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TV Seasons


1963/64 – The Beverly Hillbillies was #1 on CBS Wednesday, second year running.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1963 season. Garry Moore and 77 Sunset Strip were cancelled in the sixth season.

Alternate Series:

Chronicle and CBS Reports were on CBS Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

The Edie Adams Show and The Sid Caesar Show were on ABC Thursday at 10 PM.


Lassie celebrated ten years on CBS.

Lawrence Welk celebrated ten years on ABC.

The Tonight Show celebrated ten years on NBC.

Walt Disney celebrated ten years on TV.

What’s My Line celebrated fifteen years on CBS.

Biggest New Hit: Petticoat Junction was #4 on CBS Tuesday. Paul Henning did it once again; he created another monster rural hit. The first one was The Beverly Hillbillies. Last season, Bea Benaderet was Jethro Bodine’s mother on The Beverly Hillbillies; she was seriously considered to be Granny, but she looked wrong for the role, according to Paul Henning, who was her producer on Burns & Allen. Instead, Irene Ryan was more suited for Granny. Petticoat Junction was created as a starring vehicle for Bea Benaderet. Bea starred as Kate Bradley. Paul Henning’s real daughter, Linda Kaye, played her daughter, Betty Jo Bradley. Wait till I get to Green Acres, it will be confusing as hell to keep track of things in Hooterville.

British Ties: That Was The Week That Was was based on the BBC version, hosted by David Frost. Elliot Reid was the host of the NBC version; David contributed to the first season, then hosted the second season. This was the first time that the political satire came to USA TV in this pioneer NBC series. It was preempted so many times in the fall that after the elections, the momentum was gone and the viewers watched their competition, Peyton Place and Petticoat Junction. The show ended in the second season.

Movies 2 TV:

Destry was based on the 1939 James Stewart/Marlene Dietrich classic movie, Destry Rides Again.

The Farmer’s Daughter was based on the 1947 Loretta Young movie. Loretta won an Oscar for her role.

Original Run:

The Danny Kaye Show was on CBS Wednesday at 10 PM for four years.

Mr. Novak was on NBC Tuesday at 7:30 PM for two years.

My Favorite Martian was on CBS Sunday at 7:30 PM for three years.

Reruns: Moment Of Fear was the reruns of G.E. Theater, Schlitz Playhouse, Lux Video Theatre and Studio 57.

The Return:

Chuck Connors returned to a failed series, Arrest & Trial. He was in the popular western, The Rifleman, his first series.

Jonathan Harris returned in The Bill Dana Show. He was previously on The Third Man. His greatest role still awaits him in Lost In Space.

Jimmy Dean returned in The Jimmy Dean Show after a six–year absence.

CBS revived Suspense in 1964 with Sebastian Cabot as host; the LIVE version never had a host before.

NBC revived Moment Of Fear. It was last seen on NBC in 1960.

CBS revived Summer Playhouse. It was last seen on NBC in 1957.


Bea Benaderet played Kate Bradley on Petticoat Junction; she was the voice of Betty Rubble on The Flintstones since 1960. Due to her workload, she gave up Betty and only worked on Petticoat Junction the following year. Gerry Johnson took over Betty. This was her third time to be on different series at the same time; she was on The Flintstones the entire time.

Frank Cady played Sam Drucker on Petticoat Junction and Green Acres for a numerous of years. Hey, he had to! Sam was the storekeeper in Hooterville. His work was never done.

Spin Off: Redigo from Empire – Jim Redigo went from being a manager on the Garrett ranch to the owner of his own ranch.

Summer Replacement:

The New Christy Minstrels replaced Hazel for the summer.

Vacation Playhouse replaced The Lucy Show for the summer.

Switch Networks: The Price Is Right went from NBC to ABC


Petticoat Junction’s Paul & Linda Henning shared the same birthday, September 16.

The unnamed dog on Petticoat Junction was Higgins. He became the TOP DOG in the movies, starting in 1974. Higgins was the first Benji dog. His PJ human costar, Edgar Buchanan, starred in the first Benji movie.

Charles Bronson tried TV twice again (Empire) in 1963 with The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters, another failed show. The third time wasn’t the charm. He had much success at the movies. His young costar was the twelve year old, Kurt Russell, who became a well–known star in his own right. It was Kurt’s first series. Both Charles and Kurt reprised their roles in the 1964 TV movie, The Guns Of Diablo.

Bill Dana created the popular Jose Jimenez character on The Steve Allen Show; then created the show around the character. Bill incorporated one of Don Adams’ stand up character, Byron Glick, on the show. They have been friends since childhood. Don got his start on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scout, collaborating with Bill, which he won in 1954. Don was on his way of being a star.

Where did we saw the premise of Arrest & Trial before? Hmm, hey, I know now! Law & Order on NBC in the 1990’s and beyond. They were basically the same exact show for a different time. The only difference was Arrest & Trial is a ninety-minute police drama; Law & Order is one full hour. In those days, Ed Sullivan and Bonanza murdered Arrest & Trial in the ratings on Sundays. Even Judy Garland was murdered.

Many young stars on On Broadway Tonight later became successful – Rich Little, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Jo Anne Worley, Marilyn Michaels, Rodney Dangerfield and Renee Taylor.


1963/64 Fall Season

One Season (1963/64)

The Bill Dana Show – 1963–1965, NBC, comedy, Bill Dana, Don Adams, Jonathan Harris

Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre – 1963–1967, NBC, dramatic anthology, Bob Hope

Burke’s Law – 1963–1966, ABC, crime drama, Gene Barry, Gary Conway

The Danny Kaye Show – 1963–1967, CBS, variety, Danny Kaye, Harvey Coleman

The Farmer’s Daughter – 1963–1966, ABC, comedy, Inger Stevens

The Fugitive – 1963–1967, ABC, drama, David Janssen, Barry Moore

The Great Adventure – 1963–1965, CBS, dramatic anthology, Van Heflin

The Jimmy Dean Show – 1963–1966, ABC, variety, Jimmy Dean

Kraft Suspense Theater – 1963–1965, NBC, dramatic anthology

Mr. Novak – 1963–1965, NBC, drama, James Franciscus, Marion Ross

My Favorite Martian – 1963–1966, CBS, comedy, Bill Bixby, Ray Walston

The Outer Limits – 1963–1965, ABC, sci-fi anthology

The Patty Duke Show – 1963–1966, ABC, comedy, Patty Duke, William Schallert

Petticoat Junction – 1963–1970, CBS, comedy, Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, Linda Kaye


Cancelled TV shows

Arrest And Trial – ABC, crime drama, Ben Gazzara, Chuck Connors

Breaking Point – ABC, medical drama, Paul Richards, Eduard Franz

Channing – ABC, drama, Henry Jones, Jason Evers

Chronicle – CBS, documentary, Charles Collingwood

East Side/West Side – CBS, drama, George C. Scott, Cicely Tyson

The Edie Adams Show – ABC, musical variety, Edie Adams

Espionage – NBC, spy drama

Glynis – CBS, comedy, Gynis Johns, Keith Andes

The Greatest Show On Earth – ABC, circus drama, Jack Palance, Stu Erwin

Grindl – NBC, comedy, Imogene Coca

Harry’s Girls – NBC, comedy, Larry Blyden, Susan Silo

Hollywood And The Stars – NBC, documentary, Joseph Cotten

The Jerry Lewis Show – ABC, talk/variety, 13 episodes, Jerry Lewis

The Judy Garland Show – CBS, musical variety, Judy Garland

The Lieutenant – NBC, drama, Gary Lockwood, Robert Vaughn

100 Grand – ABC, game, 3 episodes, Jack Clark

Redigo – NBC, western, Richard Egan

The Richard Boone Show – NBC, dramatic anthology, Richard Boone

The Sid Caesar Show – ABC, comedy/variety, Sid Caesar

Temple Houston – NBC, western, Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters – ABC, western, Dan O’Herlihy, Kurt Russell


14 out of 35 new series SURVIVED for 1964/65

ABC – 6/15, Burke’s Law, Farmer’s Daughter, The Fugitive, The Jimmy Dean Show, Outer Limits & The Patty Duke Show

CBS – 4/8, The Danny Kaye Show, The Great Adventure, My Favorite Martian & Petticoat Junction

NBC – 4/12, The Bill Dana Show, Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre, Kraft Suspense Theater, & Mr. Novak


Mid season shows

The Celebrity Game – April 1964–1965, CBS, quiz, Carl Reiner

Moment Of Fear – July 1964–1965, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

On Broadway Tonight – July 1964–1965, CBS, talent/variety, Rudy Valle

Summer Playhouse – July 1964–1965, CBS, anthology, unsold pilots

That Was The Week That Was – January 1964–1965, NBC, news satire, Elliot Reid


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Destry – ABC, western, John Gavin

High Adventure With Lowell Thomas – CBS, adventure/travelogue, Lowell Thomas

The Humble Report – NBC, documentary

Laughs For Sale – ABC, comedy, Hal March

Made In America – CBS, quiz, 5 episodes, Hans Conried

The New Christy Minstrels – NBC, musical variety, 5 episodes, Randy Sparks

On Parade – NBC, musical variety

Suspense – CBS, dramatic anthology, Sebastian Cabot

Tell It To The Camera – CBS, interview, Red Rowe

You Don't Say – NBC, quiz, Tom Kennedy

Your Hit Parade – CBS, music


Two Seasons (1962/63)

ABC News Reports – July 1963–1964, ABC, documentary

The Andy Williams Show – 1962–1967, NBC, musical variety

The Beverly Hillbillies – 1962–1971, CBS, comedy

Combat! – 1962–1967, ABC, drama

The Eleventh Hour – 1962–1964, NBC, drama

Hootenanny – April 1963–1964, ABC, music

The Jack Paar Show – 1962–1965, NBC, variety

The Jackie Gleason Show – 1962–1970; CBS, variety

The Lucy Show – 1962–1968, CBS, comedy

McHale’s Navy – 1962–1966, ABC, comedy

The Nurses – 1962–1965, CBS, drama

Vacation Playhouse – July 1963–1967, CBS, anthology

The Virginian – 1962–1971, NBC, western


Three Seasons (1961/62)

Ben Casey – 1961–1966, ABC, drama

Biography – February 1962–1964, syndication, documentary

The Defenders – 1961–1965, CBS, drama

The Dick Van Dyke Show – 1961–1966, CBS, comedy

Dr. Kildare – 1961–1966, NBC, drama

DuPont Show of The Week – 1961–1964, NBC, various

Hazel – 1961–1965, NBC; 1965/66, CBS, comedy

International Showtime – 1961–1965, NBC, variety

The Joey Bishop Show – 1961–1964, NBC; 1964/65, CBS, comedy

Marshal Dillon – 1961–1964, CBS; Gunsmoke’s reruns, western

Open End – 1961–1987, syndication, talk

Password – Jan 1962–1965, CBS, game


Four Seasons (1960/61)

The Andy Griffith Show – 1960–1968, CBS, comedy

CBS Reports – Jan 1961–1971, CBS, documentary

Candid Camera – 1960–1967, CBS, humor

Fight of the Week – 1960–1964, ABC, sports boxing

The Flintstones – 1960–1966, ABC, cartoon

Make That Spare – 1960–1964, ABC, sports

Mr. Ed – January 1961, Syndication; 1961–1965, CBS; comedy

My Three Sons – 1960–1965, ABC; 1965–1972, CBS, comedy

Route 66 – 1960–1964, CBS, adventure

Sing Along With Mitch – Jan 1961–1964, NBC, variety


Five Seasons (1959/60)

Bell Telephone Hour – 1959–1968, NBC, music

Bonanza – 1959–1973, NBC, western

The Twilight Zone – 1959–1965, CBS, anthology


Six Seasons (1958/59)

The Donna Reed Show – 1958–1966, ABC, comedy

The Garry Moore Show – 1958–1964, CBS, variety

Rawhide – Jan 1959–1966, CBS, western

77 Sunset Strip – 1958–1964, ABC, drama


Seven Seasons (1957/58)

Perry Mason – 1957–1966, CBS, drama

The Price Is Right – 1957–1963, NBC; 1963/64, ABC, game

Wagon Train – 1957–1962, NBC; 1962–1965, ABC, western


Eight Seasons (1956/57)

To Tell The Truth – Dec 1956–1967, CBS, game


Nine Seasons (1955/56)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour – 1955–1960, CBS; 1960–1962, NBC; 1962–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, suspense anthology

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western


Ten Seasons (1954/55)

Lassie – 1954–1971, CBS; 1971–1974, Syndication; adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1954–1971, ABC, music

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – 1954–1983, anthology


Eleven Seasons (1953/54)

The Danny Thomas Show – 1953–1957, ABC; 1957–1965, CBS, comedy


Twelve Seasons (1952/53)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 1952–1966, ABC, comedy

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology


Thirteen Seasons (1951/52)

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

The Red Skelton Hour – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953–1970, CBS; 1970/71, NBC, variety


Fourteen Seasons (1950/51)

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy


Fifteen Seasons (1949/50)

What’s My Line? – Feb 1950–1967, CBS, game


Seventeen seasons (1947/48)

The Ed Sullivan Show – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview


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