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TV Seasons


1984/85 – Dynasty was #1 on ABC Wednesday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1984 season; The Dukes Of Hazzard was cancelled in the seventh season.


Saturday Night Live celebrated ten years on NBC.

Monday Night Football celebrated fifteen years on ABC.

That Good Ole Nashville Music celebrated fifteen years in syndication. It was also their last season.

Biggest New Hit: One great black series, The Jeffersons, ended; another great black series, The Cosby Show, begun. The Cosby Show was #3 on NBC Thursday. It was a breakthrough series for the blacks; they were above The Evans and below The Jeffersons, the Huxtables was the upper middle class family.

British Ties: Three’s A Crowd was based on ITV’s Robin’s Nest.

Contract Dispute: Chad Lowe walked out on Spencer in a salary dispute. Ronn Harris became the new Spencer. Even Ronn didn't last either. The series was soon cancelled.

Daytime: Angie was on ABC weekdays from June–September 1985.


Nicholas Colasanto died on February 12, 1985 from a heart aliment in Studio City. The following season, Woody Harrelson replaced him on Cheers.

Selma Diamond died on May 13, 1985 from lung cancer. Florence Halop replaced her on Night Court the next season.

Jon-Erik Hexum accidentally committed suicide from self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head on the set on his series, Cover Up.

Dolph Sweet died on May 8, 1985 and the mourning of his character, Chief Carl Kanisky, occurred in season six opener of Gimmie A Break! Nell Harper became both the mother and the father of the Kanisky Family. The comedy lasted two more seasons.

Movies 2 TV: Mr. Belvedere was based on the 1948 comedy movie, Sitting Pretty, starring Clifton Webb. There was a failed 1965 pilot to bring Mr. Belvedere to the small screen. After two decades of trying, Christopher Hewett is the first Mr. Belvedere on TV.

Name Change: Spencer to Under One Roof.

The Return:

Michael Landon returned in Highway To Heaven after a two-year absence. It was his third NBC successful series; the others were Bonanza and Little House On The Prairie. Victor French was his costar in this show too; he was on Little House. Michael’s youngest daughter, Jennifer Landon, appeared in the very last episode of Highway To Heaven. Jennifer won a daytime Emmy for her role on As The World Turns in 2005.

Tony Danza returned in Who’s The Boss? after a year absence; he was previously on Taxi for five years. His costars were famous as well. Judith Light was on One Live To Live (1977-83). Katherine Helmond was on Soap for five years. His TV daughter, Alyssa Milano, went to bigger success on Charmed. Danny Pintaura got his start on As The World Turns. Danny is the first known actor to outed himself in a tabloid magazine, The National Enquirer, in 1997.

Bill Cosby returned in The Cosby Show – we all know what happened in 1984; it resurrected the dying breed of the sitcoms.

Lynda Carter returned in a failed series, Partners In Crime, after a six-year absence; she was Wonder Woman in the 1970’s. Her costar, Loni Anderson, was on WKRP In Cincinnati for four years.

Spin Off: Three’s A Crowd from Three’s Company – Jack Tripper found true love in Vicky Bradford, a flight attendant, and owns his very own restaurant, Jack’s Bistro.

TV History: The Jeffersons ended a successful eleven years run. It is the longest black comedy ever and the longest running spin off series.


The Cosby Show brought the comedy shows back from the dead. It is the most successful black comedy to date.

ABC and NBC turned down The Cosby Show. NBC had a change of heart and the Thursday night lineup became profitable for NBC over ten years, thus creating Must See TV.

Adam Sandler got his start on The Cosby Show as Theo’s friend. Adam later joined Saturday Night Live, then he became a major movie star.

Jeopardy is the second most popular game show in the states. Merv Griffith created Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune. In most markets, they are both shown together. The popular host, Alex Trebek, won some daytime Emmys throughout the years. Also, Merv created the theme music for Jeopardy.

Kelsey Grammer worked nonstop for twenty years on two hit series, Cheers (1984–1993) and the spin off series, Frasier (1993–2004).

Murder, She Wrote is Angela Landsbury’s first and only series. She wasn’t the producer’s original choice; it was Jean Stapleton. Truth to be known, Angela and Jean were great friends with openly gay Hurd Hatfield.

V was based on the hugely successful 1983 sci-fi miniseries. Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger) played the same role, Willie, a friendly alien.

Hunter is Fred Dryer’s first series. He was a former football player.

Paper Dolls was Nicollette Sheridan’s first series. She later gained fame on Knots Landing as Paige Matheson, Mac’s daughter. More fame came her way in Desperate Housewives, the hugely popular hit on ABC, in 2004; she played Susan’s rival, Edie Britt.

Dreams was John Stamos’ first series. John Stamos was best known for General Hospital as Blackie Parrish from 1982-84.

Charles In Charge was Jonathan Ward's first series.


1984/85 Fall Season

One Season (1984/85)

The Cosby Show – 1984–1992, NBC, comedy, Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad

Highway To Heaven – 1984–1989, NBC, drama, Michael Landon, Victor French

Hunter – 1984–1991, NBC, crime drama, Fred Dryer, Stephanie Kramer

Miami Vice – 1984–1989, NBC, crime drama, Don Johnson, Phillip Michael Thomas

Murder, She Wrote – 1984–1996, CBS, detective drama, Angela Landsbury

Punky Brewster – 1984–1986, NBC, comedy, Soleil Moon Frye

Who’s The Boss? – 1984–1992, ABC, comedy, Tony Danza, Judith Light


Cancelled TV Shows

Call To Glory – ABC, drama, Craig T. Nelson, Elizabeth Shue

Charles In Charge – CBS, comedy, Scott Baio, Willie Aames

Cover Up – CBS, detective drama, Jon-Erik Hexum, Jennifer O'Neill

Dreams – CBS, comedy, 5 episodes, John Stamos

E/R – CBS, comedy, Elliott Gould, George Clooney

Finder Of Lost Loves – ABC, detective drama, Tony Franciosa, Deborah Adair

Glitter – ABC; Dec 1985, ABC late night, drama, David Birney, Morgan Brittany

Hawaiian Heat – ABC, crime drama, Jeff McCracken

Hot Pursuit – NBC, drama, Kerrie Keane

It’s Your Move – NBC, comedy, Jason Bateman, David Garrison

Jessie – ABC, crime drama, Lindsey Wagner

Paper Dolls – ABC drama, Dack Rambo, Morgan Fairchild

Partners In Crime – NBC, detective drama, Lyndia Cater, Loni Anderson

People Do The Crazy Things – ABC, humor, Bert Convy

Three’s A Crowd – ABC, comedy, John Ritter, Mary Cadorette

V – NBC, sci-fi, Mark Singer, Robert Englund


7 out 0f 23 new series SURVIVED for 1985/86

ABC – 1/9, Who’s The Boss

CBS – 1/5, Murder, She Wrote

NBC – 5/9, Cosby Show, Highway to Heaven, Hunter, Miami Vice & Punky Brewster


Mid Season Shows

Crazy Like A Fox – Dec 1984–1986, CBS, detective drama, Jack Warden, John Rubinstein

Mr. Belvedere – March 1985–1990, ABC, comedy, Christopher Hewett

Moonlighting – March 1985–1989, ABC, detective comedy/drama, Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Berrenger's – NBC, soap, Jeff Conaway, Jack Scalia

The Best Times – NBC, drama, K.C. Martel

Code Name: Firefox – NBC, foreign intrigue/secret agent, Joanna Cassidy

The Comedy Factory – ABC, comedy anthology, Derek McGrath

Detective In The House – CBS, detective, Judd Hirsch

Double Dare – CBS, detective, Billy Dee Williams, Ken Wahl

Hail To The Chief – ABC, comedy, Patty Duke, Joel Brooks

Half Nelson – NBC, detective comedy/drama, Joe Pesci, Victoria Jackson

I Had Three Wives – CBS, detective comedy/drama, Victor Garber, David Faustino

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments – ABC, comedy, Steve Allen

The Lucie Arnaz Show – CBS, comedy, Lucie Arnaz

MacGruder & Loud – ABC, crime drama, John Getz

Me And Mom – ABC, detective comedy/drama, Holland Taylor, James Earl Jones

Michael Nesmith In Television Parts – NBC, variety, Michael Nesmith

Motown Revue – NBC, musical variety, Arsenio Hall, Smokey Robinson

Oceanquest – NBC, documentary, 5 episodes, Shawn Weatherly

Off The Rack – ABC, comedy, 6 episodes, Eileen Brennan, Edward Asner

Otherworld – CBS, sci fi, 8 episodes, Sam Groom

Our Time – NBC, variety, Phil Hartman, Harry Anderson

Rock 'N' Roll Summer Action – ABC, musical variety, Christopher Atkins

Sara – NBC, comedy, Geena Davis

Spencer – NBC, comedy, Chad Lowe

Street Hawk – ABC, crime drama, Joe Regalbuto

Wildside – ABC, western, 6 episodes, J. Eddie Peck



Dr. Ruth – 1984–1991, Lifetime, discussion/advice, Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Hollywood Insider – May 1985–1995, USA Network, news/gossip, Sandy Newton

Larry King Live – June 1985–present, CNN, discussion, Larry King

Showbiz Today – 1984–2001, CNN, newsmagazine, Liz Wickersham



Jeopardy – 1984–present, syndication, game, Alex Trebek

Rituals – syndication, soap, Dennis Patrick

The Start Of Something Big – April 1985–1986, syndication, information/interview, Steve Allen

Tales From The Darkside – 1984–1988, syndication, horror/supernatural, Paul Sparer


Late Night

The George Michael Sports Machine – 1984–1991, NBC, sports highlights, George Michael


Two Seasons (1983/84)

AfterMASH – 1983–1985, CBS, comedy

Airwolf – Jan 1984–1986, CBS; 1987 on USA, adventure

Church Street Station – March 1984–1987, TNN, music

Cover Story – March 1984–1989, USA, interview

Double Trouble – April 1984–1985, NBC, comedy

Eye On Hollywood – February 1984–1986, ABC, magazine

Fame – 1983–1987, syndication, drama

Foul Ups, Bleeps & Blunders – Jan 1984–1985, ABC, comedy

Friday Night Videos – 1983–2000, NBC, music

Hardcastle & McCormick 1983–1986, ABC, detective/adventure

Hotel – 1983–1988, ABC, drama

Kate & Allie – March 1984–1989, CBS, comedy

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous – January 1984–1996, syndication, magazine

Love Connection – 1983–1995, Syndication – weekdays, game

Mike Hammer – Jan 1984–1986, CBS, detective drama

Night Court – Jan 1984–1992, NBC, comedy

Riptide – Jan 1984–1986, NBC, detective drama

Scarecrow & Mrs. King – 1983–1987, CBS, adventure

Star Search – 1983–1995, Syndication, talent

TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes – Jan 1984–1986, NBC, comedy

This Week In Country Music – 1983–1987, syndication, magazine

Too Close For Comfort – January 1984–1985, syndication; comedy

Webster – 1983–1987, ABC; 1987/88 in Syndication, comedy

Wheel Of Fortune – 1983–present, syndication, game

You Can Be A Star – 1983–1989, TNN, talent


Three Seasons (1982/83)

The A Team – Jan 1983–1987, NBC, adventure

At The Movies – 1982–1990, syndication, commentary

Cheers – 1982–1993, NBC, comedy

Family Ties – 1982–1989, NBC, comedy

Fraggle Rock – January 1983–1987, HBO, puppets

Knight Rider – 1982–1986, NBC, adventure

Lorne Greene's New Wilderness – 1982–1986, syndication, wildlife/nature

Matt Houston – 1982–1985, ABC, detective drama

Nashville Now – March 1983–1993, TNN, talk/variety, LIVE

Newhart – 1982–1990, CBS, comedy

The Paper Chase – February 1983–1986, Showtime, drama

Remington Steele – 1982–1987, NBC, detective drama

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – 1982–1986, CBS, variety

St. Elsewhere – 1982–1988, NBC, drama

Silver Spoons – 1982–1986, NBC, comedy

TJ Hooker – March 1982–1987, ABC, crime drama


Four Seasons (1981/82)

Cagney & Lacey – March 1982–1988, CBS, crime drama

Entertainment Tonight – 1981–present, syndication, news/gossip

Fall Guy – 1981–1986, ABC, adventure

Falcon Crest – 1981–1990, CBS, soap

Gimme A Break – 1981–1987, NBC, comedy

Late Night With David Letterman – February 1982–1993, NBC, talk

The People's Court – 1981–1993, syndication, courtroom

Simon & Simon – Nov 1981–1989, CBS, detective drama


Five Seasons (1980/81)

Dynasty – Jan 1981–1989, ABC, soap

Hill Street Blues – Jan 1981–1987, NBC, crime drama

Magnum P.I. – Dec 1980–1988, CBS, detective drama

Solid Gold – 1980–1988, syndication, music


Six Seasons (1979/80)

Benson – 1979–1986, ABC, comedy

The Facts Of Life – August 1979–1988, NBC, comedy

Knots Landing – December 1979–1993, CBS, soap

Trapper John MD – 1979–1986, CBS, drama


Seven Seasons (1978/79)

Dance Fever – January 1979–1987, syndication, dance

Diff’rent Stokes – November 1978–1985, NBC; 1985/86, ABC, comedy

The Dukes Of Hazzard – January 1979–1985, CBS, comedy/adventure

PM Magazine – 1978–1990, syndication, magazine


Eight Seasons (1977/78)

Dallas – April 1978–1991, ABC, soap

Family Feud – 1977–1985, syndication, quiz

The Love Boat – 1977–1986, ABC, comedy

20/20 – June 1978–present, ABC, newsmagazine


Nine Seasons (1976/77)

Alice – 1976–1985, CBS, comedy

The Joker's Wild – 1976–1986, syndication, quiz


Ten Seasons (1975/76)

Saturday Night Live – 1975–present, NBC; variety


Eleven Seasons (1974/75)

The Jeffersons – Jan 1975–1985, CBS, comedy


Fifteen Seasons (1970/71)

Monday Night Football, 1970–2006, ABC, sports

That Good Ole Nashville Music – 1970–1985, syndication, music


Seventeen Seasons (1968/69)

Hee Haw – 1971–1993, syndication, variety

60 Minutes – 1968–present, CBS, newsmagazine


Eighteen Seasons (1967/68)

Wild Kingdom – 1971–1988, syndication, wildlife


Twenty four Seasons (1961/62)

The David Susskind Show – 1961–1987, syndication, talk


Thirty one Seasons (1954/55)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety


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