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TV Seasons


2002/03 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was #1 on CBS Thursday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 2002 season; Futurama was cancelled in the fifth season.


Frasier celebrated ten years on NBC.

Late Show With David Letterman celebrated ten years on CBS.

NYPD Blue celebrated ten years on ABC.

COPS celebrated fifteen years on FOX.

Inside Edition celebrated fifteen years in syndication.

60 Minutes celebrated thirty-five years on CBS.

Biggest New Hit: Joe Millionaire was #3 on FOX Monday. This show hooked the viewers since it first aired. It was intrigue and suspenseful. Were the ladies really in it for love or for money? Sure, he was handsome and has lots of money. In “reality,” there was something up – he has the looks, but no money. He wasn’t a real life millionaire like all the ladies believed. He was an average Joe with a construction job. It was a ratings success that the producer extended the Joe Millionaire format overseas next season. It didn’t do anything good; nobody was watching the so-called NEW Joe Millionaire. The reality show was a one-time thing.

Death: Lynn Thigpen died of cerebral hemorrhage on March 12, 2003. She was on The District with Craig T. Nelson.

Movies 2 TV

My Big Fat Greek Life was based on the 2002 Nia Vardalos movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The entire cast reprised their roles for the movie, except John Corbett. John was in the Lucky series in the same season. Either My Big Fat Greek Life or Lucky didn't make it to a second season. Lucky premiered on April 8, 2002. A week later, My Big Fat Greek Life was cancelled.

Tremors was based on the 1990 Kevin Bacon movie. Michael Gross reprised his role for the series.

Name Change: 48 Hours to 48 Hours Investigates.

Remakes: WB’s Family Affair – Nobody was willing to watch the new one like many failed remakes from years ago. The Fugitive. Fantasy Island. The Twilight Zone. Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Come on, Hollywood writers! Give us something new and refreshing to watch!

The Return:

American Bandstand returned to network TV after a thirteen-year absence. No kidding, dude! Really, it is partly true. Dick Clark was the producer of the new 1960’s show American Dreams. He had a great ideal to incorporate old American Bandstand footage in the show; one of the characters, Meg Ryan, was a dancer on American Bandstand. Some Today’s popular singers and actors portrayed the famous singers of the 1960’s – Wayne Brady (Jackie Wilson), Kelly Clarkson (Brenda Lee), Chris Isaak (Roy Orbison), Usher (Marvin Gaye) & Brandy Norwood (Gladys Knight).

David Caruso – Yep, he’s back! He failed miserly with his last series, Michael Hayes, not the fabulous Freebird wrestler, in 1997. LOL. David was an original cast member of the controversial police drama, NYPD Blue. As soon as David became famous, he ditched NYPD Blue for a failed movie career. This time around, David won’t give up a good thing in CSI: Miami. He learned from his mistake the last time.

Richard Karn replaced Louie Anderson on Family Feud. Richard was best known on Home Improvement as Tim Allen's sidekick.

NBC revived Hunter with the original actors, Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer. Hunter was last seen on NBC from 1984–1991.

Let's Make a Deal returned to prime time after a thirty–two year absence.

The $100,000 Pyramid returned to syndication as Pyramid after a eleven–year absence.

Dance Fever returned to ABC Family after a sixteen–year absence. It was last seen in syndication in 1987.

Spin Off:

American Juniors from American Idol – less popular spin off for the kids to be in a band.

CSI: Miami from CSI – the same show, different city. At least, Law & Order is NOT doing the same show. Every Law & Order show is different.

Switch Networks: Grounded For Live went from FOX to WB.


Monk started on USA Network in July 2002 & ABC the next month. Monk lasted on ABC till December 2002, while continued to be a huge hit on USA Network. Monk always started their seasons in July.

Kim Delaney was fired from CSI: Miami; she was the worst criminologist ever. PERIOD. Really, she had no chemistry with David.

Courage The Cowardly Dog ended on my brother's birthday.

Tom Everett Scott and David Bulliard, what can I say? Except for one thing, please "do over, that was then." The past is the past no matter what. Even so, we need to learn from our mistakes.

Joey McIntyre, the former New Kids On The Block, joined Boston Public as a teacher, Colin Flynn. This was his first acting role in a series, besides the New Kids On The Block cartoon in 1990. My grandmother died on his birthday, December 31. Like they said, "Out with the old, in with the new."

Joey's former NKOTB mate, Donnie Wahlberg, starred in a new NBC series, Boomtown, this season. Donny's brother is the famous Marky Mark, a movie star and singer.

All American Girl did very poorly in the ratings that ABC finished the series on ABC Family Channel.

Firefly lasted for three full months from September 20–December 20.

Jeannie Garth and Amanda Bynes of What I Like About You shared the same birthday, April 3rd.

John Woo's Once A Thief finally aired in the states after four long years. Canada's CTV aired the series in the 1997/1998 season.

Lance Bass and Joey Fatone of N'Sync were in separated NBC talent series. Lance was the regular judge for America's Most Talented Kid, hosted by Mario Lopez. Joey was the host of Fame. Both series didn't last long for either of them.

NBC previewed She Spies in the summer of 2002. It was quickly pulled after three episodes, then it begun a two year run in syndication.

Jesse James claimed to be a relative of the outlaw, Jesse James. Sandra Bullock and Jesse was married on July 16, 2005 in Santa Barbara.


2002/03 Fall Season

One Season (2002/03)

American Dreams – 2002–2005, NBC, comedy/drama, Brittany Snow, Will Estes

Boomtown – 2002–2004, NBC, drama, Donnie Wahlberg

CSI: Miami – 2002–present, CBS, police drama, David Caruso, Kim Delaney

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter – 2002–2005, ABC, comedy, John Ritter, Katey Sagal

Everwood – 2002–2006, WB, drama, Treat Williams

Good Morning, Miami – 2002–2004, NBC, comedy, Suzanne Pleshette, Jere Burns

Hack – 2002–2004, CBS, adventure, Andre Braugher

Half & Half – 2002–2006 – UPN, comedy, Thelma Hopkins

Less Than Perfect – 2002–2006, ABC, comedy Sara Rue, Andy Dick

Life With Bonnie – 2002–2004, ABC, comedy, Bonnie Hunt, Mark Derwin

Still Standing – 2002–2006, CBS, comedy, Mark Addy

What I Like About You – 2002–2006, WB, comedy, Jennie Garth, Amanda Bynes

Without A Trace – 2002–present, CBS, police drama, Anthony LaPaglia


Cancelled TV Series

Birds Of Prey – WB, sci-fi, Shemar Moore

Bram And Alice – CBS, comedy, 4 episodes, Alfred Molina, Traylor Howard

Cedric The Entertainer Presents – FOX, comedy variety, Cedric The Entertainer

Do Over – WB, comedy, Tom Everett Scott

Family Affair – WB, comedy, Gary Cole & Tim Curry

Fastlane – FOX, police drama, Bill Bellamy, Peter Facinelli, Tiffani Thiessen

Firefly – FOX, sci-fi, Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass

Gilmore Girls Beginnings reruns – 2002/03, WB, drama, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel

Girls Club – FOX, legal drama, 2 episodes, Gretchen Mol

Greetings From Tucson – WB, comedy, Pablo Santos

Hidden Hills – NBC, comedy, Kristin Bauer

Haunted – UPN, supernatural drama, Matthew Fox

In-Laws – NBC, comedy, Jean Smart, Dennis Farina

John Doe – FOX, sci-fi, Dominic Purcell

MDs – ABC, medical drama, William Fichtner

Presidio Med – CBS, medical drama, Dana Delany

Push, Nevada – ABC, drama, 8 episodes, Derek Cecil

Robbery Homicide Division – CBS, police drama, Tom Sizemore

That Was Then – ABC, comedy/drama, 2 episodes, Jeffrey Tambor, Bess Armstrong

The Twilight Zone – UPN, sci-fi anthology, Forest Whitaker


13 out of 33 new series SURVIVED for 2003/04

ABC – 3/6, 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, Less Than Perfect & Life With Bonnie

CBS – 4/7, CSI: Miami, Hack, Still Standing & Without A Trace

FOX – 0/5,

NBC – 3/5, American Dreams, Boomtown & Good Morning, Miami,

UPN – 1/3, Half & Half

WB – 2/7, Everwood & What I Like About You


Mid season shows

Black Sash – WB, adventure, Russell Wong

Dragnet – February 2003–2004, ABC, police drama, Ed O'Neil, Ethan Embry

Extreme Makeover – April 2003–present, ABC, reality

Oliver Beene – March 2003–2004, FOX, comedy, Grant Shaud, Andrew Lawrence

The Restaurant – July 2003–2004, NBC, reality, Rocco DiSpirito

Wanda at Large – March–November 2003, FOX, comedy, Wanda Sykes


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

A.U.S.A. – NBC, comedy, Scott Foley

Abby – UPN, comedy, Kadeem Hardison

All American Girl – ABC, talent, Mitch Mullany

American Juniors – FOX, talent, Ryan Seacrest

America's Most Talented Kid – NBC, talent, Mario Lopez, Lance Bass

Are You Hot? The Search For America’s Sexiest People – ABC, reality, J.D. Roberto

Dinotopia – ABC, fantasy/adventure, Erik von Detten

Fame – NBC, talent, Joey Fatone, Debbie Allen

Hunter – NBC, crime drama, Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer

Let's Make A Deal – NBC, quiz, Billy Bush

Lost At Home – ABC, comedy, Gregory Hines

Married By America – FOX, romance/reality, 7 episodes, Sean Valentine

Miracles – ABC, supernatural, 6 episodes, Skeet Ulrich

Mister Sterling – NBC, political drama, 9 episodes, Josh Brolin

My Big Fat Greek Life – CBS, comedy, 7 episodes, Nia Vardalos

On The Spot – WB, comedy, 5 episodes, Tim Conway, Chip Esten

Paradise Hotel – FOX, reality, Amanda Byram

The Pitts – FOX, comedy, 5 episodes, Dylan Baker

Platinum – UPN, soap, 6 episodes, Jason George

Profiles From The Front Line – ABC, documentary, 3 episodes

Queens Supreme – CBS, legal comedy/drama, 3 episodes, Oliver Platt

Regular Joe – ABC, comedy, 4 episodes, Judd Hirsch, Daniel Stern

Veritas: The Quest – ABC, adventure, 4 episodes, Alex Carter



The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – 2002–2006, Nick, cartoon, Debi Derryberry

Body & Soul – PAX, medical drama, William B. Davis

Chappelle's Show – January 2003–2004, Comedy Central, comedy, Dave Chappelle

Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned – GSN, reality, Chuck Woolery

Clone High, USA – MTV, cartoon, Will Forte, Nicole Sullivan

Cram – GSN, quiz, Graham Elwood

Dance Fever – ABC Family, reality, Eric Nies

Dead Like Me – June 2003–2004, Showtime, comedy/drama, Ellen Muth

Dirty Rotten Cheater – PAX, quiz, Bill Dwyer

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle – MTV, comedy, 8 episodes, Snoop Dogg

The Dream Team With Annabelle And Michael – Sci Fi, talk, Annabelle Gurwitch, Michael Lennox

Final Justice – Lifetime, documentary, Erin Brockovich

For The People – Lifetime, legal drama, Debbie Morgan

Girls Behaving Badly – 2002–2005, Oxygen, reality comedy, Tori Meyer

I'm With Busey – Comedy Central, reality, Gary Busey

Just Cause – PAX, legal drama, Richard Thomas

Kim Possible – 2002–2005, Disney, cartoon, Christy Carlson Romano

Lucky – FX, comedy, 13 episodes, John Corbett

Making The Band 2 – October–December 2002, MTV, rock documentary

Making The Band 2 – June–September 2003, MTV, rock documentary

The Michael Essany Show – March 2003–2004, E!, comedy, Michael Essany

Monster Garage – 2002–2006, Discovery, reality, Jesse James

My Life Is A Sitcom – ABC Family, comedy reality, Dave Coulier, David Faustino

Narrow Escapes – PAX, magazine

Nashville Star – March 2003–present, USA Network, talent

The New Tom Green Show – MTV, talk, Tom Green

Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica – August 2003–2005, MTV, reality, Jessica Simpson

The Osbournes – November 2002–February 2003, June–August 2003, MTV, reality

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! – January 2002–present, Showtime, comedy, Penn Jillette

Real Time With Bill Maher – February 2003–present, HBO, talk, LIVE, Bill Maher

Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon – Spike, cartoon, Billy West

Scratch + Burn – MTV, comedy, Gregory Qaiyum

Stripperella – Spike, cartoon, Pamela Anderson

Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye – 2002–2005, PAX, crime drama, Deanne Bray

Taboo – TNN, quiz, Chris Wylde

That's So Raven – 2002–2006, Disney, comedy, Raven–Symone

3–South – MTV, cartoon, Brian Dunkleman, Jeffrey Tambor

Transformers Armada – Cartoon, cartoon, Kirby Morrow

Tremors – Sci Fi, sci fi, Michael Gross

Trigger Happy TV – Comedy Central, comedy, Dom Joly

Tying The Knot – ABC Family, reality, Melissa Joan Hart

The Wire – June 2002–2005, HBO, drama



Celebrity Justice – 2002–2005, syndication, legal, Holly Herbert

John Woo's Once A Thief – syndication, adventure, Ivan Sergei

Livin' Large – syndication, magazine, Carmen Electra, Kadeem Hardison

She Spies – 2002–2004, syndication, espionage, Carlos Jacott

Pyramid – 2002–2004, syndication, quiz, Donny Osmond


Reality TV

The Amazing Race 3 – October–December 2002, CBS, reality/adventure

The Amazing Race 4 – May–August 2003, CBS, reality/adventure

America’s Next Top Model – May–July 2003, UPN, reality

Big Brother 4 – July–September 2003, CBS, reality/competition

Celebrity Mole – January–February 2003; ABC, adventure/game

Cupid – July–September 2003, CBS, romance reality, Lisa Shannon

The Family – March, July–September 2003, ABC, reality/competition

For Love Or For Money – June–July 2003, NBC, romance reality

For Love Or For Money – July–September 2003, NBC, romance reality

Last Comic Standing – June–August 2003, NBC, talent, Jay Mohr

Joe Millionaire – January–February 2003, FOX, reality

The Real Roseanne Show – August 2003, ABC, reality, 4 episodes

The Real World: Las Vegas – 1992–present, MTV, reality

The Surreal Life – January–February 2003, WB, reality

Survivor: Thailand – September–December 2002, CBS, adventure/competition

Survivor: The Amazon – February–May 2003, CBS, adventure/competition

Temptation Island 3 – August–September 2003, FOX, dating/reality

Who Wants To Marry My Dad? – July–August 2003, NBC, reality


Late Night

Jimmy Kimmel Live – January 2003–present, ABC, talk, Jimmy Kimmel

Up Close – ABC, interview, Ted Koppel


Two Seasons (2001/02)

According To Jim – 2001–present, ABC, comedy

The Agency – 2001–2003, CBS, foreign intrigue

Alias – 2001–2006, ABC, espionage

All That – December 2001–2005, Nickelodeon, comedy/variety

American Idol – June 2002–present, FOX, talent, LIVE

Andy Richter Controls The Universe – March 2002–2003, FOX, comedy

Bernie Mac – November 2001–2006, FOX, comedy

Crime & Punishment – June 2002–2004, NBC, legal documentary

Crossing Jordan – 2001–present, NBC, police drama

Crossing Over With John Edwards – 2001–2004, syndication, psychic

The Dead Zone – June 2002–present, USA, drama

Dexter's Laboratory – 2001–2003, Cartoon, cartoon

Dog Eat Dog – June 2002–2003, NBC, game

ElimaDATE – 2001–2006, syndication, dating

Enterprise – 2001–2005, UPN, sci-fi

EX–Treme Dating – July 2002–2004, syndication, dating

The 5th Wheel – 2001–2004, syndication, dating

George Lopez – March 2002–present, ABC, comedy

Gilmore Girls – 2000–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, drama

The Guardian – 2001–2004, CBS, legal drama

Jamie Kennedy Experiment – January 2002–2004, WB, comedy

Last Call With Carson Daly – January 2002–present, NBC, talk

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 2001–present, NBC, police drama

Meet My Parents – January–August 2003, romance/reality

Monk – July 2002–present, USA Network, detective drama

Mutant X – 2001–2004, syndication, sci fi

The Nick Cannon Show – January 2002–2003, Nickelodeon, comedy

Off Centre – 2001–October 2002, WB, comedy

One On One – 2001–2006, UPN, comedy

The Proud Family – 2001–2004, Disney, cartoon

The Pulse – July 2002–2003, FOX, newsmagazine

Reba – 2001–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW comedy

Russian Roulette – June 2002–2003, GSN, game

Samuri Jack – 2001–2004, Cartoon, cartoon

Scrubs – 2001–present, NBC, comedy

Shipmates – 2001–2003, syndication, dating

The Shield – March 2002–present, FX, crime drama

Smallville – 2001–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, adventure

30 Seconds To Fame – July 2002–2003, FOX, talent

24 – November 2001–present, FOX, espionage

Watching Ellie – February 2002–2003, NBC, comedy


Three Seasons (2000/01)

America’s Funniest Home Videos – July 2001–present, ABC, comedy

Andromeda – 2000–2005, syndication, sci fi

Boston Public – 2000–2004, FOX, school drama

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 2000–present, CBS, crime drama

The District – 2000–2004, CBS, police drama

The Division – January 2001–2004, Lifetime, crime drama

Doc – March 2001–2004, PAX, medical drama

Ed – 2000–2003, NBC, comedy/drama

Even Stevens – 2000–2003, Disney, comedy

Fear Factor – June 2001–present, NBC, reality

Girlfriends – 2000–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW

Grounded For Life – January 2001–2002, FOX; February 2003–2005, WB, comedy

My Wife And Kids – March 2001–2005, ABC, comedy

Primetime Glick – June 2000–2003, Comedy Central, comedy

Primetime Thursday – 2000–2004, ABC, newsmagazine

Queer As Folk – 2000–2005, Showtime, drama

Six Feet Under – June 2001–2005, HBO, comedy/drama

Street Smarts – 2000–2005, syndication, quiz

Strong Medicine – 2000–2006, Lifetime, medical drama

Trading Spaces – 2000–present, TLC, instructional

Yes, Dear – 2000–2006, CBS, comedy


Four Seasons (1999/2000)

Angel – 1999–2004, WB, supernatural drama

Blind Date – 1999–2006, syndication, dating

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 1999–2002, Cartoon, cartoon

Family Feud – 1999–present, syndication, quiz

Family Law – 1999–2003, CBS, legal drama

Farscape – March 1999–2003, Sci Fi, sci fi

Judging Amy – 1999–2005, CBS, legal drama

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – 1999–present, NBC, police drama

Malcolm In The Middle – January 2000–2006, FOX, comedy

The Man Show – 1999–2005, Comedy Central, discussion/comedy

The Parkers – 1999–2004, UPN, comedy

Third Watch – 1999–2005, NBC, drama

WWE Smackdown – 1999–2006, UPN; 2006–present, CW, wrestling

The West Wing – 1999–2006, NBC, political drama


Five Seasons (1998/99)

Becker – November 1998–2004, CBS, comedy

Change Of Heart – 1998–2003, syndicated, dating

Charmed – 1998–2006, WB, fantasy

Futurama – March 1999–2003, FOX, cartoon

The King Of Queen – 1998–present, CBS, comedy

Providence – January 1999–December 2002, NBC, serial drama

Sex And The City – 1998–2004, HBO, comedy

60 Minutes II – January 1999–2005, CBS, newsmagazine

That 70’s Show – 1998–2006, FOX, comedy

The Wild Thornberrys – 1998–2003, Nickelodeon, cartoon

Will & Grace – 1998–2006, NBC, comedy


Six Seasons (1997/98)

Behind The Music – 1997–2003, VH1, documentary

Candid Camera – February 1998–2000, CBS; Jan 2001–2004, PAX, humor

Dawson’s Creek – January 1998–2003, WB, drama

The People's Court – 1997–present, syndication, courtroom

South Park – 1997–present, Comedy Central, cartoon

Stargate SG–1 – 1997–2002, Showtime; 2002–2007, Sci Fi, sci fi

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Summer of 1998–20004, ABC, comedy/quiz

Win Ben Stein's Money – 1997–2003, Comedy Central, quiz


Seven Seasons (1996/97)

Access Hollywood – 1996–present, syndication, magazine

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – March 1997–2001, WB; 2001–2003, UPN, supernatural

Everybody Loves Raymond – 1996–2005, CBS, comedy

Just Shoot Me – March 1997–2003, NBC, comedy

The Practice – March 1997–2004, ABC, legal drama

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – 1996–2000, ABC; 2000–2003, WB, comedy

7th Heaven – 1996–2006, WB; 2006–present, CW, drama


Eight Seasons (1995/96)

The Daily Show – July 1996–present, Comedy Central, comedy

The Drew Carey Show – 1995–2004, ABC, comedy

JAG – 1995/96, NBC; 1996–2005, CBS, legal drama

King Of The Hill – January 1996–present, FOX, cartoon

Mad TV – 1995–present, FOX, comedy


Nine Seasons (1994/95)

ER – 1994–present, NBC, medical drama

Entertainers With Byron Allen – 1994–present, syndication, celebrity talk

Extra – 1994–present, syndication, news/gossip

Friends – 1994–2004, NBC, comedy

The Late Late Show With Craig Killborn – March 1999–2004, CBS, talk

Touched by an Angel – 1994–2003, CBS, fantasy


Ten Seasons (1993/94)

Frasier – 1993–2004, NBC, comedy

Late Show With David Letterman – 1993–present, CBS, talk

NYPD Blue – 1993–2005, ABC, crime drama


Twelve Seasons (1991/92)

Dateline NBC – March 1992–present, NBC, newsmagazine


Thirteen Seasons (1990/91)

Law & Order – 1990–present, NBC, crime drama


Fourteen Seasons (1989/90)

The Simpsons – Dec 1989–present, FOX, cartoon

Supermarket Sweep – April 1999–2003, PAX, quiz


Fifteen Seasons (1988/89)

COPS – March 1989–present, FOX, police reality

Inside Edition – January 1989–present, syndication, newsmagazine


Sixteen Seasons (1987/88)

America’s Most Wanted – April 1988–present, FOX, public service

48 Hours Investigates – Jan 1988–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Seventeen Seasons (1986/87)

Ebert & Roeper – 2000–present, syndication, commentary


Nineteen Seasons (1984/85)

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1991–present, syndication, sports highlights

Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion


Twenty Seasons (1983/84)

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game


Twenty-two Seasons (1981/82)

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, Syndication, news/gossip

Late Night With Conan O'Brien – 1993–2009, NBC, talk


Twenty-six Seasons (1977/78)

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Twenty-eight Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC, variety


Thirty-three Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports


Thirty-five Seasons (1968/69)

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Forty nine Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – May 1992–2009, NBC, talk/variety


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