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TV Seasons


1962/63 – The Beverly Hillbillies was #1 on CBS Wednesday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1962 season; Car 54, Where Are You was cancelled in the second season.

Alternate Series: Armstrong Circle Theatre and The U.S. Steel Hour were on CBS Wednesday at 10 PM.


Danny Thomas celebrated ten years on CBS.

U.S. Steel Hour celebrated ten years on TV.

Perry Como celebrated fifteen years on TV.

Biggest New Hit: The Beverly Hillbillies was the first show to be #1 in the first season. It was in the top twenty for every season, except their last. It was #18 in 1969, then it disappeared the next season.

Movies 2 TV:

Going My Way was based on the 1944 Oscar winning best picture movie. Gene Kelly assumed the Bing Crosby Oscar winning role in the show. The movie won seven Oscars.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington was based on the 1939 James Stewart movie.

The Virginian was based on The Virginian movies; Gary Cooper was in the most famous silent movie version in 1929.

Name Change:

Alfred Hitchcock Presents to Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

After a month, The Lucille Ball Show was shortened to The Lucy Show.

Matty's Funday Funnies to Matty’s Funnies With Beany And Cecil in January 1962. It is best known as Beany & Cecil.

Purex Summer Specials to The World Of....

The Red Skelton Show to The Red Skelton Hour.

Original Run:

The Eleventh Hour was on NBC Wednesday at 10 PM.


ABC aired Fireside Theatre reruns under the title, Jane Wyman Presents, in the summer of 1963.

ABC aired Winston Churchill–The Valiant Years reruns in its entirely.

The Return:

Lucy Ball returned to TV in The Lucy Show. She still had staying power. America still LOVE Lucy. It was #4 on CBS Mondays, tying with the popular western, Bonanza. Just like The Andy Griffith Show, her show was in the top ten every season. Her lowest ratings was #8 in 1964; her highest was #2 in his last season in 1967.

Buddy Ebsen returned to an extremely popular series, The Beverly Hillbillies, after a three-year absence. He was previously on the failed series, Northwest Passage.

CBS revived Pantomime Quiz with a new name, Stump The Stars, after a three-year absence.

Reckoning returned to CBS. It was last seen in 1960.

Simultaneous: Bea Benaderet was on The Flintstones and The Beverly Hillbillies. This was her second time to be on different series.

Summer Replacement:

The Keefe Brasselle Show replaced The Garry Moore Show for the summer.

Kraft Mystery Theater replaced Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall for the summer.

Talent Scouts replaced The Red Skelton Hour for the summer. Merv Griffin replaced Jim Backus on Talent Scouts.

Vacation Playhouse replaced The Lucy Show for the summer.

Switch Networks:

Father Knows Best reruns went from CBS to ABC.

Wagon Train went from NBC to ABC in the same time slot, Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Last season, Wagon Train was #1.


The Virginian was the first ever ninety minute western. The first pilot was shown in the summer of 1958 on the dramatic anthology series, Decision, with James Drury. The pilot was retool several years later; The Virginian became a huge hit.

The Voice Of Firestone returned to ABC after a four-year absence; this time, it lasted a season. It was on TV for twelve years. Also, it was cancelled three times.

Charles Bronson joined Empire in early 1963; it was his second series. The Empire crumbled in one season.

Jim Nabors joined The Andy Griffith Show as Gomer Pyle in the spring of 1963. He was quite popular that Gomer Pyle was spun into his own successful series in 1964/65.

After the 1962-65 primetime run, The Nurses became a daytime soap from 1965-67. It was set in the same hospital, New York City’s Alden General Hospital, but the cast changed.

McHale’s Navy was Gavin MacLeod’s first series. He must have love the sea very much that he became a captain of Pacific Princess in 1977.

After a very successful run on The Tonight Show (1957-62), Jack Paar hosted a variety show on NBC in prime time for three years. In the meantime, the substitute hosts were used on The Tonight Show till the King Of Late Night, Johnny Carson, arrived from ABC. Johnny had to wait out on his ABC contract before hosting The Tonight Show in October 1962. Johnny reigned late night for twenty-nine years.

Before the production began on Combat, the actors were sent to a actual boot camp training for a realistic feel of the show. Even some episodes had original WW2 battle footage. The first four seasons was B/W; the last season was color.

Rick Jason (Lt. Gil Hanley) served in the real WW2 in the U.S. Army Air Corps from 1943-45. Rick had three different wives during the run of Combat. Oh, man! His home life was a battlefield too! He was never far from a war!

Ensign O’Toole was based on Bill Lederer’s two books - All The Ships At Sea and Ensign O‘Toole & Me; Bill was the consultant for the show.

The Gallant Men was defeated in their “war” against Rawhide on Friday night and Jackie Gleason on Saturday night. The losing battle lasted for a season. Combat was the much better war drama out of the two; both premiered in the same season on ABC.

Sam Benedict was loosely based on the real trial lawyer, Jacob W. Erlich, who was the technical consultant on the show.

Stoney Burke was Jack Lord’s first series. Jack didn’t last long as a professional rodeo rider. He had better luck of being a head detective in Hawaii. Aloha!

Picture This was Jerry Van Dyke’s first series. He appeared on his brother’s show few times in the past.

Johnny Carson took over The Tonight Show. Long live the late night king.

Viewer Response: CBS cancelled the one-hour comedy, Fair Exchange, after three months. Surprisingly, the audience sent in some protest mail. CBS gave the show another chance in March 1963; it was thirty minutes this time around. Once again, the show didn’t fair well. CBS cancelled the show again in the first season.


1962/63 Fall Season

One Seasons (1962/63)

The Andy Williams Show – 1962–1967, NBC, musical variety, Andy Williams

The Beverly Hillbillies – 1962–1971, CBS, comedy, Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan

Combat! – 1962–1967, ABC, drama, Rick Jason, Vic Morrow

The Eleventh Hour – 1962–1964, NBC, drama, Wendell Corey

The Jack Paar Show – 1962–1965, NBC, variety, Jack Paar

The Jackie Gleason Show – 1962–1970, CBS, variety, Jackie Gleason

The Lucy Show – 1962–1968, CBS, comedy, Lucy Ball, Vivian Vance

McHale’s Navy – 1962–1966, ABC, comedy, Ernest Borgnine, Joe Flynn, Tim Conway

The Nurses – 1962–1965, CBS, drama, Shirl Conway, Zina Bethune

The Virginian – 1962–1971, NBC, western, James Drury, Lee J. Cobb, Doug McClure


Cancelled TV shows

Don’t Call Me Charlie – NBC, comedy, Josh Peine

Empire – NBC, western, Richard Egan

Ensign O’Toole – NBC, comedy, Dean Jones

Fair Exchange – CBS, comedy, Eddie Foy Jr.

The Gallant Men – ABC, war drama, Robert McQueeney

General Electric True – CBS, dramatic anthology, Jack Webb

Going My Way – ABC, comedy, Gene Kelly, Dick York

I’m Dickens – He’s Fenster – ABC, comedy, Marty Ingels, John Astin

It’s A Man’s World – NBC, comedy, Glenn Corbett

The Jetsons – ABC, cartoon, George O’Hanlon, Penny Singleton

The Lloyd Bridges Show – CBS, dramatic anthology, Lloyd Bridges

McKeever & The Colonel – NBC, comedy, Scott Lane

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington – ABC, comedy, Fess Parker

The New Loretta Young Show – CBS, drama, Loretta Young

Our Man Higgins – ABC, comedy, Stanley Holloway

The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show – ABC, variety, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

Saints & Sinners – NBC, newspaper drama, Nick Adams

Sam Benedict – NBC, drama, Edmond O’Brien

Stoney Burke – ABC, western, Jack Lord

Stump The Stars – CBS, game, Pat Harrington, Jr.

The Voice Of Firestone, ABC, music

Wide Country – NBC, western, Earl Holliman


10 out of 32 new series SURVIVED for 1963/64

ABC – 2/11, Combat & McHale’s Navy

CBS – 4/9, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Lucy Show & Nurses

NBC – 4/12, The Andy Williams Show, The Eleventh Hour, The Jack Paar Show & The Virginian


Mid season shows

ABC News Reports – July 1963–1964, ABC, documentary/public affairs, Bob Young

Hootenanny – April 1963–1964, ABC, music, Jack Linkletter

Vacation Playhouse – July 1963–1967, CBS, anthology


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

The Art Linkletter Show – NBC, quiz, Art Linkletter

Comedy Hour Special – CBS, comedy/variety

The Dakotas – ABC, western, Chad Everett

The Keefe Brasselle Show – CBS, musical variety, Ann B. Davis, Sammy Kaye

Picture This – CBS, game, Jerry Van Dyke

Portrait – CBS, interview, 5 episodes, Charles Collingwood

Ray Scherer's Sunday Report – NBC, news/documentary, Ray Scherer

Reckoning – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Your Funny, Funny Films – ABC, comedy, George Fenneman


Two Seasons (1961/62)

Alcoa Premiere – 1961–1963, ABC, dramatic anthology

Bell & Howell Closeup – November 1961–1963, ABC, documentary

Ben Casey – 1961–1966, ABC, drama

Biography – February 1962–1964, syndication, documentary

Car 54, Where Are You? – 1961–1963, NBC, comedy

Chet Huntley Reporting – January 1962–1963, NBC, news/documentary

David Brinkley’s Journal – 1961–1963, NBC, documentary

The Defenders – 1961–1965, CBS, drama

The Dick Powell Show – 1961–1963, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Dick Van Dyke Show – 1961–1966, CBS, comedy

Dr. Kildare – 1961–1966, NBC, drama

DuPont Show of The Week – 1961–1964, NBC, various

Hazel – 1961–1965, NBC; 1965/66, CBS, comedy

Howard K Smith – February 1962–1963, ABC, news commentary

International Showtime – 1961–1965, NBC, variety

The Joey Bishop Show – 1961–1964, NBC; 1964/65, CBS, comedy

The Lively Ones – 1962–1963, NBC, musical variety

Marshal Dillon reruns – 1961–1964, CBS, western

Open End – 1961–1987, syndication, talk

Password – January 1962–1965, CBS, game

Ripcord – 1961–1963, syndication, adventure

Talent Scouts – July 1962–1963, CBS, talent/variety


Three Seasons (1960/61)

The Andy Griffith Show – 1960–1968, CBS, comedy

Beany And Cecil – 1960–1963, ABC, cartoon

CBS Reports – January 1961–1971, CBS, documentary

Candid Camera – 1960–1967, CBS, humor

Eyewitness To History – 1960–1963, CBS, news analysis

Fight of the Week – 1960–1964, ABC, sports boxing

The Flintstones – 1960–1966, ABC, cartoon

Focus On America – 1961–1963, ABC, documentary

Kraft Mystery Theater – 1961–1963, NBC, dramatic anthology

Make That Spare – 1960–1964, ABC, sports

Mr. Ed – January 1961, Syndication; 1961–1965, CBS; comedy

My Three Sons – 1960–1965, ABC; 1965–1972, CBS, comedy

Naked City – 1960–1963, ABC, crime drama

The World Of.... – July 1961–1963, NBC, anthology

Route 66 – 1960–1964, CBS, adventure

Sing Along With Mitch – January 1961–1964, NBC, variety


Four Seasons (1959/60)

Bell Telephone Hour – 1959–1968, NBC, music

Bonanza – 1959–1973, NBC, western

Dennis The Menace – 1959–1963, CBS, comedy

Hawaiian Eye – 1959–1963, ABC, drama

Laramie – 1959–1963, NBC, western

Many Loves of Dobie Gillis – 1959–1963, CBS, comedy

The Twilight Zone – 1959–1965, CBS, anthology

The Untouchables – 1959–1963, ABC, crime drama


Five Seasons (1958/59)

The Donna Reed Show – 1958–1966, ABC, comedy

The Garry Moore Show – 1958–1964, CBS, variety

Rawhide – January 1959–1966, CBS, western

The Rifleman – 1958–1963, ABC, western

77 Sunset Strip – 1958–1964, ABC, drama


Six Seasons (1957/58)

Have Gun, Will Travel – 1957–1963, CBS, western

Leave It To Beaver – 1957/58, CBS; 1958–1963, ABC, comedy

Perry Mason – 1957–1966, CBS, drama

The Price Is Right – 1957–1963, NBC; 1963/64, ABC, game

The Real McCoys – 1957–1962, ABC; 1962/63, CBS, comedy

Wagon Train – 1957–1962, NBC; 1962–1965, ABC, western


Seven Seasons (1956/57)

The Dinah Shore Show – 1956–1963, NBC, variety

To Tell The Truth – December 1956–1967, CBS, game


Eight Seasons (1955/56)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour – 1955–1960, CBS; 1960–1962, NBC; 1962–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, suspense anthology

Cheyenne – 1955–1963, ABC, western

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western


Nine Seasons (1954/55)

Father Knows Best reruns – 1960–1962, CBS; 1962/63, ABC, comedy

Lassie – 1954–1971, CBS, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1954–1971, ABC, music

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – 19541983, anthology


Ten Seasons (1953/54)

The Danny Thomas Show – 1953–1957, ABC; 1957–1965, CBS, comedy

U.S. Steel Hour – 1953–1955, ABC; 1955–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology LIVE


Eleven Seasons (1952/53)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 1952–1966, ABC, comedy

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology


Twelve Seasons (1951/52)

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

The Red Skelton Hour – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953–1970, CBS; 1970/71, NBC, variety


Thirteen Seasons (1950/51)

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy


Fourteen Seasons (1949/50)

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game


Fifteen seasons (1948/49)

The Perry Como Show – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS; 1955–1963, NBC, variety


Sixteen seasons (1947/48)

The Ed Sullivan Show – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview


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