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TV Seasons


1964/65 – Bonanza was #1 on NBC Sunday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1964 season.  The Twilight Zone was cancelled in the sixth season. Jack Benny was cancelled in the fifteen season!


Alfred Hitchcock celebrated ten years on TV.

Gunsmoke celebrated ten years on CBS.

Jack Benny celebrated fifteen years on TV.

Biggest New Hit: The beloved Bewitched was #2 on ABC Thursday. It was ABC’s biggest hit at the time. Who could resist Samantha’s twitching nose and her magical relatives, such as Uncle Arthur, her mother Endora, her father Maurice, even her look-alike cousin Serena? As much Samantha tried to stop using her powers at Darrin’s request, she ended up using them no matter what. It was hard not to use magic when things goes terribly wrong for The Stephens in any situation.

British Ties: CBS aired Secret Agent from April 1965–September 1966. It originally aired on ITV in British between October 1964–April 1966. Secret Agent is the expanded version of Danger Man, the 30 minute series.


The Andy Griffith Show was on CBS weekdays from October 1964–September 1970.

The Donna Reed Show was on ABC weekdays from December 1964–March 1968.

The Jack Benny Show was on CBS weekdays from October 1964–September 1965.

Movies 2 TV:

No Time For Sergeants was based on the 1958 Andy Griffith movie. Andy starred in the hit 1955 play too.

Twelve O’Clock High was based on the 1949 Gregory Peck movie.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea was based on the 1961 Walter Pidgeon movie. They used many sets from the movie.

Name Change:

ABC's Nightlife was known as The Les Crane Show the first four months. The critics wasn't very friendly. So, Les left the program.

The Nurses to The Doctors And The Nurses.

90 Bristol Court: Three sitcoms – Harris Against the World, Karen and Tom, Dick & Mary – lived at the same address. NBC evicted the sitcoms at the end of the season.

Original Run:

The Addams Family was on ABC Friday at 8:30 PM.

The Munsters was on CBS Thursday at 7:30 PM.


CBS aired Glynis reruns during the summer of 1965.

NBC aired Buckskin reruns during the summer of 1965

Moment Of Fear was the reruns of G.E. Theater, Schlitz Playhouse, Lux Video Theatre, Studio 57 and Pepsi Cola Playhouse.

The Return:

George Burns returned in Wendy & Me after a six-year absence. George was best known for Burns & Allen with his real wife in the 1950’s. This was his second failed sitcom since his wife’s retirement. He couldn’t go alone on TV without his wife; they were perfect for each other in every way. He didn’t have another series till 1985; he was the host of George Burns Comedy Week.

Chuck Connors returned to what he does best, a western. Once again, he was a cowboy in Branded. Shoot them, Chuck, for believing you are such a COWARD! Hee haw! He was previous in Arrest & Trial.

Walter Brennan returned to a failed series, The Tycoon, after a year absence. Walter was previous on the popular comedy, The Real McCoys. His costar, Van Williams, was previous on Surfside Six.

Bob Cummings returned to a failed series, My Living Doll, after a two-year absence. He was previously on The Bob Cummings Show, the 1961/62 version. There are nine My Living Doll episodes in existence; the rest was presumed destroyed.

Dennis Weaver gave up Gunsmoke for a failed series, Kentucky Jones. He was an original Gunsmoke cast member for nine years. His first Gunsmoke audition was so bad that he asked for another chance. This time, he used a humorous, countrified accent and won the role. He died on the same day in 2006 and at the same age as Don Knotts.

Harry Morgan returned in Kentucky Jones. He was previously on Pete & Gladys, his popular show.

Carol Burnett returned to a failed series, The Entertainers. She was previously on The Garry Moore Show.

Sheila James returned to a failed series, Broadside, after a year absence. She was previously on Dobie Gillis as Zelda Gilroy, her best-known role. This was also her last weekly series. After she guest starred on numerous series, she turned to politics; she became the first openly gay person to be elected to the California Legislature.

Sheila’s costar, Dick Sergant, returned to the same series. He was previously in his first series, One Happy Family, a failed 1960 series. I bet Sheila and Dick had a “gay ole time” with each other on the series.

Simultaneous: Jim Backus was on Gilligan’s Island and The Famous Adventures Of Mr. Magoo. He was the voice of Mr. Magoo.

Spin Off: Our Private World from As The World Turns. This was a first! This was the first ever prime time spin off from daytime TV. ATWT was the #1 soap in daytime from 1958–1978. Lisa Hughes was a hugely popular character on ATWT. CBS wanted to compete with Peyton Place in prime time. Our Private World didn't last long. Lisa wished her world remained PRIVATE!

Summer Replacement: Vacation Playhouse replaced Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. for the summer.

Switch Networks:

The Jack Benny Show went from CBS to NBC.

The Joey Bishop Show went from NBC to CBS.


Peyton Place was the first prime time soap. It was on twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 PM.

Mickey Rooney and his real son, Tim Rooney, starred on Mickey, playing father and son.

The Munsters was #18, tying with Gilligan’s Island, and The Addams Family was ##23 in the ratings in the first year. They were nowhere to be found in the top 30 the following season. Hogan’s Heroes murdered The Addams Family at #9. Daniel Boone killed The Munsters at #26.

In May 1965, Shindig devoted an entire episode to Elvis Presley’s tenth anniversary in show business, just only his songs, not the King himself. Nobody could get Elvis to appear on their shows in those days. However, Elvis was on The Ed Sullivan Show in September 1956. It was a huge event in TV history; a record 60 million people watched his performance. Elvis really made his TV debut on the Stage Show in January 1956.

My Living Doll was Julie Newmar’s first series. It was reported that Bob Cummings and Julie didn’t get long. Therefore, Bob quit the series in January 1965. Julie became world famous as the Catwoman on Batman a year later. She was the first Catwoman.

The Entertainers was Bob Newhart’s first series. Bob left the show at the end of the year; he moved onto greener pastures with his own show in 1972.

Dick Sergant was first offered the Darrin Stephens role on Bewitched in 1964. He passed up the role; he was still under contract to Universal Studios. The role went to Dick York. Dick was cast in a new show, Broadside, which premiered in the same season as Bewitched. Broadside only lasted a season. Strangely, he ended up being Samantha Stephens’ brother on The Tammy Grimes Show in 1966. Huh? How could it be? Yes, I lost you. Tammy Grimes was first offered the Samantha role, but she passed it up; she wanted to concentrate on her stage career. Elizabeth Montgomery became Samantha instead. The Tammy Grimes Show lasted a month. Dick York collapsed on the Bewitched set during the fifth season. He could no longer do the series, due to a chronic back ailment. Bewitched came a full circle for Dick Sergant; he became the second Darrin Stephens in 1969.

Tom, Dick & Mary was John Hoyt’s first series. His second and last series was Gimmie A Break as the grandfather in 1982. Originally, he was the first doctor, Dr. Philip Boyce, on Star Trek’s first pilot episode, The Cage. His successor was Dr. Leonard McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley. Both actors appeared in a 1962 Bonanza episode, The Decision. A doctor was sentenced to hang for the murder of a judge’s wife. John was the judge; DeForest was the doctor.

Harris Against the World was Jack Klugman’s first series. Hmm, that first Emmy did him quite well. He won an Emmy from a January 1964 Blacklist episode of The Defenders. Presto! His Emmy brought him a series! Well, I need to guest star on a series and win my first Emmy, then I would have my very first series. Hey, Hollywood! Give me a call sometime!


This is NBC’s first full season to broadcast most of its schedule in color.


1964/65 Fall Season

One Season (1964/65)

ABC Scope – 1964–1968, ABC, documentary/public affairs

The Addams Family – 1964–1966, ABC, comedy, Carolyn Jones, John Astin

Bewitched – 1964–1972, ABC; comedy, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York

Daniel Boone – 1964–1970, NBC, western, Fess Parker

Flipper – 1964–1968, NBC, adventure, Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin

Gilligan’s Island – 1964–1967, CBS, comedy, Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M. C. – 1964–1970, CBS, comedy, Jim Nabors, Frank Sutton

The Man From U.N.C.L.E – 1964–1968, NBC, spy spoof, Robert Vaughn, David McCallum

The Munsters – 1964–1966, CBS, comedy, Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo, Al Lewis

Peyton Place – 1964–1969, ABC, soap, Mia Farrow, Ryan O’Neal

Shindig – 1964–1966, ABC, music, Jimmy O’Neill

Slattery’s People –1964–1966, CBS, political drama, Richard Crenna, Edward Asner

Twelve O’Clock High – 1964–1967, ABC, war drama, Richard Lansing

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea – 1964–1968, ABC, sci-fi, Richard Basehart, David Hedison


Cancelled TV Shows

Baileys Of Balboa – CBS, comedy, Paul Ford, Clint Howard

The Bing Crosby Show – ABC, comedy, Bing Crosby, Beverly Garland

Broadside – ABC, comedy, Kathy Nolan, Dick Sargent, Sheila James

The Cara Williams Show – CBS, comedy, Cara Williams, Frank Aletter

The Entertainers – CBS, variety, Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Ruth Buzzi

The Famous Adventures Of Mr. Magoo – NBC, cartoon, Jim Backus

Harris Against the World – NBC, comedy, Jack Klugman

Jonny Quest – ABC, cartoon, Tim Matheson

Karen – NBC, comedy, Debbie Watson

Kentucky Jones – NBC, comedy/drama, Dennis Weaver, Harry Morgan

Many Happy Returns – CBS, comedy, John McGiver, Richard Collier

Mickey – ABC, comedy, Mickey Rooney, Tim Rooney

Mr. Broadway – ABC, drama, Craig Stevens

My Living Doll – CBS, comedy, Robert Cummings, Julie Newmar

No Time For Sergeants – ABC, comedy, Sammy Jackson, Harry Hickox

Profiles In Courage – NBC, biography

The Reporter – CBS, drama, Harry Guardino, Gary Merrill

The Rogues – NBC, comedy/drama, Gig Young, David Niven

Tom, Dick & Mary – NBC, comedy, Don Galloway, John Hoyt

The Tycoon – ABC, comedy, Walter Brennan, Van Williams

Valentine’s Day – ABC, comedy, Tony Franciosa, Jack Soo

Wendy & Me – ABC, comedy, George Burns, Connie Stevens

World War 1 – CBS, documentary, Robert Ryan


14 out of 37 new series SURVIVED for 1965/66

ABC – 7/16, ABC Scope, Addams Family, Bewitched, Peyton Place, Shindig, Twelve O’Clock High & Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

CBS – 4/11, Gilligan’s Island, Gomer Pyle, The Munsters & Slattery’s People

NBC – 3/10, Daniel Boone, Flipper & Man From U.N.C.L.E


Mid season shows

Branded – Jan 1965–1966, NBC, western, Chuck Connors

Hollywood Talent Scouts – June 1965–1966, CBS, variety, Art Linkletter

Hullabaloo – Jan 1965–1966, NBC, music

King Family Show – Jan 1965–1966, ABC, variety, The King Sisters

Secret Agent – April 1965–1966, CBS, international intrigue, Patrick McGoohan


Cancelled Mid Season Shows

Cloak Of Mystery – NBC, dramatic anthology

F.D.R. – ABC, documentary

Fanfare – CBS, musical variety, Al Hirt

For The People – CBS, crime drama, William Shatner, Jessica Walter

NBC Sports In Action – NBC, sports, Jim Simpson

Our Private World – CBS, soap, Eileen Fulton


Late Night:

ABC's Nightlife – November 1965–November 1966, ABC, talk, Les Crane


Two Seasons (1963/64)

The Bill Dana Show – 1963–1965, NBC, comedy

Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre – 1963–1967, NBC, dramatic anthology

Burke’s Law – 1963–1966, ABC, crime drama

The Celebrity Game – April 1964–1965, CBS, quiz

The Danny Kaye Show – 1963–1967, CBS, variety

The Farmer’s Daughter – 1963–1966, ABC, comedy

The Fugitive – 1963–1967, ABC, drama

Great Adventure – 1963–1965, CBS, dramatic anthology

Hollywood Palace – Jan 1964–1970, ABC, variety

The Jimmy Dean Show– 1963–1966, ABC, variety

Kraft Suspense Theater – 1963–1965, NBC, dramatic anthology

Mr. Novak – 1963–1965, NBC, drama

Moment Of Fear – July 1964–1965, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

My Favorite Martian – 1963–1966, CBS, comedy

On Broadway Tonight – July 1964–1965, CBS, talent/variety

The Outer Limits – 1963–1965, ABC, sci-fi anthology

The Patty Duke Show – 1963–1966, ABC, comedy

Petticoat Junction – 1963–1970, CBS, comedy

Summer Playhouse – July 1964–1965, CBS, anthology, unsold pilots

That Was The Week That Was – January 1964–1965, NBC, news satire


Three Seasons (1962/63)

The Andy Williams Show – 1962–1967, NBC, musical variety

The Beverly Hillbillies – 1962–1971, CBS, comedy

Combat! – 1962–1967, ABC, drama

The Doctors & The Nurses – 1962–1965, CBS, drama

The Jack Paar Show – 1962–1965, NBC, variety

The Jackie Gleason Show – 1962–1970, CBS, variety

The Lucy Show– 1962–1968, CBS, comedy

McHale’s Navy – 1962–1966, ABC, comedy

Vacation Playhouse – July 1963–1967, CBS, anthology

The Virginian – 1962–1971, NBC, western


Four Seasons (1961/62)

Ben Casey – 1961–1966, ABC, drama

The Defenders – 1961–1965, CBS, drama

The Dick Van Dyke Show – 1961–1966, CBS, comedy

Dr. Kildare – 1961–1966, NBC, drama

Hazel – 1961–1965, NBC; 1965/66, CBS, comedy

International Showtime – 1961–1965, NBC, variety

The Joey Bishop Show – 1961–1964, NBC; 1964/65, CBS, comedy

Open End – 1961–1987, syndication, talk

Password – January 1962–1965, CBS, game


Five Seasons (1960/61)

The Andy Griffith Show – 1960–1968, CBS, comedy

CBS Reports – Jan 1961–1971, CBS, documentary

Candid Camera – 1960–1967, CBS, humor

The Flintstones – 1960–1966, ABC, cartoon

Mr. Ed – January 1961, Syndication; 1961–1965, CBS; comedy

My Three Sons – 1960–1965, ABC; 1965–1972, CBS, comedy


Six Seasons (1959/60)

Bell Telephone Hour – 1959–1968, NBC, music

Bonanza – 1959–1973, NBC, western

The Twilight Zone 1959–1965, CBS, anthology


Seven Seasons (1958/59)

The Donna Reed Show – 1958–1966, ABC, comedy

Rawhide – January 1959–1966, CBS, western


Eight Seasons (1957/58)

Perry Mason – 1957–1966, CBS, drama

Wagon Train – 1957–1962, NBC; 1962–1965, ABC, western


Nine Seasons (1956/57)

To Tell The Truth – Dec 1956–1967, CBS, game


Ten Seasons (1955/56)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour – 1955–1960, CBS; 1960–1962, NBC; 1963–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, suspense anthology

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western


Eleven Seasons (1954/55)

Lassie – 1954–1971, CBS; 1971–1974, Syndication, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1954–1971, ABC, music

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 1962–1992, NBC, talk/variety

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – 1954–1983, anthology


Twelve Seasons (1953/54)

The Danny Thomas Show reruns– 1953–1957, ABC; 1957–1965, CBS, comedy


Thirteen Seasons (1952/53)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 1952–1966, ABC, comedy

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology


Fourteen Seasons (1951/52)

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

The Red Skelton Hour – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953–1970, CBS; 1970/71, NBC, variety


Fifteen Seasons (1950/51)

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy


Sixteen Seasons (1949/50)

What’s My Line? – Feb 1950–1967, CBS, game


Eighteen seasons (1947/48)

The Ed Sullivan Show – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview


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