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TV Seasons


1958/59 – Gunsmoke was #1 on CBS Saturday, second year running.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1958 season; Bold Journey was cancelled in the fourth season.

Alternate Series:

The Jack Benny Show and Bachelor Father were on CBS Sunday at 7:30 PM.

Alcoa Theatre and Goodyear TV Playhouse were on NBC Monday at 9:30 PM.

Cheyenne & Sugarfoot were on ABC Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

The George Gobel Show and The Eddie Fisher Show were on NBC Tuesday at 8 PM.

Armstrong Circle Theatre and The U.S. Steel Hour were on CBS Wednesday at 10 PM.

Armstrong By Request and The U.S. Steel Hour were on CBS Wednesday at 10 PM for the summer.

Lux Playhouse and Schlitz Playhouse were on CBS Friday at 9:30 PM.


Armstrong Circle Theatre celebrated ten years on TV.

Pantomime Quiz celebrated ten years on TV; it was the last year.

Voice of Firestone celebrated ten years on TV.

What’s My Line? celebrated ten years on CBS.

Your Hit Parade celebrated ten years on TV.

Biggest New Hit: The Rifleman was #4 on ABC Tuesdays; the westerns were very popular back then. They took the four top spots in the ratings - Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel and The Rifleman. This was Chuck Connors’ first and only top twenty hit. He made a big splash in the ratings and never return the former glory with his other series. The 1961 season was his last season in the ratings; The Rifleman was #27, tying with The Price Is Right.

Contract Dispute: Thanks to Clint Walker’s contract dispute with Warner Brothers Studios, Ty Hardin became the star of his own western, Bronco, temporally replaced Cheyenne, under the title of Cheyenne. It was Ty’s big break. Eventually, Clint settled his dispute and returned to Cheyenne in 1959. Bronco became a separate series.

Movies 2 TV: Naked City was based on the 1948 Barry Fitzgerald/Howard Duff movie.

Name Change:

Accused was known as Day In Court for the first few weeks.

Country Music Jubilee to Jubilee U.S.A.

Fight Beat was originally called Post Fight Beat.

The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen to Ellery Queen in October 1958.

Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes And New Talent to The Plymouth Show.

Outlook to Chet Huntley...Reporting in November 1958.

Sammy Kaye's Music from Manhattan to The Sammy Kaye Show to Music From Manhattan. It changed names three times in a season.

Original Run:

Small World was on CBS Sunday at 6 PM for two seasons.

The Texan was on CBS Monday at 8 PM for two seasons.


Bold Venture was on syndicated radio from 1950–1951 with Humphrey Bogert and Lauren Bacall.

Pete Kelly's was on NBC in 1951. Jack Webb is the original Pete Kelly on the radio. Jack produced the TV version.

Tales Of The Texas Rangers was on NBC from 1950–1952. Joel McCrea was in the lead role of Ranger Jace Pearson.


CBS aired December Bride reruns in the summer of 1960 and April 1961.

ABC aired Meet McGraw reruns for the full season.

CBS aired That's My Boy reruns for the summer.

CBS aired the Dane Clark episodes of Wire Service under the name of Deadline For Action.

CBS aired The Joseph Cotten Show reruns in the summer of 1958 with reruns from General Electric Theater and Schlitz Playhouse.

Walter Abel hosted the reruns of Suspicion in the summer of 1959 on NBC.

The Face Of Danger shown reruns of Playhouse Of Stars episodes.

Fanfare shown reruns of The Loretta Young Show episodes.

Frontier Justice shown reruns of Zane Grey Theater episodes for the summer on CBS.

Spotlight Playhouse shown reruns of G.E. Theater, Schlitz Playhouse and The Jane Wyman Show. Julia Meade and Zachay Scott were the alternate hosts for the summer.

Stars In Action shown reruns of Schlitz Playhouse.

The Return:

The Adventures of Ellery Queen returned to NBC after a five–year absence. It was on DUM/ABC in the early 1950’s.

Arthur Godfrey returned to CBS for another year after a year absence. The series lasted for ten years.

The Arthur Murray Party returned to NBC for two more years after a year absence. The show lasted for ten years, starting in the summer of 1950.

Colonel Humphrey Flack returned to syndication after a four–year absence. It was previously on DUM.

Doctor I.Q. returned to ABC after a four–year absence.

Milton Berle returned to NBC in a failed show, Milton Berle in the Kraft Music Hall, after a two–year absence. Milton has been on TV for ten years.

Sammy Kaye returned to ABC in Sammy Kaye’s Music From Manhattan.

CBS revived The Jackie Gleason Show as a thirty minute show on Friday. He was last seen on CBS in the 1956 season.

Summer Replacement:

Armstrong By Request replaced Armstrong Circle Theatre for the summer; it aired repeats of Armstrong Circle Theatre.

The Chevy Show replaced The Dinah Shore Chevy Show for the summer.

Frontier Justice replaced The Danny Thomas Show for the summer.

21 Beacon Street replaced The Ford Show for the summer.

Switch Networks:

Father Knows Best went from NBC to CBS.

Leave It to Beaver went from CBS to ABC.

Masquerade Party went from CBS to NBC.

Midwestern Hayride went from ABC to NBC.

Your Hit Parade went from NBC to CBS.


Wanted: Dead or Alive pilot was shown on the Trackdown in March 1958. Steve McQueen later became a famous movie star.

The CBC in Canada and ABC in the USA aired Encounter simultaneously at 9:30 PM on Sundays. It was LIVE from Toronto.

The Ed Wynn Show’s last episode was on July 4th, 1959.

Barbara Bain was a cast member on Richard Diamond, Private Detective as his semi regular girlfriend in early 1959. She went on to greater fame with her then real life husband, Martin Landau, on Mission: Impossible.

Ken Berry joined the cast on The Ann Sothern Show in the last season, 1960/61. This was his first series. Leonard Nimoy was his army sergeant; he gave Ken advice to be an actor in 1955.

Paul Petersen’s big success was The Donna Reed Show. He became a teen idol. He briefly starred on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1955. His real sister, Patty Petersen, became a Donna Reed cast member in January 1963.

The Lawless Years was based on the actual files of Barney Ruditsky, a retired New York police officer. Barney was the technical advisor for the series.

Cimarron City was Dan Blocker’s first series. Dan gained fame as Eric “Hoss” Cartwright on Bonanza next season.

Ellery Queen was a LIVE show till it moved to New York, where the show was taped. The stars, George Nader & Les Tremayne, left the series altogether. The new Ellery Queen was Lee Phillips. The role of Inspector Richard Queen was dropped.

George Burns goes at it alone with most of the regular stars from Burns & Allen Show after his real life wife and costar, Gracie Allen, retired from show business in 1958, thus ending the highly successful series, The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, on CBS. The George Burns Show wasn’t the same without his dear old sweet wife, Gracie. It just lasted a season on NBC.

Rawhide was Clint Eastwood’s first and only series. The western was a popular series. Clint became a successful movie star and an Oscar winning director. He wore the same Rawhide boots for the 1992 western movie, Unforgiven.

The Ed Wynn Show ended on January 1, 1959. My sister was born in Cleveland fifteen years later.

Northwest Passage was Buddy Ebsen’s first series. It failed miserable. He was previous seen on Davy Crockett, a segment on the anthology series, Walt Disney. He was Davy’s sidekick, George Russel. Buddy struck oil in 1962, the role of Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Man With A Camera was Charles Bronson’s first series.

Too Young To Go Steadt was the first series for film star, Joan Bennett.

The Playhouse had different names for the two nights. The Wednesday series was Wednesday Playhouse; Thursday was The Playhouse.

Two Networks: The Bob Cummings Show – January–September 1955, NBC and July 1955–1957, CBS.


1958/59 Fall Season

One Season (1958/59)

The Ann Sothern Show – 1958–1961, CBS, comedy, Ann Sothern

The Arthur Murray Party – 1958/59–1959/60, NBC, musical variety, Arthur Murray

Bat Masterson – 1958–1961, NBC, western, Gene Barry

Bronco – 1958–1962, ABC, western, Ty Hardin

Desilu Playhouse – 1958–1960, CBS, dramatic anthology, Desi Arnaz

The Donna Reed Show – 1958–1966, ABC, comedy, Donna Reed, Carl Betz, Paul Petersen, Shelley Fabares

The Gary Moore Show – 1958–1964, CBS, variety, Garry Moore

The Lawman – 1958–1962, NBC, western, John Russell

Man with a Camera – 1959–1959/60, ABC, drama, Charles Bronson

Peter Gunn – 1958–1961, NBC, detective drama, Craig Stevens

The Rifleman – 1958–1963, ABC, western, Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford

77 Sunset Strip – 1958–1964, ABC, drama, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith

Small World – 1958–1960, CBS, discussion, Edward R. Murrow

The Texan – 1958–1960, CBS, western, Rory Calhoun


Cancelled TV shows

The Arthur Godfrey Show – CBS, musical variety, Arthur Godfrey

Behind Closed Doors – NBC, spy drama, Bruce Gordon

Brains & Brawn – NBC, game, Jack Lescoulie, Fred Davis

Cimarron City – NBC, western, George Montgomery, Dan Blocker

The Ed Wynn Show – CBS, first LIVE comedy from Hollywood, Ed Wynn

Encounter – ABC, dramatic anthology, LIVE, 5 episodes

The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen, NBC, detective drama, LIVE, George Nader, Les Tremayne

The George Burns Show – NBC, comedy, George Burns, Bea Benaderet

The Jackie Gleason Show – CBS, comedy variety, Jackie Gleason

Lux Playhouse – CBS, dramatic anthology

Milton Berle in the Kraft Music Hall – NBC, comedy/variety, Milton Berle

Naked City – ABC, crime drama, John Intire, James Franciscus

Northwest Passage – NBC, adventure, Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen

The Patti Page Olds Show – ABC, musical variety LIVE, Patti Page

Pursuit – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Rough Riders – ABC, western, Kent Taylor

Sammy Kaye's Music from Manhattan – ABC, variety, Sammy Kaye

Stars in Action – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Steve Canyon – NBC, adventure, Dean Fredericks

Yancy Derringer – CBS, action/adventure, Jock Mahoney


14 out of 34 new series SURVIVED for 1959/60

ABC – 5/11, Bronco, Donna Reed, Man with a Camera, The Rifleman & 77 Sunset Strip

CBS – 5/11, The Ann Sothern Show, Desilu Playhouse, Garry Moore, Small World & The Texan

NBC – 4/12, The Arthur Murray Party, Bat Masterson, The Lawman, & Peter Gunn


Mid season shows

Alcoa Presents – January 1959–1961, ABC, occult anthology, John Newland

Behind The News With Howard K. Smith – CBS, news analysis, Howard K. Smith

Black Saddle – January 1959–1960, ABC, western, Peter Breck

CBS Reports – Jan 1961–1971, CBS, documentary

The Facts We Face – 1950, 1951, CBS, documentary, Bill Shadel

The Lawless Years – April 1959–1960, summer of 1961, NBC, police drama, James Gregory, Robert Karnes

Markham – May 1959–1960, CBS, detective drama, Ray Milland

Music For A Summer Night – June 1959–1960, music, Glenn Osser

Phillies Jackpot Bowling – January 1959–1961, NBC, sports

Rawhide – January 1959–1966, CBS; western, Clint Eastwood, Eric Fleming

Reckoning – 1959–1960, CBS, dramatic anthology

Shirley Temple's Storybook – January 1959–1960, ABC; 1960/61, NBC, children’s anthology, Shirley Temple

That's My Boy reruns – CBS, comedy, Eddie Mayeoff


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Accused – ABC, courtroom drama, Edgar Allan Jones, Jr.

Adventure Showcase – CBS, adventure anthology, unsold pilots, 4 episodes

Armstrong By Request – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Brenner – CBS, crime drama, James Broderick

Colgate Western Theatre – NBC, western anthology, reruns

The D.A.'s Man – NBC, crime drama, John Compton

The David Nivens Show – NBC, dramatic anthology, David Nivens

Doctor I.Q. – ABC, quiz, Tom Kennedy

The Face Of Danger – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Fanfare – NBC, dramatic anthology, Richard Derr

The Jimmie Rodgers Show – NBC, musical variety, Jimmie Rodgers

Laugh Line – NBC, quiz, Dick Van Dyke

The Music Shop – NBC. musical variety, LIVE, Buddy Bergman

Oh, Boy – ABC, music, Tony Hall

Oldsmobile Music Theatre – NBC, anthology with music, LIVE, Bill Hayes

Peck's Bad Girl – CBS, comedy, Wendell Corey

Perry Presents – NBC, musical variety, Tony Bennett

Pete Kelly's Blues – NBC, drama, William Reynolds

The Playhouse – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Playhouse Of Mystery – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Tales Of The Texas Rangers – ABC, western, Willard Parker

Texas Rodeo – NBC, sports event, Paul Crutchfield

Too Young To Go Steady – NBC, comedy, 7 episodes, LIVE, Joan Bennett

Top Pro Golf – ABC, sports, Dick Danehe

21 Beacon Street – NBC, crime drama, 13 episodes, Dennis Morgan

Who Pays – NBC, quiz, Mike Wallace



Bold Venture – syndication, adventure, Dane Clark

Colonel Flack – syndication, comedy, Alan Mowbray

MacKenzie's Raiders – syndication, western, Richard Carlson

Mantovani – syndication, music, John Conte

Rescue 8 – 1958–1960, syndication, adventure, Jim Davis


Two Seasons (1957/58)

Alcoa Theatre – 1957–1960, NBC, dramatic anthology

Anybody Can Play – July–December 1958, ABC, game

Bachelor Father – 1957–1959, CBS; 1959–1961, NBC; 1961/62, ABC, comedy

Buckskin – July 1958–1959, NBC, western

The Californians – 1957–1959, NBC, western

The Chevy Show – 1958–1959, NBC, musical variety

Confession – June 1958–1959, ABC, interview/discussion

Colt .45 – 1957–1960, ABC, western

The Dick Clark Show – February 1958–1960, ABC, music

The Eddie Fisher Show – 1957–1959, NBC, musical variety

Fight Beat – April 1958–1959, NBC, sports commentary

Frontier Justice – 1958, 1959, CBS, western anthology

Have Gun, Will Travel – 1957–1963, CBS, western

How To Marry A Millionaire – 1957–1959, syndication, comedy

It Could Be You – July 1958–1961, NBC, audience participation

Jefferson Drum – April 1958–1959, NBC, western

Keep Talking – July 1958–1959, CBS; 1959/60, ABC, quiz

Leave It To Beaver – 1957/58, CBS; 1958–1963, ABC, comedy

M Squad – 1957–1960, NBC, police drama

Man Without A Gun – 1957–1959, syndication, western

Maverick – 1957–1962, ABC, western

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer – 1957–1959, syndication, detective drama

Outlook – December 1957–1959, NBC, news/documentary

The Pat Boone-Chevy Showroom – 1957–1960, ABC, musical variety

Perry Mason – 1957–1966, CBS, drama

The Price Is Right – 1957–1963, NBC; 1963/64, ABC, game

The Real McCoys – 1957–1962, ABC; 1962/63, CBS, comedy

The Restless Gun - 1957–1959, NBC, western

Saber Of London – 1957–1960, NBC, detective drama

Sea Hunt – January 1958–1961, syndication, adventure

Stars Of Jazz – April–November 1958, ABC, music

Sugarfoot – 1957–1961, ABC, western

The Thin Man - 1957–1959, NBC, detective/comedy

Tic Tac Dough - 1957–1959, NBC, quiz

This Is Music – July 1958–1959, ABC, music, LIVE

Trackdown – 1957–1959, CBS, western

Traffic Court – June 1958–1959, ABC, courtroom drama

Twilight Theater – July 1958–1959, CBS, dramatic anthology

26 Men – 1957–1959, syndication, western

Wagon Train – 1957–1962, NBC; 1962–1965, ABC, western

Your Neighbor The World – April 1958–1959, ABC, documentary

Zorro – 1957–1959, ABC, western


Three Seasons (1956/57)

The Billy Graham Crusade – 1957–1959, ABC, religion

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre – 1956–1961, CBS, western anthology

The Dinah Shore Show – 1956–1963, NBC, variety

The Ford Show Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford – 1956–1961, NBC, musical variety

The Gale Storm Show – 1956–1959, CBS; 1959/60, ABC, comedy

Meet McGraw reruns – 1958/59, ABC, detective

Playhouse 90 – 1956–1961, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Plymouth Show – 1956–1959, ABC, talent

Richard Diamond, Private Detective – July 1957–1959, CBS; 1959/60, NBC, detective drama

The Sheriff Of Cochise – 1956 – 1960, syndication, police drama

State Trooper – January 1957–1959, syndication, crime drama

Tales Of Wills Fargo – March 1957–1962, NBC, western

To Tell The Truth – December 1956–1967, CBS, game

Twenty-One – 1956–1959, NBC, game

The Whirlybirds – January 1957–1959, syndication, adventure


Four Seasons (1955/56)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – 1955–1960, CBS; 1960–1962, NBC; 1962–1964, CBS; 1965, NBC, suspense anthology

Bold Journey – July 1956–1959, ABC, travel documentary

Cheyenne – 1955–1963, ABC, western

The Ford Show Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford – 1956–1961, NBC, musical variety

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western

Highway Patrol – 1955–1959, syndication, crime drama

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp – 1955–1961, ABC, western

The Phil Silvers Show – 1955 – 1959, CBS, comedy

Saber Of Love – December 1955–1957, ABC; 1957–1960, NBC, detective drama

The Steve Allen Show – June 1956–1960, NBC, variety

Wednesday Night Fights – 1955–1960, ABC, boxing


Five Seasons (1954/55)

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin – 1954–1959, ABC, western

The Bob Cummings Show – January/September 1955, NBC; July 1955–1957, CBS; 1957–1959, NBC, comedy

December Bride – 1954–1959, CBS, comedy

Father Knows Best – 1954/55, CBS; 1955–1958, NBC; 1958–1960, CBS

The George Gobel Show – 1954–1959, NBC; 1959/60, CBS, comedy variety

Lassie – 1954–1971, CBS; 1971–1974, Syndication, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1954–1971, ABC, music

The Lineup – 1954–1960, CBS, police drama

Jubilee U.S.A. – January 1955–1960, ABC, country music

The Millionaire – January 1955–1960, CBS, dramatic anthology

People are Funny – 1954–1961, NBC, quiz

$64,000 Question – June 1955–1959, CBS, game

Spotlight – June 1955–1959, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Jack Paar Show – July 1957–1962, NBC, talk/variety

Walt Disney Presents – 1954–1983, anthology


Six Seasons (1953/54)

The Big Picture – 1953–1959, ABC, documentary

The Danny Thomas Show – 1953–1957, ABC; 1957–1965, CBS, comedy

The Loretta Young Show – 1953–1961, NBC, dramatic anthology

Midwestern Hayride – June 1954–1956, NBC; July 1957–1958, ABC; 1959, NBC, musical variety

Person to Person – 1953–1961, CBS, interview

U.S. Steel Hour – 1953–1955, ABC; 1955–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology LIVE


Seven Seasons (1952/53)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 1952–1966, ABC, comedy

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology

General Electric Theater – February 1953–1962, CBS, dramatic anthology

Name That Tune – June 1953–1954, NBC; 1954–1959, CBS, game

This Is Your Life – 1952–1961, NBC, testimonial


Eight Seasons (1951/52)

Dragnet – January 1952–1959, NBC, police drama

Goodyear TV Playhouse 1951–1960, NBC, dramatic anthology

I Love Lucy reruns – 1957–1959, September 1961, CBS, comedy

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

Masquerade Party – 1952, NBC; 1953, 1954, CBS; 1954–Fall 1956, ABC; 1957, NBC; 1958, CBS; 1958/59, NBC; October 1959–January 1960, CBS; Jan–Sept 1960, NBC, quiz/panel

The Red Skelton Show – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953–1970, CBS; 1970/71, NBC, variety

Schlitz Playhouse – 1951–1959, CBS, musical variety


Nine Seasons (1950/51)

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy

You Asked For It – December 1950–1952, DUM; 1951–1959, ABC, audience participation

You Bet Your Life – 1950–1961, NBC, quiz


Ten Seasons (1949/50)

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

Pantomime Quiz – July 1950–1951, CBS; Jan–March 1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, CBS; Jan–March 1955, ABC; 1955–1957, CBS; 1958/59, ABC, quiz

The Voice of Firestone – 1949–1954, NBC; 1954 – 1959, ABC, music

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game

Your Hit Parade – summer of 1950–1958, NBC; 1958/59, CBS, music


Eleven seasons (1948/49)

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety

The Perry Como Show – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS; 1955–1963, NBC, variety


Twelve seasons (1947/48)

The Ed Sullivan Show – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent


Thirteen seasons (1946/47)

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, first boxing show


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