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TV Seasons


1971/72 – All In The Family was #1 on CBS Saturday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1971 season; the second longest family show, My Three Sons, was cancelled in the twelfth season.

Anniversary: Death Valley Days celebrated twenty years in syndication.

Biggest New Hit: Sanford & Son was #6 on NBC Fridays; it was the first black comedy to be in the top 10. People just love Fred Sanford’s junk antics! "Oh, this is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm comin' to join ya, honey!"

The Bold Ones - It combined two rotating series - The New Doctors and The Lawyers. It aired on NBC Sunday at 10 PM. The Bold Ones was originally three series.

British Ties: Sanford & Son was based on the BBC series, Steptoe & Son.


Dan Blocker died from pulmonary embolism on May 13, 1972. It wasn't the same without him on Bonanza. The western lasted one more season on a new night, Tuesdays.

Peter Deuel, age 31, committed suicide from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Hollywood Hills apartment. His role on Alias Smith & Jones was recast by the show's narrator, Roger Davis, who redone the scenes with Peter Deuel. Ralph Story was the new narrator.

First Run:

Hee Haw started twelve years in syndication after three years on CBS; Hee Haw was on for twenty-five years.

Lassie started three years in syndication after seventeen years on CBS; Lassie was on for twenty years.

The Lawrence Welk Show continued eleven more years in syndication. In all, the show was on TV for twenty-eight years.

Wild Kingdom continued seventeen more years in syndication. It was on NBC for four years.

NBC Mystery Movie: It combined three rotating series - Columbo, McCloud & McMillian And Wife. McCloud was originally part of Four In One last year. It was #14 in the ratings of the season.

Name Change:

First Tuesday to Chronolog.

Nichols to James Garner On Nichols to give the show more star power to bring more viewers, which didn't happen.


CBS aired My World And Welcome To It reruns. It was last seen on NBC in 1969.

NBC Action Playhouse shown reruns of Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre episodes with last year's introductions by Peter Marshall.

NBC Adventure Playhouse shown reruns of Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre episodes with new introductions by Ed McMahon.

The Return: Peter Falk returned in his well-known role, Columbo. Bing Crosby was the first choice to be Columbo, but declined, reportedly it would interfere with his golf game. Columbo made Peter Falk famous and a rich man. He was previously in The Trials of O’Brien.

Simultaneous: Alice Ghostley occasionally starred on ABC's Bewitched and NBC's Nichols.

Summer Replacement:

NBC Comedy Theater replaced Emergency for the summer.

Spin Off: Getting Together from The Partridge Family – The Partridge Family introduced "Getting Together" Bobby and Lionel to each other in March 1971. Ooooh, ABC sure need star power from another show to launch a new show! Getting Together lasted a few months. It's a sure thing it did. Getting together was a huge mistake for Bobby and Lionel. They were much better off doing their own sweet thing.

TV History: Walt Disney automatically became the longest running TV show in prime time without Lassie AND Lawrence Welk. Those three shows started in the same year – 1954


Peter Deuel & Sally Field was reunited on Alias Smith & Jones; they previously starred together on Gidget, Sally's 1965 sitcom.

Redd Foxx appeared on The Flip Wilson Show on January 13, 1972. The following night, Sanford & Son premiered. Both shows were on NBC.

Glenn Ford and Peter Ford are father/son. Peter played one of Glenn's deputies on Cade's Country.

The D.A. ended its failed run on January 7, 1972. The following week, it was replaced by the biggest new hit, Sanford & Son, in the same time slot.

NBC aired the BBC series, The Search For The Nile.

What a laughing matter! I can't stop myself from laughing. It's too hilarious! Which show, Funny Face or Funny Side, was funnier? OMG! You need to stop laughing. Man, pull yourself together. Take a deep breath. Neither was funny. It wasn't a laughing matter. Both shows lasted the same amount of time. Surprising enough, Sandy Duncan got a spin off with her Funny Face character, Sandy Stockton, in The Sandy Duncan Show the next season. Do you know what more funnier? Even that show lasted the same amount of time as the other two. You know you want to laugh. Go ahead and laugh your head off.

The Amazing World Of Kreskin was taped in Canada and aired on CTV. It was syndicated in the states.

Richard Castellano starred with his daughter, Margaret Castellano, in The Super.

The Chicago Teddy Bears lasted EXACTLY three months from September 17–December 17.


1971/72 Fall Season

One Season (1971/72)

Cannon – 1971–1976, CBS, crime drama, William Conrad

Columbo – 1971–1977, NBC, crime drama, Peter Falk

NBC Mystery Movie – 1971–1977, NBC, combined 3 series

The New Dick Van Dyke Show – 1971–1974, CBS, comedy, Dick Van Dyke

McMillan & Wife – 1971–1977, NBC, crime drama, Rock Hudson, Susan Saint James, Nancy Walker

Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law – 1971–1974, ABC, drama, Arthur Hill, Lee Majors


Cancelled TV Shows

Bearcats – CBS, adventure, Rod Taylor

Cade’s Country – CBS, crime drama, Glenn Ford, Peter Ford

Chicago Teddy Bears – CBS, comedy, Dean Jones, Jamie Farr

The D.A. – NBC, drama, Robert Conrad, Harry Morgan

Funny Face – CBS, comedy, Sandy Duncan

The Funny Side – NBC, variety, Gene Kelly

Getting Together – ABC, comedy, Bobby Sherman, Wes Stern

The Good Life – NBC, comedy, Larry Hagman, Donna Mills

The Jimmy Stewart Show – NBC, comedy, Jimmy Stewart

Longstreet – ABC, mystery, James Franciscus

Man & The City – ABC, drama, Anthony Quinn, Mike Farrell

Nichols – NBC, western, James Garner, Alice Ghostley, John Beck

O’Hara, US Treasury – CBS, crime drama, David Janssen

The Partners – NBC, comedy, Don Adams, Dick Van Patten

The Persuaders – ABC, adventure, Tony Curtis, Roger Moore

Sarge – NBC, drama, George Kennedy

Shirley’s World – ABC, comedy, Shirley McLaine


6 out of 23 new series SURVIVED for 1972/73

ABC – 1/6, Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law

CBS – 2/7, Cannon & The New Dick Van Dyke Show

NBC – 3/10, Columbo, McMillan & Wife & NBC Mystery Movie


Mid season shows

The Baseball World Of Joe Garagiola – 1972–1975, NBC, sports commentary, Joe Garagiola

The Corner Bar – June 1972–1973, ABC, comedy, Gabriel Dell

Emergency – January 1972–1977, NBC, drama, Robert Fuller, Julie London

Sanford & Son – January 1972–1977, NBC, comedy, Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson

Sixth Sense – January 1972–1973, ABC, occult, Gary Collins


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

ABC Comedy Hour – ABC, comedy/variety, Rich Little

Campaign '72 – CBS, news

The David Steinberg Show – CBS, comedy/variety, David Steinberg

The Don Rickles Show – CBS, comedy, Don Rickles, Erin Moran

The Jerry Reed When You're Hot You're Hot Hour – CBS, comedy/variety, 5 episodes, Jerry Reed

The John Byner Comedy Hour – CBS, comedy/variety, 5 episodes, John Byner

The Ken Berry "Wow" Show – ABC, musical variety, 5 episodes, Teri Garr, Steve Martin

The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci – CBS, historical drama, 5 episodes, Philippe Leroy

The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine – ABC, comedy/variety, Barbara Feldon

Me And The Chimp – CBS, comedy, Ted Bessell

The Melba Moore–Clifton Davis Show – CBS, musical variety, 5 episodes, Clifton Davis, Liz Torres

Monday Night Special – ABC, varies

The Search For The Nile – NBC, historical drama, Kenneth Haigh

The Super – ABC, comedy, 10 episodes, Richard Castellano



The Amazing World Of Kreskin – 1971–1975, syndication, mind reading, Kreskin

Circus – 1971–1973, syndication, variety, Bert Parks

The David Frost Revue – 1971–1973, syndication, comedy, David Frost

Dr. Simon Locke – 1971–1974, syndication, medical drama, Sam Groom

Doctor In The House – 1971–1973, syndication, comedy, Barry Evans

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety, Roy Clark, Buck Owens

Johnny Mann's Stand Up And Cheer – 1971–1973, syndication, Johnny Mann

Lassie – 1971–1974, syndication, adventure, Ron Hayes

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1971–1982, syndication, music, Lawrence Welk

Mouse Factory – 1971–1973, syndication, children's

Primus – syndication, adventure, Robert Brown

Rollin' On The River – 1971–1973, syndication, music, Kenny Rogers

Untamed World – 1971–1975, syndication, documentary


Two Seasons (1970/71)

Alias Smith & Jones – January 1971–1973, ABC, western

All In The Family – January 1971–1979, CBS, comedy

Arnie – 1970–1972, CBS, comedy

Comment – NBC, public affairs

The Flip Wilson Show – 1970–1974, NBC, variety

Hee Haw – June 1969–1971, CBS, variety

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – 1970–1977, CBS, comedy

Monday Night Football – 1970–2006, ABC, sports

McCloud – 1970–1977, NBC, crime drama

NBC Action Playhouse – 1971–1972, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

NBC Adventure Theatre – 1971–1972, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

NBC Comedy Theater – 1971–1972, NBC, comedy anthology, reruns

Night Gallery – 1970–1973, NBC, supernatural anthology

The Odd Couple – 1970–1975, ABC, comedy

The Partridge Family – 1970–1974, ABC, comedy

The Smith Family – January 1971–1972; ABC, drama

Suspense Playhouse – May 1971–1972, CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

That Good Ole Nashville Music – 1970–1985, syndication, music


Three Seasons (1969/70)

The Bold Ones – 1969–1973, NBC, two drama series

The Brady Bunch – 1969–1974, ABC, comedy

The David Frost Show – 1969–1972, syndication, talk

The Dick Cavett Show – December 1969–1972, ABC, talk/variety

The Lawyers –1969–1972, NBC, drama

Love, American Style – 1969–1974, ABC, anthology

Marcus Welby MD – 1969–1976, ABC, drama

Medical Center – 1969–1976, CBS, drama

The Merv Griffith Show – 1969–1972, CBS, talk

Nanny & The Professor – January 1970–1972, ABC, comedy

The New Doctors – 1969–1973, NBC, drama

Room 222 – 1969–1974, ABC, comedy

Safari To Adventure – 1969–1975, syndication, documentary


Four Seasons (1968/69)

Adam 12 – 1968–1975, NBC, crime drama

Chronolog – January 1969–1973, NBC, newsmagazine

The Doris Day Show – 1968–1973, CBS, comedy

Hawaii Five-O – 1968–1980, CBS, crime drama

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety

Here's Lucy – 1968–1974, CBS, comedy

The Mod Squad – 1968–1973, ABC, crime drama

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Five Seasons (1967/68)

The Carol Burnett Show – 1967–1978, CBS, variety

Ironside – 1967–1975, NBC, crime drama

Mannix – 1967–1975, CBS, crime drama

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In – January 1968–1973, NBC, variety

Wild Kingdom – 1971–1988, syndication, wildlife


Six Seasons (1966/67)

Mission: Impossible – 1966–1973, CBS, international intrigue


Seven Seasons (1965/66)

The Dean Martin Show – 1965–1974, NBC, variety

The FBI – 1965–1974, ABC, crime drama


Eight Seasons (1964/65)

Bewitched – 1964–1972, ABC, comedy


Eleven Seasons (1961/62)

The David Susskind Show – 1961–1987, syndication, talk


Twelve Seasons (1960/61)

My Three Sons 1960–1965, ABC; 1965–1972, CBS, comedy


Thirteen Seasons (1959/60)

Bonanza – 1959–1973, NBC, western


Seventeen Seasons (1955/56)

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western


Eighteen Seasons (1954/55)

Lassie – 1954/55–1970/71, CBS; 1971–1974, Syndication, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1971–1982, syndication, music

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Wonderful World of Disney – 1954–1983, anthology


Twenty Seasons (1952/53)

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology


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