century – 1948–1954, NBC, boxing

Hopalong Cassidy – June 1949–1951, NBC, western

Kieran's Kaleidoscope – Early 1949–1952, syndication, documentary

Kukla, Fran & Ollie – November 1948–1952, NBC, children's, LIVE

Leave It To The Girls – April 1949–1951, NBC, discussion

Lights Out – July 1949–1952, NBC, suspense anthology, LIVE

Mama – July 1949–1956, CBS, comedy/drama, LIVE

Manhattan Spotlight – January 1949–1950, DUM, interview

Mohawk Showroom –May 1949–1951, NBC, music, LIVE

The Morey Amsterdam Show – December 1948–March 1949, CBS; April 1949-1950, DUM, comedy/variety

On Trial – 1948–1952, ABC, debate

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club – April 1949–1954, ABC, talent, LIVE

Philco TV Playhouse – 1948–1955, NBC, dramatic anthology,

Photoplay Time – March–July 1949, DUM; 1949/50, NBC; 1950, ABC, interview

Quiz Kids – March 1949–1952, NBC; Jan–Nov 1953, CBS, quiz

Red Barber's Playhouse – July 1949–1950, CBS, sports commentary

Riddle Me This – January 1949, CBS; March 1949–1950, ABC; April 1950–1952, CBS; quiz

The Road Of The Rails – 1948–1950, ABC, adventure/documentary, LIVE

Ruthie On The Phone – June–November 1949, CBS, comedy

The Sonny Kendis Show – April 1949–1950, CBS, music

Spin The Picture – June 1949–1950, DUM, quiz

Stop The Music – May 1949–1952, ABC, quiz

Studio One – 1948–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology

Suspense – March 1949–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology

They Stand Accused – Jan–May 1949, CBS; 1949–1952, DUM, courtroom drama

Think Fast – March 1949–1950, ABC, quiz

This Is Show Business – July 1949–1954, CBS, variety

Vincent Lopez – March 1949–1950, DUM, musical variety

Your Sports Special – 1948–1950, ABC, sports news

Who Said That? – December 1948–1954, NBC, 1955, ABC, quiz


Third Seasons (1947/48)

Author Meets The Critics – April 1948–1949, NBC; 1949/50, ABC; 1951/52, NBC, 1952–1954, DUM, book discussion

Candid Camera – August–December 1948, ABC; 1949, NBC; 1949/50, CBS, humor

Court Of Current Issues – February 1948–1951, DUM, debate

The Dione Lucas Show – May 1948 –1950, CBS, cooking

Hollywood Screen Test – April 1948–1953, ABC; talent

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Mary Kay & Johnny – November 1947–1948, DUM; 1948/49, NBC; 1949, CBS; 1949/50, comedy

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

The Nature Of Things – February 1948–1952, instruction, LIVE

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent

People's Platform – August 1948–1950, CBS, discussion

Texaco Star Theater – June 1948–1956, NBC, comedy/variety

Toast Of The Town – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

We, The People – June 1948–1949, CBS; 1949–1951, NBC, interview

Village Barn – May 1948–1950, NBC, musical variety


Four Seasons (1946/47)

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Small Fry Club – March 1947–1951, DUM, children’s



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