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TV Seasons


1973/74 – All In The Family was #1 on CBS Saturday, third year running.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1973 season; Flip Wilson was cancelled in the fourth season.


Lassie is the longest running animal show on TV, lasting twenty years on CBS and syndication. So long, Lassie!

The Lawrence Welk Show celebrated twenty years on TV.

The Tonight Show celebrated twenty years on NBC.

Wonderful World of Disney celebrated twenty years on TV.

Biggest New Hit: Kojak was #7 on CBS Tuesdays. Lollipops and “who loves ya, baby?” was very much Kojak. He is never seen without a lollypop.

British Ties:

Lotsa Luck was based on the ITV series, On The Buses.

A Touch Of Grace was based on For The Love Of Ada.

Movies 2 TV:

Adam's Rib was based on the 1949 Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn movie.

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was based on the 1969 Natalie Wood/Dyan Cannon movie.

The Cowboys was based on the 1972 John Wayne movie. Robert Carradine made his movie debut in The Cowboys. A Martinez, Sean Kelly, Clay O'Brien and Robert Carradine reprised their roles for the series.

Shaft was based on the 1971 movie. Richard Roundtree respired role in the TV show. Even the movie theme song is the show's theme song; Issac Hayes won an Oscar for the theme song.

NBC Mystery Movie:

Sunday - Columbo, McCloud, McMillian And Wife & Hec Ramsey. The Sunday version was #14 in the ratings of the season.

Wednesday - Madigan, Tenafly, Faraday & Company and The Snoop Sisters. Banacek returned to NBC Mystery Movie's new night, Tuesday.

Name Change:

The Bobbie Gertry Show was also known as Bobbie Gentry's Happiness. Dear, Bobbie. I hoped you are happy now. You was happy for four weeks in your life. Don't put all your eggs in the basket. There are other things to be happy about, beside your FAILED show. I don't get it. A failed show made you happy! At least, you made lemonade out of the lemons!

The Dean Martin Show to The Dean Martin Comedy Hour

Little People to The Brian Keith Show.

The Return:

Shirley Booth returned in A Touch Of Grace after a seven-year absence. She was best known as Hazel in the early 1960's.

CBS revived Your Hit Parade for the summer. It was last seen on CBS in 1959.

Simultaneous: Lee Majors starred in two ABC series, Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law & The Six Million Dollar Man.

Summer Replacement: The Dean Martin Comedy World replaced The Dean Martin Comedy Hour for the summer.

Spin Off: Good Times from Maude. As far I’m concerned, Good Times is a Maude spin off. Then again, it couldn’t be one. Only Florida Evans and her renamed James Evans somehow lived in Chicago with their three kids on Good Times, whereas Florida worked in New York on Maude. We know Florida can’t be in two places at once. The spin off debate continues to this day.

Tuesday Night CBS Movie: It combined two rotating series, Hawkins and Shaft, and The New Tuesday Night CBS Movie. Just like ABC's The Men last season, it couldn't compete with NBC Mystery Movie and folded after a season. The New Tuesday Night CBS Movie originally started last season.


Lucy Ball’s longest running TV show (Here’s Lucy/The Lucy Show) finally ended after a great twelve year run.

Telly Savalas and George Savalas, real life brothers, co-starred on Kojak.

Kevin Dobson (Kojak) went on greater fame on Knots Landing in 1982.

Amanda Blake quit Gunsmoke this year; she played Kitty Russell for nineteen years.

Howard & Marion Cunningham had three kids – Chuck, Richie and Joanie on Happy Days. Chuck disappeared from the family in 1975 and was never ever referred to again. They only had two kids.

Fonzie was a minor character, but grew in popularity on Happy Days. The producers saw a good thing that Fonzie became a major character like Steve Urkel (Family Matters) years later.

John Amos and Jimmie Walker played father/son - James and JJ Evans - on Good Times. In reality, John is eight years older than Jimmie. Yet, they are so realistic as father and son on Good Times. John is nineteen years younger than Esther Rolle (Florida Evans).

Jimmie Walker trademarked the popular catchphrase, "DY-NO-MITE!"

Toma was based on the real Detective David Toma, who played bit parts in the show. Tony Musante (Toma) quit the show after the first season; he hated the weekly grind of production. ABC wasn't quite please with the ratings and planned for a new Toma, Robert Blake. Instead, the series was scrapped and Robert Blake starred in Baretta, despite the strong similarities between the two shows, the following January.

Bill Bixby felt right at home as The Magician, Anthony Blake. In real life, Bill was an amateur magician.

The New Perry Mason was a big disaster on CBS without the real Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, who was on the hit NBC series, Ironside. Come on, networks! By now, you can't replace a well known character with another actor. It doesn't feel right. Raymond Burr will always be Perry Mason to us. Yo, CBS! You should have waited a year. Ironside ended the next season. Raymond Burr returned to his famous role in the reunion movie, Perry Mason Returns, in 1985. Even Barbara Hale was back as Della Street. The movie was so popular that NBC continued to aired 2/3 movies per year till Raymond Burr passed away in 1993. Apple's Way replaced The New Perry Mason on CBS Sunday.

What a very strange ride for Dirk Benedict. He was fighting on the right side of the law in Chopper One. Couple years later, He was fighting on the wrong side of the law in The A–Team! Being a rebel outcast suited him much better! The A–Team lasted longer than Chopper One.


1973/74 Fall Season

One Season (1973/74)

Kojak – 1973–1978, CBS, crime drama, Telly Savalas, Kevin Dobson

Police Story – 1973–1977, NBC, police anthology


Cancelled TV Shows

Adam’s Rib – ABC, comedy, Ken Howard

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice – ABC, comedy, Robert Urich

Calucci’s Dept. – CBS, comedy, James Coco

Chase – NBC, crime drama, Mitchell Ryan

Diana – NBC, comedy, Diana Rigg

Faraday & Company – NBC; mystery, Sharon Gless, James Naughton

The Girl With Something Special – NBC, comedy, John Davidson, Sally Field, Teri Garr

Griff – ABC, mystery, Lorne Greene, Ben Murphy, Vic Tayback

Hawkins – CBS, drama, James Stewart

Lotsa Luck – NBC, comedy, Dom DeLuise

Love Story – NBC, dramatic anthology

The Magician – NBC, adventure, Bill Bixby

NBC Follies – NBC, variety, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mickey Rooney

Needles & Pins – NBC, comedy, Normal Fell, Bernie Kopell

The New Perry Mason – CBS, mystery, Monte Markham, Sharon Acker

The New Tuesday Night CBS Movie – movies, originally started in 1972

Roll Out – CBS, comedy, Stu Gilliam, Ed Begley, Jr.

Shaft – CBS, mystery, Richard Roundtree, Ed Barth

The Snoop Sisters – NBC; mystery, Helen Hayes, Mildred Natwick

Tenafly – NBC; mystery, Wednesday/Tuesday, James McEachin

Toma – ABC; crime drama, Tony Musante

2 out of 23 new series SURVIVED for 1974/75

ABC – 0/3,

CBS – 1/7, Kojak

NBC – 1/11, Police Story


Mid season shows

Apple’s Way – February 1974–1975, ABC, drama, Ronny Cox

Good Times – February 1974–1979, CBS, comedy, Esther Rolle, John Amos

Happy Days – January 1974–1984, ABC, comedy, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley

The Mac Davis Show – July 1974–1976, NBC, musical variety, Mac Davis

The Six Million Dollar Man – January 1974–1978, ABC, adventure, Lee Majors


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

The Bobbie Gentry Show – CBS, musical variety, 4 episodes, Bobbie Gentry

Chopper One – ABC, crime drama, Dirk Benedict

The Cowboys – ABC, western, A Martinez, Robert Carradine

The Dean Martin Comedy World – NBC, comedy variety, Jackie Cooper

Dick Clark Presents The Rock And Roll Years – ABC, music, Dick Clark

Dirty Sally – CBS, western, Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo

Doc Elliot – ABC, medical drama, James Franciscus

Firehouse – ABC, adventure, James Drury

The Helen Reddy Show – NBC, musical variety, Helen Reddy

The Hudson Brothers Show – CBS, variety, Mark Hudson

Music Country USA – NBC, musical variety

A Touch Of Grace – ABC, comedy, Shirley Booth



Dealer's Choice – Early 1974–1975, syndication, quiz, Bob Hastings

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert – 1973–1981, syndicated, music, Don Kirshner

Dusty's Trail – syndication, comedy, Bob Denver

The Wild, Wild World Of Animals – 1973–1978, syndication, wildlife, William Conrad


Late Night

The Tomorrow Show – 1973–1982, NBC, talk, Tom Snyder


Two Seasons (1972/73)

Banacek – 1972–1974, NBC, mystery

Barnaby Jones – January 1973–1980, CBS, crime drama

The Bob Newhart Show – 1972–1978, CBS, comedy

The Bobby Goldsboro Show – Early 1973–1975, syndication, music

The Brian Keith Show – 1972–1974, NBC, comedy

CBS News Retrospective – 1973/74, CBS, documentary

Hec Ramsey – 1972–1974, NBC; Sunday, western

Kung Fu – 1972–1975, ABC, western

M*A*S*H – 1972–1983,CBS, comedy

Maude – 1972–1978, CBS, comedy

The Midnight Special – February 1973–1981, NBC, music

The Parent Game – 1972–1974, syndication, quiz

The Protectors – 1972–1974, syndication, adventure

The Rookies – 1972–1976, ABC, crime drama

Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour – August 1971–1974, CBS, variety

Streets Of San Francisco – 1972–1977, ABC, crime drama

Temperatures Rising – 1972–1974, ABC, comedy

Thrill Seekers – January 1973–1974, syndication, documentary

The Wacky World Of Jonathan Winters – 1972–1974, syndication, comedy/variety

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home – 1972–1974, syndication, cartoon

The Waltons – 1972–1981, CBS, drama


Three Seasons (1971/72)

The Amazing World Of Kreskin – 1971–1975, syndication, mind reading

The Baseball World Of Joe Garagiola – 1972–1975, NBC, sports commentary

Cannon – 1971–1976, CBS, crime drama

Columbo – 1971–1977, NBC, crime drama

Dr. Simon Locke – 1971–1974, syndication, medical drama

Emergency – January 1972–1977, NBC, drama

McMillan & Wife – 1971–1977, NBC, crime drama

The New Dick Van Dyke – 1971–1974, CBS, comedy

Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law – 1971–1974, ABC, drama

Sanford & Son – January 1972–1977, NBC, comedy

Untamed World – 1971–1975, syndication, documentary


Four Seasons (1970/71)

All In The Family – January 1971–1979, CBS, comedy

The Flip Wilson Show – 1970–1974, NBC, variety

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – 1970–1977, CBS, comedy

McCloud – 1970–1977, NBC, crime drama

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports

The Odd Couple – 1970–1975, ABC, comedy

The Partridge Family – 1970–1974, ABC, comedy

That Good Ole Nashville Music – 1970–1985, syndication, music


Five Seasons (1969/70)

The Brady Bunch – 1969–1974, ABC, comedy

Love, American Style – 1969–1974, ABC, anthology

Marcus Welby MD – 1969–1976, ABC, drama

Medical Center – 1969–1976, CBS, drama

Room 222 – 1969–1974, ABC, comedy

Safari To Adventure – 1969–1975, syndication, documentary


Six Seasons (1968/69)

Adam 12 – 1968–1975, NBC, crime drama

Hawaii Five-O – 1968–1980, CBS, crime drama

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety

Here's Lucy – 1968–1974, CBS, comedy

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Seven Seasons (1967/68)

The Carol Burnett Show – 1967–1978, CBS, variety

Ironside – 1967–1975, NBC, crime drama

Mannix – 1967–1975, CBS, crime drama

Wild Kingdom – 1971–1988, syndication, wildlife


Nine Seasons (1965/66)

The Dean Martin Comedy Hour – 1965–1974, NBC, variety

The FBI – 1965–1974, ABC, crime drama


Thirteen Seasons (1961/62)

The David Susskind Show – 1961–1987, syndication, talk


Nineteen Seasons (1955/56)

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western


Twenty Seasons (1954/55)

Lassie – 1971–1974, syndication, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1971–1982, syndication, music

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Wonderful World of Disney – 1954–1983, NBC, anthology


Twenty two Seasons (1952/53)

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology


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