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TV Seasons


1993/94 – 60 Minutes was #1 on CBS Sunday, third year running.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1993 season; Star Trek: The Next Generation was cancelled in the seventh season, but continued to live long and prosper in theatre movies, starting with Star Trek Generations in 1994.


The George Michael Sports Machine celebrated ten years on TV.

Hollywood Insider celebrated ten years on USA Network.

Jeopardy celebrated ten years in syndication.

Larry King Live celebrated ten years on CNN.

Murder, She Wrote celebrated ten years on CBS.

Showbiz Today celebrated ten years on CNN.

The Tonight Show celebrated forty years on NBC.

Biggest New Hit: Grace Under Fire was #5 on ABC Wednesday. Grace Kelly was a single mother and an alcoholic. Say what? An alcoholic? That’s a first. A lead character is an alcoholic on a sitcom. The Grace Kelly character was a nod to the actress.

Local TV: Clapprood Live was on local TV in Boston, then on Lifetime in 1994.

Movies 2 TV:

Robocop–The Series was based on the Robocop movies, starring Peter Weller.

Weird Science was based on the 1985 Anthony Michael Hall movie.

The Nanny's Soap Connections:

The Nanny was Charles Shaughnessy's first series. He was the extremely popular Shane Donovan on Days Of Our Lives from 1984 - 1992. His brother, David Shaughnessy, worked on The Young & The Restless.

Y&R cast members, Melody Scott Thomas, Peter Bergman, Joshua Morrow, Jeanne Cooper & Shemar Moore, appeared as themselves on The Nanny in 1997.

Nicole Tom is the real sister of Heather Tom. Heather was the popular Vicki Newman on Y&R from 1991 - 2003. Nicole's twin brother, David Tom, was Billy Abbott on Y&R from 1999 - 2002. The Abbotts and The Newmans are the family rivals on Y&R. Heather & David never ever shares a scene on Y&R. Heather & David played half siblings on One Life To Live in 2004 till David was killed off the soap by a gay serial killer. For a while, Heather and David were on All My Children as the same OLTL characters. Yes, the soaps are very confusing to keep track of.

Name Change:

Friday Night Videos to Friday Night in January 1994.

Later With Bob Costas to Later With Greg Kinnear. Greg replaced Bob on Later in February 1994.

New Night: FOX finally added Tuesday nights to the schedule in September 14, 1993 with Roc, Bakersfield P.D. and America’s Most Wanted. FOX is now on every night of the week.

Reruns: FOX shown reruns of Tales From The Crypt from January 1994–August 1995. The new episodes were still on HBO.

The Return:

Kim Fields returned in Living Single after a six-year absence. She was previously on The Facts Of Life in her best-known role, Tootie Ramsey. She was no longer Tootie to the fans. She became a grown up woman, Regine Hunter – the gold digging sexpot, on Living Single.

Marsha Warfield joined Empty Nest for their last two seasons. She was previously on Night Court in her best-known role, Roz Russell.

Harry Anderson returned in Dave's World. He was previously on Night Court in his best-known role, Judge Harry Stone.

John Larroquette returned in The John Larroquette Show. He was previously on Night Court in his best-known role, Dan Fielding.

Tyne Daly returned in Christy after a five-year absence. She was previously in her best-known role, Mary Beth Lacey on Cagney & Lacey.

Simultaneous: Jason Alexander was on Duckman and Seinfeld from 1994–1997. Seinfeld ended the following season.

Spin Off:

Frasier from Cheers; Frasier moved back home to Boston and lived with his dad, Martin Crane, a retired police officer. Frasier is the longest running spin off series; tied with The Jeffersons, eleven seasons each.

Jennifer Lopez and Peep Serna were in two series this season, playing the same characters. A major earthquake destroyed most of the sets on Second Chances in January 1994. Connie Sellecca and Megan Follows were about to enter the late stages of their pregnancies by the time the sets were rebuilt. The producers shut down the show for good. Jennifer and Pepe showed up on the short-lived spin off series, Hotel Malibu, for the summer.

704 Hauser from All In The Family. A black family moved into Archie Bunker's old house in Queens, New York.


Ben Savage (Boy Meets World) is the brother of Fred Savage (The Wonder Years). Ben was previously on Dear John. The Wonder Years ended in September 1993 and Boy Meets World started in September 1993. Both shows were on ABC.

Frasier tied with Cheers for eleven years each in 2004.

Kelsey Grammer (Frasier Crane) tied with James Arness (Matt Dillon) for playing the same character on prime time for twenty years in 2004.

The Jon Stewart Show was MTV's first talk show. Howard Stern was the first guest.

ABC showed three “Turning Point” specials in 1993/94, then a TV show in 1994, then the specials again in 1995/96 and TV show again in 1996/97.

CBS cancelled Silk Stalkings after two years. Silk Stalkings continued to air new episodes on USA Network.

Tony Danza was the executive producer of George.

Kevin Sorbo was the runner up for the Superman role on Lois & Clark; Dean Cain became Superman. He was a possible for Fox Mulder on The X Files; David Duchovny got the part. Sorry, I just don’t see him as Superman or Fox. He was a natural for Hercules. Lois & Clark and The X Files started this season.

Gerard Christopher won the Superman role on Lois & Clark. Yet, he was dismissed from the role; he was ALREADY played Superman in Superboy. Therefore, the role went to Dean Cain

Victoria Rowell was on The Young & The Restless and Diagnosis: Murder at the same time. She worked both shows till she left Y&R in 1998. I really don't how the soap stars do it! A daytime soap is hard, VERY HARD! The soap is already a full plate. Add a prime time show on top of it is extremely HARD! My hats are off to the soap stars. We need to give them credit for working two shows at the same time. Trust me, the soaps are great learning ground. Many stars got their start on daytime such as David Hasselhoff, Eva Longoria, Tom Selleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Judith Light, Phylicia Rashad, Joe Lando, Juilanne Moore, Danny Pintauro, Meg Ryan, Kerr Smith, Marisa Tomei, Martin Sheen, Richard Thomas, Jensen Ackles, Charlotte Ross, Kelly Ripa, Marc Consuelos, Sarah Michelle Geller, Kim Delany, Josh Duhamel, Jessie McCartney, Rick Springfield, Ricky Martin, Richard Dean Anderson, John Stamos, Ted Shackelford, Janine Turner and the list goes on and on...


1993/94 Fall Season

One Season (1993/94)

Boy Meets World – 1993–2000, ABC, comedy, Ben Savage, William Daniel

Dave’s World – 1993–1997, CBS, comedy, Harry Anderson, Meshach Taylor

Frasier – 1993–2004, NBC, comedy, Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce

Grace Under Fire – 1993–1998, ABC, comedy, Brett Butler, Dave Thomas

The John Larroquette Show – 1993–1997, NBC, comedy, John Larroquette

Living Single – 1993–1998, FOX, comedy, Queen Latifah, Kim Fields, Kim Coles

Lois & Clark – 1993–1997, ABC, Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher

The Mommies –1993–1995, NBC, comedy, Caryl Kristensen, Marilyn Kentz

NYPD Blue – 1993–2005, ABC, crime drama, Dennis Franz, David Caruso

The Nanny – 1993–1999, CBS, comedy, Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy

SeaQuest DSV – 1993–1996, NBC, sci-fi, Stephanie Beacham, Jonathan Brandis

The X Files – 1993–2002, FOX, fantasy drama, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson


Cancelled TV Shows

Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr. – FOX, western, Bruce Campbell

Against The Grain – NBC, adventure, Ben Affleck

Angel Falls – CBS, drama, Kim Cattrall, Jeremy London

Bakersfield P.D. – FOX, comedy, Ron Eldard

Café Americain – NBC, comedy, Valerie Bertinelli

Daddy Dearest – FOX, comedy, Richard Lewis, Don Rickles

Family Album – CBS, comedy, Peter Scolari, Pamela Reed

George – ABC, comedy, George Foreman, Sheryl Lee Ralph

Harts Of The West – CBS, western comedy, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges

It Had To Be You – CBS, comedy, 4 episodes, Robert Urich, Faye Dunaway

Hotel Malibu – CBS, soap, 6 episodes, Joanna Cassidy, Jennifer Lopez

Joe’s Life – ABC, comedy, Mary Page Keller

Missing Persons – ABC, police drama, Daniel J. Travanti

Moon Over Miami – ABC, detective drama, Bill Campbell

Now – NBC, newsmagazine

The Paula Poundstone Show – ABC, comedy/variety, 2 episodes, Paula Poundstone

Phenom – ABC, comedy, Judith Light, William Devane

Saved By The Bell: The College Years – NBC, comedy, Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Second Chances – CBS, soap, 10 episodes, Connie Sellecca, Jennifer Lopez

Second Half – NBC, comedy, Wayne Knight, Mindy Cohn

The Sinbad Show – FOX, comedy, Sinbad, Hal Williams, T.K. Carter

South Of Sunset – October 23, 1993, CBS, detective drama, 1 episode, Glenn Frey

Thea – ABC, comedy, Thea Vidale, Brandy Norwood

Townsend Television – FOX, comedy/variety, Robert Townsend, John Witherspoon

The Trouble With Larry – CBS, comedy, 3 episodes, Bronson Pinchot, Courteney Cox


12 out of 37 new series SURVIVED for 1994/95

ABC – 4/11, Boy Meets World, Grace Under Fire, Lois & Clark & NYPD Blue

CBS – 2/10, Dave’s World & The Nanny

FOX – 2/7, Living Single & The X Files

NBC – 4/9, Frasier, John Larroquette Show, Mommies & SeaQuest DSV


Mid season shows

Christy – April 1994–1995, CBS, drama, Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly

The Critic – 1994, ABC; 1995, FOX, cartoon, Jon Lovitz

Encounters: The Hidden Truth – June 1994–1995, FOX, supernatural/magazine, John Marshall

Diagnosis: Murder – October 1993–2001, CBS, detective drama, Dick Van Dyke, Scott Baio

The George Carlin Show – January 1994–1995, FOX, comedy, George Carling, Alex Rocco

Sister, Sister – April 1994–1995, ABC; 1995–1999, WB, comedy, Tim Reid, Jackee Harry

TV Nation – 1994, NBC; 1995, FOX, comedy newsmagazine, Michael Moore

These Friends Of Mine – March 1994–1998, ABC, comedy, Ellen DeGeneres

Thunder Alley – March 1994–1995, ABC, comedy, Edward Asner

Turning Point – March 1994–1995, 1996/97, ABC, documentary newsmagazine, Barbara Walters

Viper – January/April 1994, NBC, police drama/sci-fi, James McCaffrey


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

America Tonight – CBS, news, Dana King, Deborah Norville

Birdland – ABC, medical drama, 5 episodes, Brian Dennehy

Byrds Of Paradise – ABC, drama, Tim Busfield, Seth Green

The Good Life – NBC, comedy, Drew Carey, Justin Berfield

Monty – FOX, comedy, 5 episodes, Henry Winkler, David Schwimmer

Muddling Through – CBS, comedy, 9 episodes, Stephanie Hodge, Jennifer Aniston

One West Waikiki – CBS, crime drama, 7 episodes, Cheryl Ladd

The Road Home – CBS, family drama, 5 episodes, Karen Allen

704 Hauser – CBS, comedy, 5 episodes, John Amos

She TV – ABC, comedy/variety, 4 episodes, Nick Bakay

Someone Like Me – NBC, comedy, 5 episodes, Nikki Cox

South Central – FOX, comedy drama, 10 episodes, Tina Lifford

Tom – CBS, comedy, 11 episodes, Tom Arnold, Alison LaPlaca

Traps – CBS, crime drama, 5 episodes, Dan Cortese, George C. Scott

Winnetka Road – NBC, soap, 5 episodes, Josh Brolin, Catherine Hicks



The Adventures Of Pete & Pete – 1993–1996, Nickelodeon, comedy, Michael Maronna

Baby Races – Family, game, Fred Travalena

Case Closed – USA, information, Stacey Keach

Clapprood Live – Lifetime, talk, Marjorie Clapprood

Country Music Spotlight – Family, music

Dancin' At The Hot Spots – May 1993–1994, TNN, dance, Rebecca Holden

Dead At 21 – MTV, sci fi, Lisa Dean Ryan

Duckman – March 1993–1997, USA, cartoon, Jason Alexander, Nancy Travis

Itsy Bitsy Spider – USA, cartoon, Charlotte Rae, Matt Frewer

The Jon Stewart Show – MTV, talk, Jon Stewart

Legends Of The Hidden Temple – 1993–1995, Nickelodeon, quiz, Kirk Fogg

Lifetime Magazine – Lifetime, newsmagazine, Lisa McRee

Madeline – Family, cartoon, TraceyLee Smyth

The Mighty Jungle – Family, comedy, Tony Danza, Delta Burke

Music City Tonight – 1993–1996, TNN, talk/variety, LIVE, Lorianne Crook, Charlie Chase

Politically Incorrect – 1993–1996, Comedy Central, comedy/talk, Bill Maher

Problem Child – USA, cartoon, Nancy Cartwright, Jonathan Harris

Rivera Live – February 1994–2001, CNBC, talk, Geraldo Rivera

Rocko's Modern Life – 1993–1996, Nickelodeon, cartoon, Carlos Alazraqui

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga – 1993–1996, Family, adventure, Andrew Clarke

The State – December 1993–1995, MTV, comedy, David Wain

Trashed – MTV, quiz, Chris Hardwick

Weird Science – March 1994–1998, USA, comedy, Vanessa Angel



American Journal – 1993–1998, syndication, magazine, Nancy Glass

Cobra Coast Guard – syndication, adventure, Michael Dudikoff

Court TV–Inside America's Court – 1993–1997, syndication, legal/information, Gregg Jarrett

The Crusaders – 1993–1995, syndication, newsmagazine, Mark Hyman

Robocop–The Series – syndication, sci fi, Richard Eden

Thunder In Paradise – syndication, adventure, Hulk Hogan, Chris Lemmon


Late Night

The Chevy Chase Show – FOX, talk, Chevy Chase

Late Show With David Letterman – 1993–present, CBS, talk, David Letterman


Two Seasons (1992/93)

African Skies – 1992–1994, Family Channel, adventure

The Apollo Comedy Hour – 1992–1995, syndication, comedy variety

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? – 1992–1996, Nickelodeon, supernatural anthology

Babylon 5 – January 1993–1998, syndication, sci fi

Beavis & Butthead – March 1993–1997, MTV, cartoon

Bob – 1993–1994, CBS, comedy

Day One – March 1993–1995, ABC, newsmagazine

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – Jan 1993–1998, CBS, western

Eye to Eye With Connie Chung – June 1993–1995, CBS, newsmagazine

Fishin' With Orlando Wilson – January 1993–2000, TNN, fishing

Forever Knight reruns – 1992–1994, CBS, adventure

Front Page – June 1993–1994, FOX, newsmagazine

Getting By – March 1993, ABC; 1993/94, NBC, comedy

Good Advice – April 1993–1994, CBS, comedy

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper – 1992–1997, ABC, comedy

Hearts Afire – 1992–1995, CBS, comedy

Highlander – 1992–1998, Syndication, adventure

Homicide: Life on the Street – January 1993–1999, NBC, police drama

How'd They Do That? – March 1993–1994, CBS, information

I Witness Video – August 1992–1994, NBC, reality

The Kids In The Hall – 1992–1995, CBS, comedy/variety

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues – January 1993–1996, syndication, adventure

Love & War – 1992–1995, CBS, comedy

Mad About You – 1992–1999, NBC, comedy

Martin – 1992–1997, FOX, comedy

Melrose Place – July 1992–1999, FOX, soap

Nickelodeon Guts – 1992–1995, Nickelodeon, sports/audience participation

Picket Fences – 1992–1996, CBS, drama

Prime Suspect – 1992–1994, syndication, public service

Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol – April 1993–1996, syndication, police documentary

Renegade – 1992–1996, Syndication, adventure

Roundhouse – 1992–1994, Nickelodeon, comedy/variety

Rush Limbaugh – 1992–1996, syndication, talk/discussion

The Shadetree Mechanic – 1992–2000, TNN, instruction

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Jan 1993–1999, Syndication, sci-fi

Time Trax – January 1993–1994, syndication, sci-fi

The Untouchables – 1992–1994, syndication, crime drama

The Uptown Comedy Club – 1992–1994, syndication, comedy/variety

Walker, Texas Ranger – April 1993–2001, CBS, crime drama

Where I Live – March 1993–1994, ABC, comedy


Three Seasons (1991/92)

Baywatch – 1991–2001, Syndication, adventure

The Commish – 1991–1995, ABC, crime drama

Dangerous Curves – February 1992–1993, CBS, detective drama

Dateline NBC – March 1992–present, NBC, newsmagazine

Emergency Call – 1991–1998, syndicated, documentary

Herman’s Head – 1991–1994, FOX, comedy

Home Improvement – 1991–1999, ABC, comedy

The Legend Of Prince Valiant – 1991–1994, Family, cartoon

Lip Service – February 1992–1994, MTV, talent

MTV Sports – January 1992–1996, MTV, sports magazine

Nurses – 1991–1994, NBC, comedy

Pozner & Donahue – 1992–1995, CNBC, talk/discussion

Ren & Stimpy – 1991–1996, Nickelodeon, cartoon

ROC – 1991–1994, FOX, comedy

Rugrats – 1991–1994, Nickelodeon, cartoon

Silk Stalkings – 1991–1999, USA, crime drama

The Statler Brothers Show – 1991–1999, TNN, variety

Step By Step – 1991–1997, ABC; 1997/98, CBS, comedy

Talk Soap – December 1991–2002, E!, comedy

Tarzan – 1991–1994, syndication, adventure

That's My Dog – 1991–1995, Family, quiz


Four Seasons (1990/91)

America’s Funniest People – 1990–1994, ABC, comedy

Beverly Hills 90210 – 1990–2000, FOX, soap

Big Brother Jake – 1990–1994, Family Channel, comedy

Blossom – Jan 1991–1995, NBC, comedy

Clarissa Explains It All – March 1991–1994, Nickelodeon, comedy

Club Dance – April 1991–1999, TNN, dance

Dark Justice reruns – April 1991–1994, CBS, legal/detective drama

Dinosaurs – April 1991–1994, ABC, comedy

Dream On – 1990–1996, HBO, comedy

Evening Shade – 1990–1994, CBS, comedy

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air – 1990–1996, NBC, comedy

Law & Order – 1990–present, NBC, crime drama

On Scene–Emergency Response – 1990–1994, syndication, documentary

Scene Of The Crime reruns – April 1991–1994, CBS, dramatic anthology

Sisters – May 1991–1996, NBC, drama

Sweating Bullets reruns – April 1991–1995, CBS, detective


Five Seasons (1989/90)

American Gladiators – 1989–1997, Syndication, game/sports

America’s Funniest Home Videos – January 1990–1999, ABC, comedy

Caroline's Comedy Hour – January 1990–1995, A&E, comedy

Comic Strip: Live – 1989–1994, FOX, comedy

Family Matters – 1989–1997, ABC; 1997/98, CBS, comedy

Hard Copy – 1989–1999, Syndication – weekdays, newsmagazine

In Living Color – April 1990–1994, FOX, variety

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 1991–1996, Comedy Central, comedy

Northern Exposure – July 1990–1995, CBS, drama

Prime Time Live – 1989–1998, ABC, newsmagazine

Rescue 911 – 1989–1996, CBS, information

Seinfeld – May 1990–1998, NBC, comedy

The Simpsons – Dec 1989–present, FOX, cartoon

Supermarket Sweep – February 1990–1998, Lifetime, quiz

Tales From The Crypt – 1989–1996, HBO, horror anthology

Wings – April 1990–1997, NBC, comedy


Six Seasons (1988/89)

Coach – Feb 1989–1997, ABC, comedy

COPS – March 1989–present, FOX, police reality

Empty Nest – 1988–1995, NBC, comedy

Family Feud – 1988–1995, syndication, quiz

Inside Edition – January 1989–present, syndication, newsmagazine

Later With Bob Costas – 1988–1994, NBC, talk

Murphy Brown – Nov 1988–1998, CBS, comedy

Roseanne – 1988–1997, ABC, comedy

Unsolved Mysteries – 1988–1997, NBC; April 1998–1999, CBS, public service


Seven Seasons (1987/88)

America’s Most Wanted – April 1988–present, FOX, public service

48 Hours – Jan 1988–present, CBS, newsmagazine

Full House – 1987–1995, ABC, comedy

In the Heat Of The Night – March 1988–1992, NBC; 1992–1994, CBS, crime drama

Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1987–1994, Syndication, sci-fi


Eight Seasons (1986/87)

A Current Affair – 1986–1996, syndication, newsmagazine

LA Law – 1986–1994, NBC, drama

Matlock – 1986–1992, NBC; Jan 1993–1995, ABC, drama

Married With Children – April 1987–1997, Fox, comedy

Siskel & Ebert – 1986–1999, syndication, commentary


Nine Seasons (1985/86)

An Evening At The Improv – 1985–1995, A&E, comedy


Ten Seasons (1984/85)

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1991–present, syndication, sports highlights

Hollywood Insider – May 1985–1995, USA Network, news/gossip

Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion

Murder, She Wrote – 1984–1996, CBS, detective drama

Showbiz Today – 1984–2001, CNN, newsmagazine


Eleven Seasons (1983/84)

Friday Night – 1983–2000, NBC, music

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous – January 1984–1996, syndication, magazine

Love Connection – 1983–1995, Syndication – weekdays, game

Star Search – 1983–1995, Syndication, talent

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game


Thirteen Seasons (1981/82)

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, Syndication, news/gossip

Late Night With Conan O'Brien – 1993–2009, NBC, talk


Seventeen Seasons (1977/78)

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Nineteen Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC, variety


Twenty four Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports


Twenty six Seasons (1968/69)

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Forty Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – May 1992–2009, NBC, talk/variety


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