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TV Seasons


1950/51 – Texaco Star Theater was #1 on NBC Tuesday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1950 season; Blind Date was cancelled in the third season.

Alternate Series:

Robert Montgomery Presents and Musical Comedy Time were on NBC Monday at 9:30 PM.

Prudential Family Playhouse and Sure As Fate were on CBS Tuesday at 8 PM.

Ford Theatre and Magnavox Theater were on CBS Friday at 9 PM.

The Big Story and The Clock were on NBC Friday at 9:30 PM.

The Colgate Comedy Hour:

Eddie Cantor, Fred Allen, Abbott & Costello, Spike Jones, Tony Martin, and Ray Bolger was in their first starring vehicle.

This was the first series to originate in Hollywood on September 30, 1951.

It was also aired the first ever color network telecast, hosted by Donald O'Connor, on November 22, 1953.

Eddie Cantor had a heart attack following one of his telecasts in September 1952, he returned in January 1953 for one more season.

This was NBC's first successful counter programming against The Ed Sullivan Show on the same night.

Death: Richard Hart died from a heart attack on January 2, 1951 in New York. Lee Bowman replaced him on The Adventures Of Ellery Queen.

Local TV:

They Stand Accused originally started on WGN–TV in Chicago in April 1948 as Cross Question. It later became a CBS series in January 1950.

Sandy Dreams was a local Los Angeles series; it moved to ABC in October 1950.

The Hank McCune Show was a local Hollywood series in 1949; it moved to NBC in September 1950.

Once Upon A Tune was a local New York series, then it moved to DUM.

Movies 2 TV: Richard Byrd starred in the 1937 Dick Tracy movie and some sequels.

Name Change:

Andy And Della Russell to Cook's Champagne Party after a month.

Cavalcade Of Sports to Sports Newsreel – 1950–1955, NBC, sports/sports commentary

Chesterfield Supper Club to The Perry Como Show

Hollywood Premiere Theatre changed to Hollywood Theatre Time after two months.

The Stu Erwin Show had three more names throughout its run – Life With The Erwins, The Trouble With Father and The New Stu Erwin Show in the last season. The show was best known as The Stu Erwin Show. Life With The Erwin is the first known name, and later The Trouble With Father.

Sessions to Chicago Jazz

After three weeks, Teller Of Tales changed the name to Somerset Maugham TV Theatre.

The Most Important People to Mr. And Mrs. Carroll in December 1950.

The Bill Gwinn Show had different names throughout the run - It Could Be You, This Could Be You, The Bill Gwinn Show and This Is My Song.

Headline Clues to Broadway To Hollywood–Headline Clues

Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties to Versatile Varieties

International Boxing Club Bouts to Blue Ribbon Bouts in the summer of 1951.

Original Run:

Amos 'N' Andy was on CBS Thursday at 8:30 PM for three seasons.

Beulah was on ABC Tuesday at 7:30 PM from 1950–1953.

The Colgate Comedy Hour was on NBC Sunday at 8 PM till Xmas 1955.

Sports Spot was on CBS Wednesday at 10:45 PM.

Your Show Of Shows was on NBC Saturday at 9 PM from 1950–1954.


The Adventures Of Ellery Queen was on the radio from 1939–1948.

Amos 'N' Andy was on the radio from 1937–1960.

Beulah was on the radio from 1945–1954.

Big Town was on the radio from 1937–1952.

The Cisco Kid was on MBS from 1942–1943 and 1946–1947.

Dick Tracy was on the radio from 1935–1939 and 1943–1948.

Don McNeill TV Club was on the radio from 1933–1968 under the name of The Breakfast Club.

The Horace Heidt Show was on the radio from 1932–1952.

Lux Radio Theatre was on the radio from 1934–1955.

Meet Corliss Archer was on the radio from 1943–1955. Fred Shields and Irene Tedrow reprised their role for TV.

Our Secret Weapon–The Truth was on CBS from 1942–1943.

Sing It Again was on CBS from 1948–1951.

Truth Or Consequences was on the radio from 1940–1957.

The Return:

Club Seven returned to ABC for another year, their final season, after a year absence. It was previously on ABC in 1948.

DUM revived the former CBS series, The John Hopkins Science Review, after a year absence.

It Pays to Be Ignorant returned to NBC. It was previously on CBS in 1949.

Sammy Kaye returned to CBS in July 1951 after a year absence. He was previously on NBC last summer.

Summer Replacement:

Fireside Arena Theatre replaced Fireside Theatre for the summer.

Go Lucky replaced This Is Show Business for the summer.

It Pays To Be Ignorant replaced You Bet Your Life for the summer.

Manhunt replaced Your Hit Parade for the summer.

Short Story Playhouse replace The Wayne King Show for the summer only on NBC Midwest network.

Switch Networks:

Life Begins At Eighty went from NBC to ABC.

Studs' Place went from NBC to ABC.

Somerset Maugham TV Theatre went from CBS to NBC in April 1951.

Treasury Men In Action went from ABC to NBC in April 1951.

Twenty Questions went from ABC to DUM


The 1950/51 season was the first ever Nielsen ratings season.

Sing It Again was simulcast on CBS Radio and TV networks.

Big Top moved to Saturday afternoon in January 1951 on CBS for seven years.

Beulah was the first sitcom to star a black woman. In the originally radio run, she was performed by a male actor, Marlin Hurt. Beulah first came to TV in 1950, followed by Fibber McGee And Molly in 1959. On the radio, Beulah spins off from Fibber McGee And Molly in 1945.

The Hank McCune Show was the first show to use a laugh track.

The Steve Allen Show was Steve Allen's first series. His series premiered on Xmas day.

Magnavox Theater showed the first ever hour long made for TV movie, The Three Musketeers, on November 24, 1950 on CBS. Robert Clarke, Mel Archer and Marjorie Lord were in the movie.

Helen Hayes made her TV debut on Pulitzer Prize Playhouse.

Hold That Camera started out as a game show; the format and Jimmy Blaine, the host, was scrapped. Hold That Camera became a straight variety show with the new host, Kyle MacDonnell.

Hawkins Falls later became the first successful soap in daytime from April 1951-July 1955. It was NBC's longest running soap until The Doctors in 1967.

The Stork Club was broadcast LIVE from Sherman Billingsley's The Stork Club, an actual club.

The future Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, was in two Stars Over Hollywood productions in 1992.

Truth Or Consequences creator, Ralph Edwards, hosted the show on the radio and the very first TV season of Truth Or Consequences. It didn’t do that well in prime time. The biggest success was in daytime with Bob Barker, the legendary The Price Is Right host, as the longest running host from 1956–1974. The show made Bob Barker a star.

For a popular singer like Frank Sinatra, he bombed big time on TV! For some stupid reason, the show was against NBC's popular show, Your Show Of Shows, in the first season and the last season he was against the #1 show of the season, The Texaco Star Theatre. Poor old Frank, he didn't have a real chance on TV.

Hey, man! Let's take a chance on Don Ameche! He is giving away prizes LIVE on national TV. Oh, boy! I can't wait till my turn! Sadly, my turn never came. Take A Chance was cancelled on Xmas eve.

Ad Libbers was the summer replacement for Mama on CBS. For a failed show, the Ad Libbers format later proved very popular as Whose Line Is It Anyway on ABC in 1998.

The Cisco Kid was the first hit in syndication and one of the first popular filmed programs on TV. The series was filmed in color; most stations showed them in B/W.

Ben Alexander also produced Party Time At Club Roma. He was a former child star in the movies. Party Time was his first exposure to network TV. He later played Jack Webb's partner on Dragnet from 1953–1959.

Two Networks: The Faye Emerson Show was shown simultaneously on CBS and NBC.


1950/51 Fall Season

One Season (1950/51)

The Adventures Of Ellery Queen – 1950/51, DUM, 1951–1952, ABC, detective drama, LIVE, Richard Hart

Beulah – 1950–1953, ABC, comedy, Ethel Waters

Big Town – 1950–1954, CBS; 1954–1956, NBC, newspaper drama, LIVE, Patrick McVey

Chance Of A Lifetime – 1950–1951, ABC, quiz, John Reed King

The Colgate Comedy Hour – 1950–1956, NBC, variety, Eddie Cantor

Danger – 1950–1955, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Richard Stark

Don McNeill TV Club – 1950–1951, ABC, variety, LIVE, Don McNeill

Four Star Revue – 1950–1953, NBC, comedy variety, Danny Thomas, Jimmy Durante

The Frank Sinatra Show – 1950–1952, CBS, musical variety, LIVE, Frank Sinatra

The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show – 1950–1958, CBS, comedy, George Burns, Gracie Allen

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy, Jack Benny

The John Hopkins Science Review – 1950–1954, DUM, information

Life With Linkletter – 1950–1952, ABC, variety, Art Linkletter

Lux Video Theatre – 1950–1954, CBS; 1954–1957, NBC, LIVE

Pulitzer Prize Playhouse – 1950–1952, ABC, dramatic anthology

The Speidel Show – 1950–1954, NBC, comedy/variety, Paul Winchell

The Stu Erwin Show – 1950–1955, ABC, comedy, Stu Erwin, June Collyer

Teller Of Tales – 1950–1951, CBS; 1951, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE, W. Somerset Maugham

Treasury Men In Action – 1950, ABC; 1951–1954, NBC; 1954/55, ABC, crime drama, Walter Greaza

You Asked For It – December 1950–1952, DUM; 1951–1959, ABC, audience participation

You Bet Your Life – 1950–1961, NBC, quiz, Groucho Marx


Cancelled Shows

The Billy Rose Show – ABC, dramatic anthology

Can You Top This? – ABC, comedy, Ward Wilson

Club Seven – ABC, musical variety, Tony Bavaar

College Bowl – ABC, musical comedy, LIVE, Andy Williams

Cowboys & Injuns – ABC, children's, Rex Bell

Dick Tracy – ABC, police drama, Ralph Byrd

The Game Of The Week – ABC, collage football highlights, Bill Fisher

The Hank McCune Show – NBC, comedy, Hank McCune

Hold That Camera – DUM, game/variety, Jimmy Blaine

Hollywood Premiere Theatre – ABC, various

The Horace Heidt Show – CBS, talent, LIVE, Horace Heidt

I Cover Time Square – ABC, newspaper drama, Harold Huber

Magnavox Theater – CBS, dramatic anthology

The Morton Downey Show – CBS, music, Morton Downey

Most Important People – DUM, musical variety, Jimmy Carroll, Rita Carroll

Musical Comedy Time – NBC, musical comedy, LIVE, The Ken Christie Singers

Nash Airflyte Theater– CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE, William Gaxton

New York Giants Quarterback Huddle – DUM, sports commentary, Joe Hasel

Old Fashioned Meeting – ABC, religion

Penthouse Party – ABC, variety, Betty Furness

Prudential Family Playhouse – CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Rhythm Rodeo – DUM, music, Art Jarrett

Sandy Dreams – ABC, children's variety

Sandy Strong – ABC, children's, Sandy Strong

Sessions – NBC, music, Art Van Damme Quintette

Showtime U.S.A – ABC, variety, Vinton Freedley

Sing It Again – CBS, quiz, Dan Seymour

Sit Or Miss – ABC, quiz, Kay Westfall

Smilin' Ed McConnell And His Buster Brown Gang – NBC, children's, Ed McConnell

Star Time – DUM, musical variety, Lew Parker

Stars Over Hollywood – NBC, anthology

Susan Raye – DUM, music, Susan Raye

Take A Chance – NBC, quiz, LIVE, Don Ameche

Truth Or Consequences – CBS, game, Ralph Edwards

The Vaughn Monroe Show – CBS, musical variety, LIVE, Vaughn Monroe


21 out of 56 new series SURVIVED for 1951/52

ABC – 7/22, Beulah, Chance Of A Lifetime, Don McNeill TV Club, Life With Linkletter, Pulitzer Prize Playhouse, The Stu Erwin Show & Treasury Men In Action

CBS – 7/15, Big Town, Danger, The Frank Sinatra Show, The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, The Jack Benny Show, Lux Video Theatre & Teller Of Tales

DUM – 3/9, The Adventures Of Ellery Queen, The John Hopkins Science Review & You Asked For It

NBC – 4/10, The Colgate Comedy Hour, Four Star Revue, The Speidel Show & You Bet Your Life


Mid season shows

America In View – May 1951–1953, ABC, travelogue

American Inventory – July 1951–1952, NBC, documentary/drama, Ray Morgan

Amos 'N' Andy – June 1951–1953, CBS, comedy, Alvin Childress

Bigelow Theatre – December 1950–1951, CBS; 1951, DUM, dramatic anthology

The Bill Gwinn Show – February 1951–1952, ABC, audience participation, Bill Gwinn

The Carmel Myers Show – June 1951–1952, ABC, interviews, Carmel Myers

Charlie Wild, Private Detective – December 1950–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC; 1952, DUM, detective drama, LIVE, Kevin O'Morrison

Crime Photographer – April 1951–1952, CBS, newspaper drama, LIVE, Richard Carlyle

Door With No Name – July 1951–1952, NBC; 1953, ABC, international intrigue, Mel Ruick

Down You Go – May 1951–1955, DUM; summer of 1955, CBS; 1955/56, ABC; summer of 1956, NBC, quiz, Dr. Bergen Evans

DuMont Royal Theatre – April 1951–1952, DUM, dramatic anthology

Everybody's Business – 1951, 1952 ABC, documentary, Oscar Ewing

Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town – June 1951-1952, CBS, variety, Faye Emerson

Ford Festival – April 1951–1952, NBC, musical variety, James Melton

The Freddy Martin Show – July–November 1951, NBC, musical variety, Freddy Martin

Front Page Detective – July 1951–1952 & 1953, DUM, newspaper drama, Edmund Lowe

Georgetown University Forum – July 1951–1953, DUM, discussion, Frank Blair

Hollywood Opening Night – July 1951–1952, CBS; 1952/53, NBC, dramatic anthology

How Did They Get This Way – July 1951–1952, ABC, discussion, Isabelle Leighton

Industries For America – May 1951–1952, ABC, documentary

It's News To Me – July 1951–1953, CBS, quiz, John Daly

The Jerry Colonna Show – May–November 1951, ABC, comedy/variety, Jerry Colona

Live Like A Millionaire – January 1951–1953, CBS, talent/variety, Jack McCoy

Manhunt – 1951–1952, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Meet Corliss Archer – June 1951–1952, CBS, comedy, LIVE, Lugene Sanders

Midwestern Hayride – June 1951–1952, NBC, musical variety, Bill Thall

Mr. Wizard – May 1951–1955, NBC, educational, Don Herbert

Not For Publication – May 1951–1952, DUM, newspaper drama, William Adler

Other Lands, Other Places – July–December 1951, ABC, travelogue

The Paul Dixon Show – 1951–1952, ABC, variety, Paul Dixon

Pentagon – May 1951–1952, DUM, interview

Racket Squad – June 1951–1953, CBS, police drama, Reed Hadley

The Sam Levenson Show – January 1951–1952, CBS, comedy, Sam Levenson

The Sammy Kaye Variety Show – July 1951–1952, CBS, musical variety, Sammy Kaye

Say It With Acting – January 1951–1952, ABC, charades, Maggi McNellis

Shadow Of The Cloak – June 1951–1952, DUM, international intrigue, Helmut Dantime

Space Patrol – June 1951–1952, ABC, children's, Ed Kemmer

Sports Spot – June 1951–1954, CBS, sports commentary, Jim McKay

Stage Entrance – May 1951–1952, DUM, interview, Ed Wilson

Strike It Rich – July 1951–1955, CBS, quiz, Warren Hull

Untied Or Not – July 1951–1952, ABC, interview, John MacVane

Watch Mr. Wizard – May 1951–1955, NBC, educational, Don Herbert

What's The Story – July 1951–1955, DUM, quiz, Walt Raney


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Ad Libbers – CBS, improvisation, LIVE, 5 episodes, Peter Donald, Jack Lemmon

Andy And Della Russell – ABC, music, LIVE, Andy Russel, Della Russell

The Armed Forces Hour – DUM, musical variety

The Art Ford Show – NBC, quiz, Art Ford

Circuit Rider – ABC, religion, Rex Marshall

Comedy Circus – ABC, films

Day Dreaming With Laraine Day – ABC, interview/variety, Laraine Day

Doodles Weaver – NBC, comedy variety, Doodles Weaver

Ernie In Kovacsland – NBC, comedy/variety, LIVE, Ernie Kovacs

Fireside Arena Theatre – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE, 8 episodes, Albert McCleery

Frosty Frolics – ABC, musical variety, 4 episodes

G.E. Guest House – CBS, quiz/panel, Oscar Levart

Go Lucky – CBS, quiz, Jan Murray

Going Places With Betty Betz – ABC, discussion, Betty Betz

Guess Again – CBS, quiz, 2 episodes, Mike Wallace

Henry Morgan's Great Talent Hunt – NBC, comedy/variety, Henry Morgan

Heritage – NBC, music and art, LIVE, Frank Blair

Horizons – ABC, discussion, LIVE

How To – CBS, informational, Roger Price

It Pays To Be Ignorant – NBC, quiz, Tom Howard

Jimmy Blaine's Junior Edition – ABC, music, Jimmy Blaine, Mary Crosby

Kid Gloves – CBS, sports, Frank Goodman

Kreisler Bandstand – ABC, music, Fred Robbins

Major Dell Conway Of The Flying Tigers – DUM, adventure, LIVE, Eric Fleming

Moments Of Music – ABC, music

Music From Chicago – DUM, music

Once Upon A Tune – DUM, musical variety, Phil Hanna

Our Secret Weapon–The Truth – DUM, discussion, Leo Cherne

The Peter Lind Hayes Show – NBC comedy, LIVE, Peter Lind Hayes

Q.E.D. – ABC, quiz, Doug Browning

Saturday Roundup – NBC, western anthology, Kermit Maynard

Sawyer Views Hollywood – ABC, musical variety, Hal Sawyer

Short Story Playhouse – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE, Robert Breen

Songs At Twilight – NBC, music, LIVE, Bob Carroll

The Steve Allen Show – CBS, comedy/variety, LIVE, Steve Allen

TV Recital Hall – NBC, music, LIVE

TV's Top Tunes – CBS, music, LIVE, Mel Torme, Peggy Lee

Tag The Gag – NBC, quiz, 2 episodes, Hal Block

The Victor Borge Show – NBC, comedy/variety, Victor Borge

Washington Report – DUM, discussion, Tris Coffin

Who's Whose – June 25, 1951, CBS, quiz, 1 episode, Phil Baker

With This Ring – DUM, quiz, Bill Slater

Your Esso Reporter – CBS, news

Your Story Theatre – DUM, dramatic anthology



The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok – April 1951–1958, syndication, western, Guy Madison

The Cisco Kid – 1950–1956, syndication, western, Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carillo


Late Night

Party Time At Club Roma – NBC, variety, Ben Alexander

The Robbins Nest – ABC, comedy/variety, Fred Robbins

Seven At Eleven – NBC, comedy/variety, Sid Gould

Sheilah Graham In Hollywood – NBC, talk, LIVE, Sheilah Graham


Two Seasons (1949/50)

Al Morgan – 1949–1951, DUM, music

The Alan Dale Show – June 1950–1951, CBS, music

The Alan Young Show – April 1950–1953, CBS, comedy/variety

The Aldrich Family – 1949–1953, NBC, comedy

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Arthur Murray Party – 1950, ABC; 1950/51, DUM, 1951/52, ABC; 1952, CBS; 1952/53, DUM; 1953, CBS; 1953/54 – 1954/55, NBC; 1956, CBS; 1956/57, NBC, musical variety

Battle Report – 1950, 1951, NBC, documentary/public affairs

Beat The Clock – March 1950–1958, CBS, quiz

The Big Story – 1949–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

Big Top – July 1950–1951, CBS, circus

Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties – 1949–1951, NBC, 1951, ABC, variety/children's

Broadway To Hollywood–Headline Clues – July 1949–1954, DUM, magazine

Buck Rogers – April 1950–1951, ABC, sci-fi, LIVE

Cactus Jim – 1949–1951, NBC, children's

Cameo Theatre – May 1950–1952, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Cavalcade Of Bands – January 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety

Country Style – July 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety

The Faye Emerson Show – March–July 1950, CBS; April–August 1950, NBC; fall of 1950, CBS, interview

Famous Jury Trials – 1949–1952, DUM, courtroom drama

Ford Theatre – 1949–1951, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Ford Star Revue – July 1949–1950, NBC, comedy/variety

The Gene Autry Show – July 1950–1956, CBS, western

Hands Of Mystery – 1949–1951, DUM, suspense anthology, LIVE

Hawkins Falls, Population 6,200 – January–October 1950, NBC, comedy/drama

Holiday Hotel – March 1950–1952, ABC, musical variety

Inside Detective – January 1950–1954, DUM, crime drama, LIVE

International Boxing Club Bouts – 1949–1955, boxing

The Jack Carter Show – February 1950–1951, NBC, variety

The Joan Edwards Show – July–October 1950, DUM, music

Kay Kyser's Kollage Of Musical Knowledge – December 1949–1950, NBC, quiz

The Ken Murray Show – January 1950–1953, CBS, variety

Life Begins At Eighty – January–August 1950, NBC; 1950 – 1952, ABC; 1952–1955, DUM; 1955/56, ABC, discussion

The Lone Ranger – 1949–1957, ABC, western

Man Against Crime – 1949–1953, CBS; 1953/54, NBC/DUM, detective drama

Marshall Plan In Action – June 1950–1953, ABC, documentary

Martin Kane, Private Eye – 1949–1954, NBC, detective drama, LIVE

One Man's Family – 1949–1952, NBC, soap

Pantomime Quiz – July 1950–1951, CBS; Jan–March 1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, CBS; Jan–March 1955, ABC; 1955–1957, CBS; 1958/59, ABC, quiz

Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue – 1949–1952, ABC, musical variety

The Plainclothesman – 1949–1954, DUM, police drama

Robert Montgomery Presents – January 1950–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

Rocky King, Inside Detective – January 1950–1954, DUM, crime drama, LIVE

Show Goes On – January 1950–1952, CBS, variety

Soap Box Theatre – June 1950–1951, ABC, drama, dramatic anthology

Songs For Sale – July 1950–1952, CBS, music

Sports Newsreel – 1950–1955, NBC, sports/sports commentary

Starlight Theatre – April 1950–1951, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Starlit time – April 1950–1951, DUM, musical variety

Stork Club – July 1950–1953, CBS, talk, LIVE

Stud's Place – 1949/50, NBC; 1950–1952, ABC, variety

Sure As Fate – July 1950, 1950/51, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Twenty Questions – 1949, NBC; March 1950–1951, ABC; 1951–1954, DUM; 1954/55, ABC, quiz

Van Camp's Little Show – June 1950–1951, NBC, music

Visit With The Armed Forces – July 1950–1951, DUM, documentary

The Voice of Firestone – 1949–1954, NBC; 1954–1959, ABC, music

Wayne King – 1949–1952, NBC, music, LIVE

We Take Our World – April 1950–1951, CBS, quiz

The Web – July 1950–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game

Your Hit Parade – summer of 1950–1958, NBC; 1958/59, CBS, music

Your Show Of Shows – February 1950–1954, NBC, comedy/variety

Youth On The March – 1949–1952, ABC; 1952/53, DUM, religion


Three seasons (1948/49)

At Home Show – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC, music

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety

Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts – 1948–1958, CBS, talent

Blind Date – May 1949–1951, ABC, audience participation

Break The Bank – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; summer of 1953, NBC; Jan 1954–1956, ABC; 1956/57, NBC, quiz

Captain Video And His Video Rangers – June 1949–1955, DUM, children's

Cavalcade Of Stars – June 1949–1952, DUM, comedy/variety

Celebrity Time – January–March 1949, CBS; March 1949/50, ABC; April 1950-1952 quiz

The Clock – May 1949–1951, NBC; 1951/52, ABC, suspense anthology, LIVE

Fireside Theatre – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Fred Waring Show – April 1949–1954, CBS, musical variety

Hopalong Cassidy – June 1949–1951, NBC, western

Garroway At Large – April 1949–1951, NBC, variety, LIVE

The Goldbergs – January 1949–1951, CBS; 1952–1953, NBC; 1954, DUM, comedy, LIVE

Greatest Fights Of The Century – 1948–1954, NBC, boxing

Kieran's Kaleidoscope – Early 1949–1952, syndication, documentary

Kukla, Fran & Ollie – November 1948–1952, NBC, children's, LIVE

Leave It To The Girls – April 1949–1951, NBC, discussion

Lights Out – July 1949–1952, NBC, suspense anthology, LIVE

Magic Cottage – July 1949–1951, DUM, children's

Mama – July 1949–1956, CBS, comedy/drama, LIVE

Mohawk Showroom –May 1949–1951, NBC, music, LIVE

On Trial – 1948–1952, ABC, debate

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club – April 1949–1954, ABC, talent, LIVE

The Perry Como Show – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS; 1955–1963, NBC, variety

Philco TV Playhouse – 1948–1955, NBC, dramatic anthology

Quiz Kids – March 1949–1952, NBC; Jan–Nov 1953, CBS, quiz

Riddle Me This – January 1949, CBS; March 1949–1950, ABC; April 1950–1952, CBS; quiz

Stop The Music – May 1949–1952, ABC, quiz

Studio One – 1948–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology

Suspense – March 1949–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology

This Is Show Business – July 1949–1954, CBS, variety

Who Said That? – December 1948–1954, NBC, 1955, ABC, quiz


Four seasons (1947/48)

Author Meets The Critics – April 1948–1949, NBC; 1949/50, ABC; 1951/52, NBC, 1952–1954, DUM, book discussion

Court Of Current Issues – February 1948–1951, DUM, debate

Hollywood Screen Test – April 1948–1953, ABC; talent

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent

Texaco Star Theater – June 1948–1956, NBC, comedy/variety

Toast Of The Town – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

We, The People – June 1948–1949, CBS; 1949 – 1951, NBC, interview


Five seasons (1946/47)

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Small Fry Club – March 1947–1951, DUM, children’s


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